Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend Fun. 2017

What a LOVELY weekend, y'all!!  We had such a great 4 day holiday but I feel like it was just a big tease leading into this week where we still have 3 days left of school!!  What is up with that!?!  It'll be over soon enough though and then our summer can really start!  We can't wait!

Friday morning, the boys and I jumped in the car and headed to Sulphur Springs, TX which is about and hour and 15 minutes away.  It's almost halfway between Mckinney and Texarkana (where my parents live).  We always meet halfway when the kids go spend a weekend alone with my parents.  Did I mention that Craig was in Arizona for a 5 day football camp so I was coming home to a completely empty house????  #winning

I got back home around 11:30 and unfortunately, had to work for the rest of the day.  What a waste of a kid-free day, I know!  But orders were scheduled to ship and I HATE shipping even a day late.  I'm also nervous about a lot of last minute teacher gift orders that came in...I'm hoping everyone saw that my turnaround time is up to 2 weeks right now and won't yell at me when their orders ship on time but too late for their last day of school!  Eeek!! #pleasedontyellatme #Ihavearushfee 

I ended up working all the way until 8 because I was just in the zone.  (Click the pics below to take you directly to the listing!)

Just restocked all colors in these awesome water bottles!  These are the ones my boys use for school and they are awesome!  They don't leak and they are incredibly durable!  Have them personalized anyway you like.  Click on the pic for more detail in the listing!

I was also binge-watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey and those girls always bring the crazy so it's never boring.  I had almost forgotten how insane Danielle Staub was!  If you are a Real Housewives fan, you can watch all (most?) the franchisees on Hulu.  I'm so thankful I found Hulu!!  (Go here and try it for 2 weeks free!  SO many good shows including several of my old favorites like Samantha Who? and Ugly Betty.)

Y'all.  These women have ISSUES.  I cannot even imagine if my group of girlfriends fought with each other like this!  If it's that hard to be sweet to each other and you clearly don't even ENJOY each other, why are you friends?!  I've never understood that with the Real Housewives but then again, they sure do make for some entertaining TV.  ;)

Anyway, Saturday I slept until 8 and then finished up as many orders as I could before the mailman came around noon.  Once the mailman came though, I finally felt FREE!  I had all these big plans to go to them mall (which I never get to do) or maybe go see a movie.  But instead, I looked around my messy, overstuffed craft room and playroom and started clearing out CLUTTER.  I've been obsessed with these two book (Unstuffed and The Complete Book of Home Organization) lately and they have given me so much motivation to bust my butt to get my house de-crapified.  

Find it here

Find Unstuffed here

I think this book has been my favorite and the easiest for me to use and implement things quickly.  

So since these two books have been on my mind so much lately, I ended up diving straight into our junk and skipping the mall completely.  

I was also super excited to get my room cleaned up so I could appreciate my new rug even more!

This room is a MESS 90% of the time.  It still needs work.  I still need to repaint the walls and add some shelves or cabinets above my table.  

And I know my cute chair doesn't exactly coordinate with my new rug but this is supposed to be a fun room so I'm not letting it stress me out.  I adore my chair!!

By the end of summer, I hope this place is a little more organized.  But right now, it works for me.  I've come to terms with the fact that it will never be a Pinterest-worthy room.  My table is covered in glitter, glue, and paint.  And there is stuff coming out of every space available.  I've almost always got half painted signs and boxes covering the floor.  It is what it is.  :)

Saturday night, Erika invited a bunch of us to their neighborhood Wall Party that they go to every Memorial Day weekend.  I missed last year because I was with Craig at a camp in Scottsdale.  The camp happened to be at a gorgeous resort so I couldn't pass it up. 

But this year I decided to stay home instead and enjoy my alone time and my girl time!  We had the best night just standing around, talking and laughing for a few hours.  We also got to see that sweet Britt loving on her pretty mama and her daddy all night.  We are ALL completely smitten!

(My USA shirt is from Target by the way.  You can find it here. It is so soft!!! Love Target tees!)

Sunday morning I headed back to Sulphur Springs to pick up the boys.  They had the best time with Nana and Papa!

They hit up the new trampoline park for some jumping, sugary snacks and air hockey...

...admired my mom's pretty flowers...

...played in the sprinkler...

...and did some metal detecting with my brother at my old elementary school.

They also did some ziplining at my granddaddy's house and picked me out some yummy red potatoes from his garden.  They had a big time!

When we all got back home, the boys were so excited to get to play with their friends again.  Preston is one of their best buddies and they live in our culdesac.  Preston's mom, Megan, invited us to join them for dinner at Chilis Sunday night so we enjoyed a fun dinner with all the kids.

They love Preston's little sister, Sophia too!  Isn't she a doll?!

After dinner, the boys got invited to spend the night at Preston's which left me with one more night all to myself.  Megan sent me this picture of the kids eating ice cream.

And the next morning she took them all to Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast.  (I totally owe her!!)

The rest of the day the boys were in and out of the backyard with their friends.  I pretty much parked myself on my chair by the pool under the umbrella all day and did as much work as I could do from my computer.  I don't mind work a bit if I can do it by the pool.  :)

Monday evening, Craig came home from Arizona and we grilled some chicken and steaks while the boys pool-hopped to ANOTHER neighbor's house for their 4th dip in a pool that day.

We had a great weekend and it felt so good to get some stuff done that didn't involve work or the kids!  But I miss those little guys like crazy when they aren't with me.  (and my big guy too!)

I'm so glad to have my sweet family all back under one roof.  It gets super quiet (...and super clean...) around here when it's just me!  ;)

See you back here tomorrow for What's Up Wednesday!

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  1. Your weekend sounds great!!! It's not very often we have a kid free weekend, but this weekend we do...although I have to work all weekend, but my evenings will be free =)
    All your pool time has me jealous over here! Maine just doesn't know what it wants to do with weather right now. One day it's in the 90's and the next it's in the 50's. It's crazy. I'm ready for sun and pool days!!

    1. Kid free weekends are few and far between for sure!! And I hope to weather figures itself out up there! I've always wanted to go to a Maine in the fall!

  2. Thanks for the book suggestion on decluttering. It is so hard having a toddler.....I feel like the toys are already just piling up, and I need to be proactive and do something now before they take over LOL. Love that I found your blog....I read your other two friends' blogs also. Your family is so cute!

    1. Hi Heather! I remember those toddler days! Toys EVERYWHERE!! Our house always looked like a bomb had gone off. Cleaning out the playroom this weekend though made me sad because I got rid of some babyish stuff they'll never play with again. I'd do anything to go back to that toddler time so hold on to it as long as you can! But those books might help you get the toys sorted in the mean time. 😉 And thanks so much! I'll be sure to check your blog out too!


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