Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Favorites #20. {7.21.17}

Yay for Friday!!!  Today I'm linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for Friday Favorites and I have so many this week!

Starting with this one.

This weekend!!

I am so looking forward to my weekend for a few reasons.  None of them are crazy cool but I'm excited about them!

1) I'm FINALLY getting my hair done on Saturday.  It's been AWHILE.  My ends are so dead and split it's embarrassing.  My ridiculously adorable hair stylist has been in Florida for the past 2 weeks so I've been patiently waiting for her to get back.

2.  I have been having some major baby fever lately so when a friend needed a sub for her nursery duty at church this Sunday, I volunteered immediately!  I'm so excited to love on some sweet babies!! 

3.  A few more of my Nordstrom goodies are supposed to arrive this weekend and I can't wait! 

 Which leads me to....

Well, of course, I have to mention the Nordstrom Sale!  Today is the first day the sale is open to everyone and all the good stuff will go so quickly!!  I blogged all about my FAVORITES in yesterday's post so go HERE to check them out!  I don't think I've ever been so ready for fall to get here!!  I want to wear my new leather jacket, the softest and coziest cardigan EVER MADE and this adorable tie front plaid top now...not in 3 months! (It doesn't get cool around here until at least!).  

I grabbed several other tops as well plus these earrings that I am a little obsessed with right now.  The day they arrived, I went back to the site immediately and ordered a pair in another color.  

And speaking of things I can wear right now, my new PJ shorts set just may be my favorite purchase.  I cannot even begin to describe how comfortable they are!  They are selling out SO FAST so grab yours while you can!  I went back to get them in another color because I loved them so much but they were already sold out in my size in every color!

To see pictures of all my favorites and read more about all my OTHER picks, head over to yesterday's post here!

Favorite #3 goes to my first full book review post!  On Tuesday, I posted a Mid-Summer Book review and recapped all 14 books I've read since May.  Since Tuesday I've finished 2 more (The Light We Lost and The Best Man, which was another Kristan Higgins book!)

If you love chick-lit, you are bound to find some new ones to add to your cart! 

Check out the full book review HERE.

Last night, I started The Luckiest Girl Alive.  Have y'all read this yet?  I love suspense and psychological thrillers! 

 I always have a "real" book I read by the pool at the end of the day and the rest of them are audiobooks through Audible that I listen to while I work.

And speaking of work...

My Etsy shop is officially set to "vacation mode" right now so that I can knock out all these orders before we leave for our family vacay!  I've got around 70 orders left to get out but I'm hoping to be done by next weekend so that I have a few days before we leave to just wake up every day and enjoy having nothing I HAVE to do.  We'll see if I can do it!

I will reopen again sometime in early August but you can "favorite" my shop on Etsy to get notified when I'm back!  Don't forget you can also follow me on Instagram @thatinspiredchick and my personal account @amandanall.

I haven't been stopping to snap as many pictures as I normally do this week because I'm just trying to get everything out as fast as I can.  So you may have seen a few of these before!  

These guys.  :)

Trying out the new Beachcomber wagon with a mouth full of sunflower seeds.

Mason's flag football games are so funny to watch.  Craig got our team hooked up with these new soft helmets which are adorable on those boys and are also helping with collisions!  Just because it's not tackle, doesn't mean they can't get head injuries.  (Message me if you are interested in the helmets!  Craig has "a guy" he can get you in touch with.)

I found this selfie of Matthew on my phone.  Love him!

We spent Monday at the pool with a big group of friends and watching my kids on the diving board was definitely a favorite.  Matthew's jump of choice is a cannonball and Mason will flip off of it all. day. long.

We hit up Bahama Bucks one day and this is what a Blue Raspberry snow cone will do to your mouth...

Mason chose a cherry coke flavor.

We've been spending a lot of our evenings outside.

Matthew with Abby.  I think they have the same hairstyle. ;)

Dad wanted a pic with Odie and Abby was our little photobomber!

I love my little family so much!

And for our Bonus of the Week...

My mother-in-law sent me this for an #icanteven and oh my!  hahahaha

For the record, I've only worn cowboy boots maybe once in my adult life and I can't think of a single girl I know who wears them either.  So they are definitely not the norm in all parts of Texas!  When I went to Los Angeles with a friend of mine a few years ago, we were talking to someone who had never been to Texas before and they seriously thought we all had horses in our backyards and rode them to school, to the store, to church...

Ummm, no.

I'd just like to say, cowboy boots can be so cute for the right event or with the right outfit...however, I'm not quite on board with the cowboy boot sandals.  But maybe they'll catch on.  ;)


Have a great weekend, everyone!!

Also linking up with the Five on Friday girls.

And the High 5 for Friday ladies!



  1. Yay for your beach wagon! Seriously, it's just as important as your condo reservation. :) I've picked up "Luckiest Girl Alive," a million times but could never decide. Interested to see how you like it!

    1. I am so excited about it!! hahaha It is going to be a game changer, I can tell already!! I'll definitely let yall know how I like the book!!

  2. Wahoo for the weekend!! And Happy Hair Appointment Day tomorrow!! Those are my favorite. :)

  3. What a great list of favorites! Hair day is one of my favorite days. I hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Love a good salon day, a blow-out just gives me life. Thinking I might have to give Audible a try, I'd love to get through a few more books each month!


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