Monday, July 31, 2017

I Don't Mind That It's Monday.

This may be the only post all year where I can say I'm happy to see a Monday!!  I'm officially down to zero outstanding orders in the shop, other than a few local custom sign orders that are of the "just whenever you get a chance" variety.  (I love those!)  But the shop is still closed for now which is why I'm so happy to see Monday!  It's a Monday with NO WORK!

This weekend has been unlike any other weekend I've had in I don't know how long.  

Did I go somewhere or do something amazing?!?!?!

No.  No, I did not.

I did, however, have a real, honest to goodness, stress-free, no worries about what Monday will bring, weekend.

And that, my friends, hasn't happened around here in a very, very long time.

On Saturday morning, I woke up early and spent several hours finishing up the last of my orders.  

When the mailman came around noon, I was literally GIDDY!  I was officially "off" for a couple of weeks and I was so eager to get to my little to do list!

I wish I could relax a little more. I just don't know how! I swear, I blame Pinterest.  And bloggers.  And Instagram.  And HGTV.  They are all constantly feeding me these inspiration pics and projects and I just can't let go.  I am a DIY fanatic which is what started this whole Etsy business in the first place!

So Saturday afternoon, after looking at a ton of Pinterest garage organization pictures, I was soooo ready to tackle my own!  I have a big work space in our garage where I cut my wood, sand it etc and it is a MESS.  There were dozens and dozens of random pieces of wood lying around.  Some that could be used and some that were definite rejects.  I sorted them all out into keep/toss piles and that made a world of difference.

I shop-vac'd everything.  I cleared out sawdust and cobwebs and other yucky stuff, threw out the reject wood pieces, organized my "keep" pile and tossed so much other completely random crap.

It was so hot in that garage!  But it felt so good to get it all cleaned up.

The above picture is of the space cleared out. doesn't look like an "after" picture but it is.  I didn't think to take a before.  It was way worse.

While I was busy in the garage, the boys were busy doing this...

Sliding down the stairs on one of my many empty boxes...

Making a fort in the kitchen with random kitchen items...

And playing with friends.

Late in the afternoon, the boys and Craig came out to see if they could help but it was my project and I am not the best at delegating.  So I sent them to the backyard to swim and I'm pretty sure they were ok with that.  ;)

Around 8:00, we decided it was time to wrap it up for the night.  Craig ran up to Mooyah to grab burgers for us while I took a shower.  When he got back, we ate in the living room and watched Boss Baby for a little family movie night.  It was the perfect way to end the day.  

On Sunday, it was time for another project!!!  And y'all, I could not WAIT to get to this one.

I have been looking at painted pantry doors on Pinterest for awhile now and I was ITCHING to paint mine!  I knew the second I had the time, I was going to do it.  Well, my time was now and I'm not called "That Inspired Chick" for nothing!  ;)

Here were a few of my inspiration pics.


So thanks to Pinterest, I spent an hour in Sherwin Williams on Sunday agonizing over the perfect color for my pantry door and my back door.  I ended up texting my mom in order to talk it out and she helped me finalize my choice.

I knew I wanted either a minty/light aqua color or a navy blue.  I ended up choosing the top right color which is called Watery because I noticed I kept leaning towards that color when I was pinning everything.  The door shown above from The Willow Hill Farm Girl is actually the same color I picked!

My kitchen has dark wood cabinets and island plus several wood signs that are painted black.  So I knew the mint color would probably work better although I'm determined to find a place in my house for The Salty Dog (the bottom right navy color in my paint samples).  I'll post before and after pics later this week!  ;)

I got the first coat of paint on each door but I have to wait 24 hours apparently between coats.  This is so hard for me because when I have a project I just want to power through!  But I was patient and after the first coat,  I went outside to finish off the garage.  Why can't I just sit STILL!?!

Around 7:00, I came inside, grabbed a cold bottle of water and my new HGTV magazine and went out by the pool to relax.  (See, I CAN do it!)  I looked down at the cover and right in front of my was the color I'd just used to paint the doors!

("Watery" the middle, upside down)

Matthew and Mason came running into the backyard with our neighbor and they all ran straight to our "climbing tree" with popsicles in hand.  I love seeing them doing All-American, innocent, little boy things like that.  There's something so sweet about a little boy climbing a tree with his brother and a popsicle.  I didn't even think to snap a pic but I think I'll have that memory for quite awhile.

I went inside a little later, made dinner (a random one pot pasta dish I sort of made up but turned out pretty good!) and then we all watched a Great White Shark episode from Shark Week.  Yes, we eat late during the summer.  My kids would rather play than eat!

Today, I'm hoping to get the doors finished up before Mason's last football game tonight.  I'll be sure to do a full reveal later this week!  I also want to do my DIY beaded bracelet post.  And since I'm not working this week, I may actually have time to do it!  So be sure to check back throughout the week for new posts!

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  1. I need you to pass on some of your DIY enthusiasm :)

  2. I LOVE the look of painted pantry doors! Can't wait to see how yours turns out.

  3. I can't wait to see your pantry door finished!

  4. I can't wait to see the finished product either! Happy Monday!

  5. I can't wait to see your pantry door! Now you make me want to paint mine! What a good productive week you had!

  6. Paint just makes me so happy! I cant wait to see your finished door! I love that color. And the Salty Dog NEEDS to go somewhere! I hope you have a great start to your week!

  7. Can't wait to see how the door turned out!!

  8. Thanks, everyone!! I just got the second coat on and it looks so pretty! I'm looking around to see what else I can paint now. ;)

  9. Cant wait to see your door! and to see the DIY bracelet tutorial! I would like to make some for my daughters for fun little gifts! I almost bought some of the NSale ones at Nordstrom but passed.


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