Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Workin' It Wednesday. {Weekend Style}

Well, I had all these big intentions last month when I saw that the next Workin' It Wednesday would be a weekend in the life post.  I was all excited to pick a weekend and document the whole thing.

And then I completely forgot.

Of course.  And they go by so FAST.  Why does time seem to speed up on weekends?

So instead of documenting one weekend, I've just done a roundup of the normal things I do on weekends anyway, because, let's face it, they are all pretty much the same!  #mylifeisboring #butpleasekeepreading ;)

A weekend in my life usually goes a little something like this.  

My work week ends at 5pm on Friday. Until then though, this pretty much sums it up.

 My work room is at the top of the stairs and is basically in the center of the house.  The room opens up to the playroom and bedrooms so if the boys are upstairs, I'm still within earshot.  Same for downstairs.  I can hear them running in and out the front door and can yell down to them to get out of the pantry or refrigerator without having to get up if I need to.

But when 5:00 hits on Friday, I clean up and head outside.

 The kids are usually running around between our house and their friends' houses, so I grab my book and head to the backyard to hang by the pool until I'm needed.  I love to turn on the waterfall and sit under the big umbrella with a cold drink and my book or HGTV magazine.  It's heaven until the kids invade.  ;)  Then it just goes from a quiet and calm heaven to a lively and loud heaven.  But still heaven.

Lately, we've been on a fly killing spree.  They just seem to ALWAYS be around!!  Even when we have no food or anything out.  Check out the green fly swatter.  I think it may be time to upgrade.  Matthew and I found these sticky fly trap things that we unraveled and then just sat and watched as fly after fly landed on them.  It was disgusting but also kind of fascinating.  Matthew kept feeling bad for the flies and trying to help them off but alas...their fate was sealed.

If anyone has any awesome "keep flies away" remedies, let me know!  They are so annoying!

 Saturdays we all sleep late.  Some later than others.  ;)  I always try not to, but I usually find myself up in my little studio trying to get out a few more orders before the mailman comes around noon.

Or prep wood for signs that need to be painted the next week.

Speaking of wood signs, my Christmas in July sale is still going on!  All Christmas signs are 15% off and will ship within 2 weeks of your order.

Tip:  You can select "Fall/Christmas Signs" from the dropdown menu once you get to the shop.  It's easy to miss though, so I wanted to mention it.

Get orders in now because sometime next week, I'll be closing the shop for a few weeks!  It'll reopen again in August.  I'm not 100% sure what day I'll be closing but I'll be posting on my Instagram (@thatinspiredchick) once I know for sure.

Once the mailman comes, I am DONE with work stuff for the rest of the day.  This is usually my time to attempt to do something that has inspired me on Pinterest if the boys are occupied with their friends.  Craig is gone most weekends for camps or if he's in town, he has Saturday sessions.  (He's a private QB coach if you are a new reader.)

This was my latest Pinterest inspired project.

A couple of weekends ago, I gave my pantry a little makeover.  You can check out the whole post about it here but here are a few pictures.  It feels SO GOOD everytime I open that pantry door now!

If the boys aren't with their friends during the day, we are usually hanging out by the pool, playing basketball in the driveway, riding bikes,  or curled up watching a movie.

This was Matthew's pick from the gift shop at the Mammoth Museum when we went to Waco last month.  It was a fossil kit where he could chisel it out himself.  

We usually have family movie night at least once every weekend.

Our favorite movie this summer has been A Dog's Purpose, by the way.  If you haven't seen it, you need to!  Your kids will love and so will you!

Sundays we go to church in the morning and then we usually go out to eat for lunch.

(Our Mother's Day picture was the most recent church pic I could find.)

As soon as we walk through the door after lunch on Sundays, the boys run to change clothes and then head straight to their buddies' houses to see who can play.

Craig either falls asleep watching golf or has sessions he has to get to.  I typically head back up to my work room and try to get a jump start on orders for the next week.

And speaking of orders, I just got a big shipment of these bottles in since I kept running out so fast!  I still love mine and it really makes me aware of how much water I'm drinking (and not drinking) each day.  (Handwash only!  Find them here.)

And these too!  (Available right now in hot pink, white, mint, light pink and lavender.  Check the drinkware section of the shop for the other colors!).

Sunday nights these days it's Big Brother time while I work on Monday's blog post.  

So that's basically a weekend in our life.  An average weekend anyway.  Sometimes we have family in town.  Sometimes we head to the beach club for a change of scenery.  Sometimes I do a whole lot more work than I should.  Sometimes I don't do enough and regret it Monday morning.  Sometimes I feel like I didn't get to see my kids enough.  And sometimes I can't wait for them to get to bed.  

No matter what we do though, we LOVE our weekends!

Thanks Shay and Erika for the link up!

Have a happy Wednesday!!



  1. We love our weekends over here too! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Love that you have an entire bin for Mexican! HA! Looking forward to getting my Christmas sign :)

  3. Your pool with the waterfall sounds like a dream afternoon :) Your signs are so cute!!

  4. That was a good idea to still post a typical weekend after you forgot to take pics. We were in Destin so I skipped it :). You know you're a Texan when you have a bin dedicated to Mexican #mexicanfoodforlife

    1. ....I was thinking the same thing only that you are from Mexifornia aka California! LOL

  5. I just love your back yard!!

  6. Well your weekends sound like so much fun! I totally forgot to take pics too!

  7. So fun!! I love that picture of you and the boys! So pretty!! :)


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