Thursday, July 20, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Jumping on the Bandwagon

Friends, I have been a little obsessed with the Nordstrom sale for the past week.  (I feel a little ridiculous even saying that, but it's true.)  I have totally and completely jumped on this bandwagon.

Some people ask me why?  What is the big deal with the Anniversary Sale?  And y''s just all about the SAVINGS!!  I love a good sale, especially on things I'll probably be purchasing anyway at some point.  So saving $40 on the ABSOLUTE BEST CARDIGAN YOU WILL EVER OWN is a huge deal.  Then combine that with saving $50 on a pair of shoes you've been drooling over for awhile, $80 on the softest and most comfy (comfiest?) black leather jacket you've ever put on, and $30 on the coziest sweater that I'll probably wear at least once a week from November to February.

I mean.

The sale opens to the public on Friday but if you have a Nordstrom credit or debit card, you can shop now!  (I'm sure you already know this though.)

So many things have already sold out which is SUCH a bummer.  Especially since I've gotten a few things in that I love and now want more in other colors but they are long gone.  You've got to move fast with this sale!  I had the most gorgeous royal blue top in my cart and I even checked out thinking it was all mine...only to have them say they couldn't fulfill the order.  Booooo!!!

But I did get in some AWESOME stuff and unfortunately for my credit card, they are all winners.  I do love that Nordstrom has free shipping (#winning!) and free returns.  So I know if I don't like something, it's no big deal to send it back.

I've included some of my favorite finds below (there are so many others though!) but I couldn't get them all.  Here are the items that I actually DO have, have tried on and LOVE!

1.  Black Leather Jacket with Hood.  It is incredibly soft, comfortable and will look so cute dressed up a little or for bumming around town doing errands with a cute scarf.  I ordered a small and it fits great but if XSmall was my only option, I could have gotten away with that as well.  I cannot WAIT to wear this jacket!

2.  Tie Front Plaid Shirt.  I think they sent me the wrong color in this shirt but either way, I still love it.  I'm scared to send it back for an exchange because I doubt they'll have any more left and I'll end up with nothing.  This shirt is ADORABLE and so easy!  It's cute and comfy without even trying.  I love it.

3.  Kate Spade Studs.  Y'all!!!  I'm obsessed with these earrings!!  I love little studs, I love sparkle and I love color.  So these are a win in all aspects of the word!  I got mine in the jet color and loved them so much, I am now waiting on my clear/silver ones to arrive!  (I've also got the blue ones, the green ones, the gold ones and the rose gold ones on my wish list...)

4.  Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan.  I can't begin to tell you how amazing this cardigan is.  I got a black one last year after having it in my cart for several months. It was so expensive and I couldn't quite pull the trigger.  But finally, I just decided to try it and see.  And oooohhhh mmmyyy goooddnesss....  I was kicking myself for waiting so long!  It was worth every penny and I wore it around the house anytime I was at home and also threw it on to run errands or to games.  I've been wanting a lighter color so when I saw they were in the sale I was GIDDY!!  I quickly snagged a "cocoa/pearl heather" one and when it came in, it was even better than the original!  This one is slightly thinner maybe?  I don't even know.  It's so similar but not EXACT.  The softness and coziness factor is still exactly the same though.  Grab whatever color is available in your size!  (I got an xsmall/small.)  You will fall in love no matter what color you get, I promise!

5.  Moonlight Short Pajamas.  I purchased these on a whim really because I usually don't spend money on pajama sets.  I love cozy PJ pants in the winter but usually just pair them with a random tshirt (and my cardigan!).  But these looked exceptionally cute and were a great price so I chose the black pair and y'all...they are awesome!!  I really didn't expect to keep these but they ended up being one of the things I wanted to go back and get in other colors!  They are selling out so fast though and were available in a light blue pattern and a white pattern but both are sold out in my size now.  (I got mine in a small.)  Such a bummer. I hope they get more at some point.  I will be back!

I've also got a few things that are still on their way to me that I'm excited about!

This top is sold out now in the black color (but available in 3 others!) but I fell in love with those cute ties on the wrists!

I'm also waiting for what I can only imagine will be a staple in my wardrobe.  This black v-neck pullover is supposed to be so soft and a little stretchy. Dress it up or down with a scarf or a long necklace.  Add a pop of color with some fun earrings, some skinny jeans and boots.  I'm excited to get it!

I also found a less expensive top that is a similar style to that one and ordered it in grey.  I am all about comfort when it's cold but I hate to look like a total slob as well.  It's a fine line for me.  ;)  I think this will be so cute with some of my favorite scarves!  It's less than $30 and also comes in black.

Speaking of scarves, I was not impressed with their selection of scarves that were in the sale!  #thatisall

So those are some of my favorite finds!  I have my eye on everything else below and am wondering how long I can hold out for a few of these!  (How cute is that watch?!  And I really want that comforter!!  And those slouchy boots!  Ughh!  Why can't money grow on trees!!??)

Just click on any picture to take you straight there!

To check out the entire sale and do some browsing of your own, go here

Have fun and happy shopping!!

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  1. So many great finds!! I'm sharing my faves tomorrow!

  2. I totally need new pjs so I hope they are still available tomorrow


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