Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fun on the 4th!!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  I hope you all had a great 4th of July!!  We had a fun and relaxing day!  I even took a NAP!!  Whoa.  That happens about twice a year so it was kind of a big deal.  

For the past week, Craig has been in Oregon for The Opening/Elite 11 Finals which is one of those big deal football camps he coaches.  Don't worry.  I know my audience so I won't go into details on the camp because unless you have a high school football player or ARE a high school football player, it probably won't interest you.  ;)  But he's always gone for a full week with this camp and left last Tuesday.  We were excited to have him come back home in time for some 4th festivities!

However, he didn't get home until around 7pm so we had most of our fun without him.  Our day started with the Red, White and Boom Parade in our sweet little town of Mckinney, TX.

I'm going to take a quick detour right now because I want to say this.  :)

I LOVE our town. It is just all kinds of perfect for us.  I am so happy this is where God placed us when we decided it was time to start thinking about a permanent home towards the end of Craig's career in the NFL.  I'm from Texarkana, TX originally and he's from Louisiana but we always talked about settling down somewhere near Dallas (less than 3 hours from Texarkana).  We wanted suburban living but near a big city and also within a few hours of our parents.  I won't get into the whole story now but I really feel that we were lead to this city, this home, this church, these friends.  And I am so thankful!

Mckinney has THE CUTEST little downtown and that's where our parades are held.  We met up with our friends to watch the parade in the morning and had blessed shade the whole time. 

Love this group! 

 Cute cute boys!  And every last one of them is as sweet as can be!

We love the Mounted Patrol!

After the parade, we went home and exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks.  I've been working a LOT lately, staying up way too late, waking up too early (for me anyway), and just going nonstop every hour of the day.  I think it caught up with me after the parade. I knew it was an official day off and I didn't have anywhere to be or HAVE to do anything.  So I didn't.  I laid down on my bed while the boys were at their friend's house and TOOK A NAP.  

I am not a napper because I normally can't shut my mind off in the middle of the day like that.  Plus, who has time to nap?!  But my eyes closed so easily and I was out like a light for a solid 2 hours.  It was glorious.

I woke up when I heard the boys come home (I'm a really light sleeper) and they wanted to swim.  So I rallied, got my swimsuit on, grabbed my book and parked myself in my chair under the umbrella and next to the pool for a few hours while the boys and their friend, Preston, swam on and off. 

My favorite summer cup from my Etsy shop!  (You can find them here!)

Around 7, Craig finally got home and brought us pizza!  Yay!!  So we ate while watching Trolls on Netflix then all the boys went back out to swim some more while I cleaned up a little and put myself back together so we could get ready for the fireworks!

We met up with the Shulls and Slaughters to watch the show.  Craig may or may not have been completely exhausted and not in a very festive mood on our way there (that's putting it mildly...hahaha) but I think once we met up with everyone and the fireworks started, he snapped out of it.  His past 7 days have been full of non-stop football with only 3-4 hours of sleep a night so he was doing the best he could under the circumstances.  All he wanted was his bed and I certainly couldn't blame him for that.

I barely took any pictures during the fireworks!  I didn't get a single one of any actual people.  Just a few fuzzy ones during the show and a video of the finale.  #fail

And that was our Independence Day!

See you back here on Friday for Friday Favorites and POSSIBLY even tomorrow!  I really want to do a book review post soon because, with Audible, I FLY through books.  I've read/listened to some great ones over the past few weeks and just started a new one that is SO SO GOOD!  It had me from the very beginning.  It's called If You Only Knew by Kristin Higgins and it's chick-lit at it's finest. I can't wait to see how it ends but I also don't want it to be over!!!

You can check it out on Amazon here but I'll be sure to review it fully once I finish it.  The reviews are great and she's written others too that I'll definitely be jumping into soon!

I'm also planning a pantry makeover post!  I got myself all inspired from Pinterest the other day and decided that my pantry just HAD to be organized and I wanted to make it cute while I was at it.  (Like all those Pinterest-worthy pantries!)  I'm anxious to share that with you too!

So stay tuned!  Happy Wednesday, friends!

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