Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday Favorites #28. {9.29.17}

Hello all you lovely people!!  Are we pumped it's Friday!?!  I am even though we have a jam-packed weekend ahead.  We have baseball tonight, 2 football games tomorrow and then family pictures with Narci D tomorrow night.  I know our weekend is going to fly by!

Like every Friday, I'm sharing my Friday Favorites and linking up with Narci, Erika and Andrea!

So let's get started!

I read/listened to 2 awesome books this week that were definitely favorites.  If you like mysteries/suspense/thrillers, you will LOVE these!!

I talked about The Break Down in my What's Up Wednesday post HERE.  

I loved Behind Closed Doors.  But this one is so much different.  From what I can tell, people are pretty split over which one they liked better.  I personally liked The Break Down better.  It wasn't quite as creepy and had more of a mystery aspect.  I loved all the plot twists!  If you haven't read either one yet, you should add them to your list immediately!

Shay, Erika and I were talking books at the baseball game Tuesday night and when I finished raving about The Break Down I asked what I should try next.  Erika said The Couple Next Door which has been in my wish list on Audible forever.  

I really liked this one too and finished it in 2 days.  (I listen while I work everyday so I fly through books.)

This one was full of mystery, kidnapping, deceit, betrayal, lies, twists and turns.  I am so happy I finally got this checked off my list!  It was a good one!

Mornings are not my favorite.  However, I love being outside this time of day.  Craig had just come back from his run one morning this week and I found everyone hanging out like they had nowhere they had to be in, like, 5 minutes...  #getamoveon

Check out that sky!

And for those of you wondering, I am still OBSESSED with my new latte maker.  It helps get me out of bed in the morning and I need alllllllll the motivation I can get.

Plus, I get to drink my coffee out of my adorable coffee mugs!


This next one isn't listed yet, but you can message me to request this design!  :)

I got some happy mail!

Try to look past the terrible picture but I couldn't wait to show you!  This amazing little sweater came in yesterday and I didn't get to open the package until after our baseball game which is why you get the shoeless, yellow-y bathroom pic.  But how cute is this sweater!?!  I love the sleeves, it is so cozy and will look perfect with practically any scarf.  I'm thinking about this red buffalo check scarf.

Right now, it is 40% off which puts it under $36!  Mine is in Whisper White and I'm wearing a small.

Find it HERE!

(And you can find these flare jeans I've been raving about here.)

I also got this one in the mail from The Mint Julep Boutique which is why it's still all wrinkled.  I love all those Facebook boutiques.  (Some of my favorites:  Lime Lush, Mint Julep, Impressions, Modern Vintage...I should do a whole post on my favorite online boutiques.)

But how cute is this little top! I ordered it in a medium but I could probably go up to a large for a roomier fit.  

I love the sleeves!

And speaking of online boutiques, I just discovered this one today!  It's called Mindy Mae's Market and I swear I explored it for at least 45 minutes after I got all my orders shipped out and I had some downtime.

They had some cute Halloween tops!  These were two of my favorites.

And I went ahead and ordered this cute pink plaid button down because it was just calling to me.  And we all know I'm addicted to plaid.  I justified the price because I know I'll be getting some birthday money from my parents next week.  ;)

And this tee is adorable.  Give me a break, is right!  Haha

And I just can't NOT show you these other adorable plaid button ups.  (Seriously, is it a button UP or button DOWN?  I never know how to describe it.)

For my 5th favorite, I just decided to do a random assortment of pictures from the week that made me happy.  :)

Starting with my big pitcher and his baseball buddy after the game last night.

Cute boys in baseball gear just makes my heart happy!

And these 20oz stainless steel insulated tumblers are my favorite and come in light pink, lavender, aqua, navy, hot pink, and they are finally back in white and mint as well!  (They will be here next week but the listing has been re-activated so you can place orders now.)

Click here to shop!

These bottles are so great for those kiddos to take to school or use for sports!  

And finally, on Monday night, I met up with these pretty ladies.  Dawn (center) and Blake (right) are two of my besties from when Craig was with the Buffalo Bills.  

Dawn and I met first when we got invited to join a group of players and their wives for a night of bowling.  We clicked immediately.  I'm pretty sure she's never met a stranger.  Within our first few weeks of meeting, we decided to road trip it up to Canyon Ranch for a few days of what I thought was going to be rest and relaxation but was actually a few days of eating rabbit food and working out 12 hours a day.  Clearly, I should have done a little more research before going because it was kind of the opposite of what I was thinking it would be which was drinks by the pool, massages, facials and sleeping in.  Or maybe we just did it wrong.  ;)
And with Blake, I just felt like she was so much like me.  We were same age, our husbands were best friends, we didn't have kids and she just reminded me of all my friends from college.  Sweet, fun, loyal and always down for a good time.  :)

Anyway, Dawn and Blake were two of my closest NFL wife friends and we all live in the Dallas area now.  We shared so many good times and not so good times.  We dealt with the struggle of mean fans sitting behind us in the stands talking crap about our husbands one minute and then cheering for them the next.  We learned not to turn around and put them in their place when that happened.  We felt each other's anxiety when one of our husband's was on the bubble during preseason and we all anxiously awaited "the call"...hoping it wouldn't come.  

We went through a lot together even though Craig was only with the Bills for a little over a year.  Love these ladies so much.  #sisterhood

The #icanteven this week is a little different.  It's not an outfit.  It's people.  Two people specifically.

If you aren't a Big Brother fan then you won't care about this.  But if you are....

Did you hear that "Jody" will be on Amazing Race this season!?!  A group of my friends and I have a group text about BB and I sent this to them as soon as I saw it.  We are all pretty pumped to watch what just might be a train wreck.  #butmaybenot?

Oh my word, this is going to be good TV but I have a feeling it's going to be a mess too.  Cody was SUPER intense on Big Brother.  I cannot imagine how he's going to be with all the stress that comes with the Amazing Race.  I don't watch the Amazing Race purely because it stresses ME out just watching it.  So God bless 'em for trying this and I hope Cody doesn't kill anyone.  Should we take bets on if they end the season still in love???  ;)

That's all for this week, y'all!

Remember, you can find me on Instagram @amandanall and @thatinspiredchick (Etsy stuff mostly)!

Have a great weekend!



  1. So many things to say...1. That Boo sweatshirt is so cute! You need that too! 2. I'm gonna be tuning in to The Amazing Race for sure this season. 3. And I feel like my people are always acting like they've got no place to be in the mornings! #buttheydo

    1. I have it in my cart. I just hope it's cool enough to wear it by Halloween! ;)

  2. I just love all the water tumblers and the BOO sweatshirt is too cute! Happy Fall!

  3. I ordered The Break Down!!! I can't wait to read it!

  4. I love that white sweater and the plaid tops! Jess at Just Jess

  5. I think I need that spooky shirt!! And loving the fall design on that coffee tumbler. So fun!!

  6. I don't usually watch the Amazing Race - but I might have to this season, just to see how it goes with Jody!! Those are super cute shirts you posted, I need to check out all of those boutiques.

    1. I know!! It usually stresses me out so much, I just can't enjoy it! But I've got to see how this plays out. ;)

  7. I love that top from Mint Julep. Those Facebook boutiques suck me in every time. I also love that Boo sweatshirt with the zipper detail. I agree with you, either they are going to do really well on Amazing Race or it is a train wreck waiting to happen. Either way, I can't wait to watch!

  8. That Boo sweatshirt is AMAZING! Love that white sweater! All of your tumblers are just precious!!

  9. The Boo shirt is out of stock. Boo Hoo! �� Where did you get the striped sleeve fall shirt? I looked on Mint Julep website but didn’t see it there.


      Here's the striped sleeve shirt! :)


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