Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday Favorites #38

This will be me today by 3pm.

Or maybe this.

Whhhhhhyyyyy you ask???  

Because I only have FIVE orders left.  F.I.V.E.  Three signs and 2 glitter-dipped coffee tumblers. #ithoughtthisdaywouldnevercome

 I had right at 150 orders when I decided it was time to close it down for the holidays.  And 150 orders equals about 450+ separate items.  So yeah, I'm pretty pumped.  :)

My stress level has been at an all-time high the past few weeks so I intend to enjoy every single minute of my free time before I have to get back to work in a couple of weeks.  

And by the way, if I'm making it seem like I hate my business...I don't at all.  I really love it.  REALLY love it.  It's just crazy during the holidays.  I know I'll be itching to get back to it before I know it.  New products are being added as well which is always fun!  Like these stainless steel wine tumblers that can be personalized AND they come with a matching straw.  #sofun #andpractical

And this little beauty!

I'll reopen next week but orders might not ship until after the holidays.  There will be an official 1-2 week turnaround time which means it could ship out 2 weeks after you order at the latest.  But most likely, it will be much much sooner.

Find my shop HERE and "favorite" it so you'll be able to find it!

So after that little detour, it's time to get back to regularly scheduled programming.  It's Friday so that means Friday Favorites with my girls Andrea, Erika and Narci D!

We had the best time at our annual Parade of Lights in downtown Mckinney last Saturday! I recapped it all in Monday's post.  My kids are already asking when the 4th of July parade is...  hmmm... #thinkaboutitboys

These girls are definitely favorites.

And this little family of mine is my all-time favorite.  :)  I can't wait to smother them with ALL my attention starting tomorrow afternoon! They are going to be so over me real quick.  Haha.  #idontcare #imadeyou

You guys, I (shamefully) LIVE in pajama pants.  Or lounge pants. Or whatever I can call them to make myself feel better.  I just own it now.  But to be fair, I paint and glitter stuff all day long.  I paint my signs sitting on the floor so I need something comfy that can get a little paint splattered.  Which means #allthecomfypjpants.

I can't exactly do that in skinny jeans.

A couple of years ago, I bought a pair of these "lounge pants" (whatever) from a Facebook boutique.  And I fell in love, big time. I immediately ordered them in another print.

Since then I've ordered two other pairs.  Because they are THAT good.  #ineededfourpairs

So last night I was browsing Amazon looking for gifts for my mom and these popped up!!  I had no idea you could buy these on Amazon!!  And in 19 different prints!!  

I seriously felt like I had just hit the jackpot.  I immediately ordered another pair because I felt like I deserved it. ;)  And for the price, I didn't even feel bad.  Plus, I wear them almost every day (ok, every day) so yeah, they are definitely worth the $16!

You need some of these girls!!  At least one pair.  Or even two.  I was lying when I said I ordered one more pair.  I actually ordered two.  They are just that comfy!!

They run a tiny bit small. I actually have them in both medium and large but my mediums are a little bit tight in the booty.  So I tend to grab my larges more often.  They are also a little long on me (I'm 5'5") which I don't mind at all but for you taller girls, they will be perfect!
And I think they get softer each time I wash them.

Bottom line.  I'm a huge fan.  You will be too.  Find them HERE.

I am still looking for Christmas presents for my people.  Are y'all??  Amazon is my best friend at the moment.  Anything that says it can get here next day is my favorite.  So the other day I was browsing toys and games and saw this.

You probably know by now that I LOVE funny memes.  So this game was a MUST HAVE!!  We usually have a little New Years Eve party here at the house and it's a tradition for the adults to play some kind of board game while the kids destroy the upstairs.  This will be so fun!

Someone picks a card with a picture.  (Like a house on fire.)  Then everyone looks at their cards of funny one-liners and chooses the saying that would make the meme the funniest.  Funniest meme wins a point!  This has my name written all over it.

If you need a fun game to play with family or friends this holiday season, be sure to check this one out!  Find it HERE.

My last Favorite is my "magic" coffee review from Tuesday!  Did you see it?  Y'all, this was my first official product review and I couldn't have asked for a better one.  I love this stuff and over the week I got several more messages of people who had tried their samples and loved it as well!  





I always get nervous recommending a product like this!  I know we are all different and things can affect us all in different ways so every time I got a new message or a new order, I was just relieved I wasn't the only one experiencing the effects.  

But if you missed this coffee review, even if you aren't a coffee drinker, go check it out here.  I feel like a broken record but I really couldn't believe that I felt the energy, the appetite suppression and the boost in my mood all within that first sample.  I've been given samples of a ton of different products before.  But it's always one of those things where you can't really tell a difference with just one sample.  You always need to use it for MONTHS before you start to notice anything.  This is not like that at all.  You'll know within a sample or two if it works for you or not.  And you can get a 3 day supply for less than $5 here.

I hope it works for you! You can find the ingredients and all the other info on my website HERE.

And several of you have reached out to ask about joining the company yourself.  Feel free to email me at [email protected] for more info. Bottom line:  $50 to join.  No going inactive or monthly quotas.  And no talking your friends into spending their hard earned money on something that may not work for them.  Let them sample it and then they can decide if they love it or not.  No hard feelings anywhere. :)

So that's it for today, friends!  We've got plans this weekend that include paintball, a double date with some of our favorite friends and an ugly sweater party! So fun! It would also be nice if I finally got my Christmas cards addressed.  That is such a CHORE.  

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!  Christmas will be here before we know it so be sure to soak it all in while you can!  It's gone by way too fast already for me.  I'm hoping it slows down now that I can really enjoy it.

And as always, you can find me on Instagram @amandanall and @thatinspiredchick (etsy page).  And on Facebook HERE.

Happy Friday!!



  1. SHUT UP!! FIVE orders left? Eeekkkk!!!! I'm so happy for you! Hope you celebrate big this weekend!

    1. Thank you, friend!! I know you said I was stressing YOU out with how many I had to do, too! hahaha! It's going to be such a good weekend!

  2. FIVE!!! Amanda! I have seriously been worried for you! FIVE! That's amazing, friend!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you!!!! I bet y'all are exhausted from my countdown. hahaha So thankful for such supportive friends!

  3. I totally giggled at the part where the kids will be upstairs destroying the house on NYE! We have a little get together too and that is exactly what happens here as well. Those lounge pants look so cute but would probably be too long for me, I'm a shorty, only 5'2"! Happy weekend and yay for getting a much needed break!

  4. Thanks for the recommendation on the pants,like you, love me some lounge pants...ordering some now.

  5. Can I ask what size you wear? I NEED those "lounge pants" and I wear a size 8 but almost always get a large in pajamas. I hate tight PJ's. Just trying to figure out the sizing. Thanks! And...congrats on finishing up your orders!!!

    1. Sure! I am a size 6 usually. A 4 on a REALLY good day. ;) I wear a large in these! I've got them in a medium but I've got curvy hips and a butt and they are kind of tight in a medium. I grab my larges more then the mediums.

    2. I should say I've them in a medium TOO. I've got two in medium and two in large. I go for the larges more. :)

  6. Ordering the PJ bottoms now!! Thanks :)

  7. You rock!!
    I’m ordering those pj pants NOW.
    AND MY COFFEE shipment arrived today. ����

  8. LOVE those lounge pants--so fun!! And I just might have to order one of those wine tumblers..all the heart eyes!


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