Monday, December 11, 2017

Monday Morning Mashup. {Parties & Parades}

Happy Monday, friends!  How are we doing?  Happy?  On schedule?  Stressed?  Still need a million gifts?  Praying for it all to be over?  Or praying for it to slow down??  

I am a little of all of these.  Happy but basically on schedule.  Stressed about orders shipping as quickly as possible before everyone starts emailing me asking if their order will arrive before Christmas.  (All orders will ship by their scheduled ship by date.  You can find this in your Etsy account under Purchases.  I'm hoping to have them ALL out by Friday.  Ish. #65lefttogo)

In a way, I'm praying for it to be over because this time of year is crazy stressful for Etsy sellers (as most of my sweet friends can verify for you).  I feel like a crap mom and like I can't get ahead in anything right now.  I am the definition of a hot mess.  Thankfully, I have friends who encourage me and lift me up when they can see I am about to lose my stuff.  Or when I'm about to burst into tears.  (I love you guys for that.  Seriously.)

But also, I don't want it to be over.  Once I get all these orders shipped out, I am going to be a new woman.  I feel like my Christmas comes the minute that last order ships and that means Christmas comes early to me!  #whoopwhoop

So yes.  I may have been a big ball of stress these past few weeks but I've had some fun lately too.  Especially this past week.

Last Thursday night, Craig and I went to a little joint birthday party at the Shulls for our friend Meagan and Narci's husband, Rob.  It couldn't have come at a better time.  I had just spilled my guts in this post about feeling like a failure in the mom department and was in desperate need of some friend time.  Just hearing them say "I really enjoyed your post today" seriously almost made me cry.  (Thank you for saying that, friend.)  They rallied behind me and made me feel like maybe I'm not a totally crap mom.  That it's just my busy season and that I have every right to feel a little stressed out right now.  #thistooshallpass

Our night was one of the most fun nights I've had since....I can't even tell you when.  We laughed until our cheeks ached and our stomachs hurt.  Shay is always an amazing hostess (I know you aren't shocked by this...haha) and we feasted on her sweet corn chili and some kind of potato casserole among a variety of other things.  SO GOOD. 

If you don't have her cookbooks, you should.  Find them here.  They are AMAZING little gifts for any busy mama in your life.   

Friday, I worked.  And then later that night I had plans to go to my neighbor's party.  And then I got too cozy.  And lazy.  And skipped. 

I am a lame party animal.

Saturday was a big day.  I had another giant mom fail which I'm not even going to get into here.  All of my failures as a mother don't need to be documented, do they??  ;)

Seriously, what are the odds that 2 days after a big ole #momfail post, I have another great big one?  Normally, I spread them out a little better.

So when I walked into Mason's basketball game Saturday afternoon, Craig had already warned my friends that I was on the verge of a meltdown.  And y'all, it's amazing what a few kind sentences from a friend can do for the soul.  Within an hour, I was feeling better even though Mason's team got their tails kicked.

IMG_4443 (1) from Amanda Crain Nall on Vimeo.

Later that night, it was time for the Parade of Lights in downtown Mckinney.  This is one of our FAVORITE traditions.  This year, we skidded in late.  #shocker  And I mean, I literally walked up as the girls were taking a group pic and I ran up just as they were finishing.  Brooke's sweet husband, Tyler, took another one because he probably knew I needed that.  #itsthelittlethings

And I'm so thankful he did that for me.  I adore these girls and would have been so sad if I'd missed out on the girls pic just because we couldn't find a parking spot within a 5 mile radius.  Downtown parade parking is a nightmare.

The night was so fun though. The weather was cold but not too cold.  I ended up shedding a few layers (scarf and gloves) pretty much immediately.  And I'm happy to report, my fingers did NOT turn white.  #yay ;)

Beanie here / similar here 

Craig loves Bowen and I think Bowen loves Mr. Craig.  Who DOESN'T love Bowen?!

My pictures would have been so much better if people would have stopped moving...  ;)



Before the parade started, all the boys went down a side street for a little game of football.  Doesn't it look kind of a like a movie set??

Such a fun night!

Sunday morning we woke up to some elf shenanigans.

I just got these canvases in recently and they've just been sitting around waiting to be hung somewhere.  Doodah decided to do some decorating of his own, I guess.

Sunday night, I met up with 2 friends to go see....BAD MOMS.  Did you expect anything else??  ;)

The opening monologue had me wanting to pause it and write down what she said word for word because I was so sure she was talking about me.  hahaha.

The movie was so cute and just what I needed.  Now bring on Pitch Perfect 3!!  I love feel good girl movies, don't you??  They just make me happy.

After I got home, me and my sweet, old pup snuggled some before finishing up this post and calling it a night.

Excited to start a new week, y'all. My goal is to have every single Etsy order shipping by their due date.  The latest ship by date is scheduled for December 18th but I'm pushing for all of them to be out by the 15th.  It is going to be a LONG week.  Sixty-five orders left (but closer to 100 items to make) and then my vacation will start.  I have ALLLLL the plans.  I'm just hoping I can squeeze them all in while I can.

Tomorrow I have my big coffee review planned!  I've been sending out samples left and right to people and have had amazing feedback.  I love that you can sample this stuff before you decide to go all in and purchase a 30 day supply.  And I love that after one single sample, you can see if it's right for you or not.  It's kind of a no-lose situation.  I am not great at having to be all gung-ho about a certain product 24/7 which is why network marketing has never been my strong suit.  But this is so different.  I tried it.  I LOVED it after just one drink and then jumped on board because I knew everyone else would love it too with just one sample. 

The feedback I'm getting from everyone looks like this...

I'm losing weight.
I'm not hungry.  (Even carrying over into the next day.)
I have energy to do ALL THE THINGS.
I feel HAPPY!!

And that's good since that's what it promises to give you.  :)

For more info, head over to my website HERE.  You can order a 3 day sample for just $4.87 (just enough to cover shipping) to see how you like it.  Please email me with any questions you may have ([email protected]) or better yet, join my FB group here and check out the post I wrote about this stuff last week.  On my personal page I had over 100 comments asking about it and now that all those people have gotten their samples in and are starting to try it, I'm loving hearing their reviews!

Here are a few of them so far:

It's awesome, y'all.  I am going way out of my comfort zone to even tell y'all about this so I hope you trust me.  More tomorrow, friends!



  1. Oh! You are just so sweet!!! Thank you for sharing my books!!!! Annnnnd I'm so glad you were there for the Meagan/Rob annual birthday party!!

  2. It sounds like you had a much needed fun filled weekend! I'm sorry you're feeling a little frazzled right now but your friends are right, it's your busy season and it also falls the same time you're trying to make everything fun and special for your kids so that is ALOT on your plate! I don't know you, but you sound like an amazing Mom so no matter your fails just know they don't define you :)

    Wasn't Bad Moms so awesome?! I loved the intro too and she could have been talking about me some days as well ha ha. Cannot wait for Pitch Perfect 3 too!!!!

  3. What an AWESOME weekend!! I so want to see Bad Moms!!
    Oh and that coffee is JUST amazing! I had my first sample yesterday and I did ALL THE THINGS! I don't think I yawned all DAY! I got so much accomplished!

  4. I think as women (I'm not a Mom, but I'm positive Moms too), we beat ourselves up so much and forget that we are human and make mistakes. Everyone has SO much on our plate and things get overwhelming. Give yourself some slack, girl. Pick yourself up, and try again. That's all any of us can do!

  5. Trying that coffee! Thanks for the recomendation!!

  6. Such a fun weekend!!! I'm seriously tracking your orders myself! I need some sort of text when it's time to celebrate!


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