Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday Morning Mashup. {Paintball & More Parties}

Happy Monday, friends!  Can you believe we are only ONE WEEK away from Christmas!?!!  I have every intention of soaking in every single second of what's left of this holiday season.  My deadlines have all been met (work-wise) and now I plan on enjoying at least one full week with zero work responsibilities.

Friday afternoon, I finished up ALL MY ORDERS!!  I even chased our mailman across the culdesac to hand off my final three packages.  He laughed because he knew I was getting really close to being finished and could tell I was desperate to unload the last of them!  I just have to say that my mailman is just plain awesome.  He never makes me feel like I'm a pain in the butt with all the packages that he has to pick up on my porch every day.  He doesn't even care if I officially schedule a pick up online the night before like I'm technically supposed to do.  

I will say that I caught one of the substitute mail carriers talking about me on our doorbell camera one day though! I got the alert that someone was at my door so I turned it on so I could hear.  She was on her phone and she walked up to the door and said something like, "Hang on. (big sigh)  This lady's always got all these damn packages!"  Hahaha!  #sorrynotsorry

When the boys came home from school on Friday, I was waiting for them at the door.  I was all "Hey!  I'm finished working!  Let's hang out!  Let's snuggle!  How was school?! What'd you do today?" and they were all:  "Hi Mom!  Bye Mom! We're going to Ben's."  And that was that.


So I did something else fun and wrapped some presents, cleaned my workroom and finished putting up a few more decorations that I'd been meaning to get to.  

Friday night after the boys were in bed, I cozied up in my spot on the couch and finally started to address my Christmas cards while I watched Christmas Inheritance on Netflix.  Craig got home while I was doing this and was pretty darn impressed with that fire I had going.

Saturday morning, we were off to a Paintball Party for one of the boys' friends.  Matthew and Mason had never done this before so they weren't quite sure what to expect.  And I was nervous this would end with tears.

Loaded up and ready to go!

Our neighborhood gang.

My reindeer shirt is sold out but there are some really cute ones here!  And oh my poor hair.  Split-end city, y'all.  It's getting cut on Thursday.

The boys had fun until they got hit one too many times and then they were over it.  Matthew ended up with a bruise on his stomach and he also got hit in the throat.  :(  He held it together until we got in the car and then had a small meltdown because it hurt so bad.  I cannot stand to see my babies hurt so needless to say, I'm not a fan of paintball.

This was Mason 10 minutes into our ride home...

Paintballin' is no joke!

When we got home the boys ran to check on Doodah.  They found him that morning like this...

...and when they got home he had done this!  #magic

That night Craig and I left the boys with a sitter and met Narci and her hubby, Rob, for dinner at Harvest in downtown Mckinney.  Then we all headed off to our friend's ugly sweater party!

And yes.  Craig's sweater is not a typical "ugly" sweater.  He waited too late to find one.  I had been so busy with work stuff that I told him awhile back it was on him to run to Target or Walmart or wherever and get one.  So he waited three hours before the party and of course, Walmart was out and/or didn't have any in a big man size.

He told me was going to try Tom Thumb too.  I didn't even think about it at the time but Tom Thumb??  Shocked he didn't find one at the grocery store...  hahaha  ;)

So we decided to just pull out a sweater that could be considered ugly (he's had it for 10 years...).  When he got to the party, he threw on a Christmas lights necklace and called it good.  We don't sweat the small stuff.

Our awesome hostess, Jill, had this cute backdrop all set up so we snapped a few pictures in front it.  We didn't have the best photographer though.  (Ha!  Sorry, Brian!)

And Narci and I had fun with some of the props.  I just love her!!

When we got home, I went upstairs to check on the boys and had to snap a picture of Mason sound asleep with his Ellie.  This is his little lovey that he's been attached to since he was a tiny baby.  Just when I think there is no baby left in him at all, I see this and realize that he really is only 7.  He may be all rough and tumble 90% of the time and pretty independent but he still has to have his ratty old elephant to sleep at night.  Be still my heart.

Sunday was pretty dull.  I did all the chores I've been meaning to do for a very long time.  Emptied toy boxes, tossed a lot of junk, cleared out junk drawers and ordered groceries.  It was oddly satisfying. :)

Tomorrow I'll be back with my second product review!  I'm reviewing a makeup and skincare line that was sent to me from my college roommate and once again, I was super happy that I liked it!  I've turned down a few offers to review things that I knew I wouldn't love or didn't fit well with my blog.  But skincare and makeup are right up my alley.  :)

And in case you missed last week's product review, you can find it here!  It was the "magic" coffee review.  I love the energy to do #allthethings but what I'm loving most is that it has squashed my cravings and killed my appetite.  I will never say "This will 100% work for you the same way it did for me" because we are all different.  We all react differently to things.  But the majority of the people who have tried the samples are telling me the same things.  Not all.  But the majority for sure.  You can go here and order a 3 day sample pack for just a few dollars to see what you think.

If you ordered samples, they are taking a week or so to arrive so they are on their way!  I can't wait to see how everyone likes it!  

So that's it for today!  If you missed last week's Friday Favorites you can find that HERE.  

Have a great day!

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  1. What a fun weekend!
    I hope to be finished with all my orders tomorrow!!
    Merry Christmas

    1. Yay!! It feels sooooo good to have a little break! I just wish it was a PAID vacation! 😉

  2. Wahoo!!! So glad you are finished! Hope you enjoy this week!

  3. That pic of you and Narci is so cute!! And I love what your elf did! I'm stealing that idea!

  4. Best line of your post...."It was oddly satisfying". I am the biggest thrower outer of stuff and it's always satisfying!!

    I tried to order a sample of your coffee and when I clicked on the sample set on the website, an error message appeared. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hahaha! Feels good to get rid of stuff! And I'm not sure what went wrong on the website! It seems to be working for me and I've had others order last night and this morning so I'm not sure! Sometimes the mobile site can get glitchy so if you keep getting an error maybe try it on a desktop. Technology is not my strong suit! 😉

  5. My son has never been paint balling and I think it would end in tears for us too. And my son also still sleeps with his baby blanket, the hubby gets annoyed and I love it :)


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