Thursday, December 21, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday. {Home Alone}

You guys!  I had so many plans for yesterday and today.  I was going to go to the mall which hardly ever happens.  I was going to go visit my old school and take yummy treats to my former coworkers and see the kiddos that I miss so much!  And I was going to finally give some attention to this hair of mine.  It needs some love.  

But my sweet Matthew woke up yesterday morning feeling sick.  He threw up a couple of times in the morning but had no other symptoms.  So we think it is just a stomach bug.  No fever, no aches, chills, headaches, stuffy nose, sore throat...none of that.  Thank goodness.  As of right now, we don't think it's the flu although it is rampant here!  We'll see.

Anyway, I didn't even get out of my PJs yesterday.  Matthew and I just did a lot of this.

By the end of the night, we thought things were getting better.   He laid next to my bed for a little bit while I was doing some computer stuff and even started throwing out some funny faces.

We thought maybe he was on the mend.  But as soon as we got upstairs to get ready for bed just a short while later, he got sick again.  Boo.

I hate hate HATE when my babies are sick.  I hate it.  #Jesustakethewheel

Anyway, all this laying around has meant lots of Christmas movies.  And when we watched Home Alone (for the millionth time) I started overthinking this movie, friends.

So if you've seen Home Alone a million times then you'll probably like this post.  If not, then you may not get it.  But watching it yesterday, I thought I'd share some super random thoughts on one of my favorite movies of all time.

My thoughts on Home Alone.

1.  It's all Heather's fault.

Seriously, it really is all her fault.

Mom/Kate McCallister:  "Heather!  Did you count heads?!"

Heather:  "Eleven including me.  Five boys, six girls, four parents, two drivers...and a partridge in a pear tree."

Heather.  Honey.  This really is all your fault.  You didn't do it on purpose, of course.  But why does no one question Heather about her counting abilities?  Yes, she counted that neighbor kid so it wasn't really her fault but they don't know that!  How about throwing in a line like "But Heather counted heads!"??  Just so we can all give her the side-eye.

But you that I think about it more, I REALLY just blame Mitch Murphy.  Nosy little kid.

2.  Kevin's ticket got thrown away.

I bet you didn't know this, y'all!!  I sure didn't!!  I was googling Home Alone pics to add to this post and came across this.

And it blew my mind.

When Kevin spills all that milk all over the counter and they start cleaning up quickly, Kevin's plane ticket gets thrown into the trash!!  (See below.)  I always wondered why the ticket agent never noticed she had more tickets in her hand than passengers on the plane.  I mean, she even counted everyone as they were boarding.  If Kevin's ticket had been handed to her with all the others, someone would have alerted the family that they were missing someone before the plane took off.  So this was a way to explain why the airline was never aware of a missing passenger.

Mind blown, y'all.  I love stuff like this.

3.  "The phone lines are a mess."

Why can Kevin call for a pizza AND call the cops but no one in his family can reach him because the phone lines are supposedly down?  And why isn't his mom trying to call him from each airport??

I googled the answer to this question because I thought surely there were other weirdos like me who google #allthethings when they are curious. I actually found a partial answer HERE on the Huffington Post!  If you don't feel like clicking over, it basically says that in 1990 the long distance lines could have been down but the local ones could have still been fine.

So I thought that made sense.  Everyone praised the Huffington Post for solving this mystery and yet no one has mentioned this...

How could Peter McCallister leave a message on his neighbor's answering machine if the long-distance lines were down?? Wouldn't he be able to get through to his own house too???  Hmmmmm.... 


4.  Explain the situation, Kate!!

Does it drive anyone else a little crazy when Kate calls the cops from Paris and keeps saying "Hi.  I'm calling from Paris. I have a son who's home alone."  She never mentions he's only 8. Or that they FORGOT HIM and flew to Paris and he has no idea what happened.

Yes, the police department is coming off as crazy incompetent.  But Kate does a terrible job at explaining the situation and it makes me nuts.  (If you read my blog then you know I tend to overexplain EVERYTHING.  #mybad)

But I would NOT be saying calmly, "Hi.  I have a son who's home alone.  I'd like someone to go over to the house just to check on him."  (Did you just say that in Kate McAllister's voice?  haha)

And while we're on this topic, why does the cop just knock on the door a couple of times and then decide that no one's home?  A smart, scared 8-year-old isn't going to come throw open the door if there is someone pounding at his front door when he's home alone at night !!  At least yell out that you're a cop! Unbelievable.  Perhaps the laziest, most ineffective police force of all time.


5.  The pizza guy is almost murdered.

The pizza guy is almost murdered (or so he thinks) after he delivers Kevin's pizza.  So why doesn't he immediately call the cops?!


6.  Polka King of the Midwest

When Kate hitches a ride in the back of a van with a bunch of random dudes she is told they are Polka Kings.  They sold "about 623 copies" in the 80s and yet here they are in 1990 with their cool guy band jackets and traveling the country??  And none of them ever really see their kids?  

Gus Polinski:  We're on the road, 48, 49 weeks a year.  We hardly see our families.


But only 623 copies sold, y'all. I'm confused.

7.  Just call the cops.

Kevin hears that the burglars are coming back to his house "about 9:00".

Part of me wants to know why a kid as smart as he is wouldn't have the sense to just call the cops...


8.  Sergeant Balzac

Oh my.  Sergeant Balzac.

Yes, he's a lazy little moron.  But think about the name they chose for him.  Balzac. Of allllll the names they could have given him, that's what they chose?  Think about it for a minute.

I feel like I've been hanging around immature boys too much after noticing this.  If you don't get it, I won't explain it.  There's a line on this blog and actually saying what I mean with this one would cross it.  ;)  Use your imagination. Say it slow. Balzac.  Immature men most definitely added that name thinking that would be hilarious but not obvious.  And it kind of is....both.

9.  Fuller.

Last but not least...


Fuller, this whole thing started because you still pee the bed.  And you look way too happy knowing what's coming.  #amIright

  Surely both sets of parents wouldn't have forgotten their sons up in the attic the next morning though.  But since Fuller can't control his bladder, he had to sleep somewhere else leaving Kevin all alone on the third floor.  #iblamefuller  

Anyway, those are my random observations after watching this show for the 300th time.  You'll never unsee the milk and plane ticket fiasco again.  Just watch for it next time.  And by the way, did you know that Fuller is actually played by Macaulay Culkin's younger brother??

Other things I learned while looking for pictures to go with this post...

The scene where Kevin almost gets hit by the van was shot in reverse so Kevin wasn't actually in real danger.

They used potato flakes as snow in the final scene.  This was before all the cool CGI stuff was invented.  But they said that it ended up as mashed potatoes all over the ground that turned a yellow color!  Gross.

The picture of Buzz's girlfriend is actually a guy dressed like a girl.  Thankfully, the directors knew that using an actual girl's picture might scar someone for life cause some serious emotional harm. #goodthinkinboys

Anyone else a huge Home Alone fan??  Did y'all know this stuff already or maybe have some of the same thoughts I did??  I have no doubt I'll watch this movie at least 3 more times by New Years.  It's just so good.  #favorite

Thanks for reading, friends!  Remember, you can find me below:



  1. I loved this post!!! I was just telling Tab-it's so weird to me that Kevin's mom calls the police and tells them and then doesn't call anyone else. I mean I'd be calling everyone I remotely knew!! Why is she not calling someone to go pick him up?? 🙈🙈🙈

    1. Why am I just now replying to these!?! But yes!!! Surely SOMEONE could go pick that kid up. As many kids as they have in that family, their circle of friends had to be huge!

  2. I loooooove Home Alone!! It's one of my favorite Christmas movies!! I hope Matthew is better today!

  3. Oh my word! I had no idea about any of those little facts about Home Alone! My husband is in the TV business and he is always telling me stuff like this and it’s so interesting! I think this needs to be your new series - you go back and watch great 80s/90s movies and then research them for us! But for real - I hope M is better soon!!

  4. LOVE this post, and love this movie! Didn't know most of these fun facts. Hope your little guy is feeling better today, happy holidays!

  5. Oh em gee! I am watching this today while I wrap all the stocking gifts and I will think about this great post! LOL

  6. Great post--I learned so much about the iconic movie Home Alone! I agree with the other person who said you should do this kind of post regularly. :) I hope your son feels better soon!

  7. This is the best post ever!!! I've thought so many of these and some I had never even thought of or known!! Thanks for making me giggle today! I hope Matthew is feeling better!

  8. We've been watching Home Alone lots lately - I picked up on something suspicious with the cleaning up the milk scene - I will definitely look closer from now on.

  9. BEST. POST. EVER. Beyond obsessed with Home Alone - love it.

  10. We love Home Alone and watch it every Christmas. I question so many of the things you listed!! Another scene that I always say hmm at is when Harry and Marv are in the van and say they are going to follow Kevin to see which house he goes in and Kevin realizes they are following him and starts running.They then say why is he running and that they knew something was up?!! Hmm, let’s see there is a van with two grown men following a kid..what kid wouldn’t run?! Stranger danger!

  11. I think Kevin never called the cops because in the beginning of the movie, the "cop" is there checking on things... Maybe the bad guys, were really bad cops!


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