Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Hey hey y'all!  I'm back from Phoenix and we had an amazing time!  I didn't realize how much I (we) needed that little getaway until we were gathered around a fire pit at this gorgeous resort, with our old and new friends, laughing until our cheeks ached.  

This basically summed it up:

And that's what I got!  I didn't worry about Etsy orders because nothing was scheduled to ship while I was gone.  (Although I did answer a few Etsy messages from customers because it is impossible to really just go A.W.O.L. with a business like this.)  

I didn't worry about the blog or my Facebook group or even my kids!  Yes, I missed them but I knew my in-laws had things under control back home.  I let it all go and just relaxed.

We were there because Craig was invited to be a "celebrity" in a charity golf tournament along with a ton of other former NFL and MLB players.  I love sitting around listening to these guys tell their old stories from their playing days.

Craig does these charity tournaments once or twice a year and sometimes I decide to tag along.  ;)  We showed up a couple of days before the festivities began this time so we could have some time to just hang out.

For the record, my idea of "hanging out" is laying by the pool with a fruity drink in my hand

His idea of hanging out is laying out by the pool for an hour or so before he gets bored and heads to the golf course.  He is golf-obsessed.  #forreal #cantsitstill

So, I'll be back tomorrow with the full recap of our stay at the Arizona Biltmore!  

(Fun sidenote:  The Catalina Pool at the Biltmore used to be a favorite hangout of Marilyn Monroe!)

Happy Wednesday, friends!



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