Friday, April 6, 2018

Friday Favorites #53.

Hello Friday!!

I'm back today for another Friday Favorites and as always, I'm linking up with my sweet Mckinney mama friends, Erika, Narci and Andrea.

I've got another random mess of stuff I'm loving this week so let's jump on in!

First up, is my March Book Review!  If you missed it on Wednesday, find it HERE.  I had a great mix of genres last month and read only one major dud.  Boo.

If you don't have time to dive into it now, be sure to pin it for later!

Since my life is all baseball these days, I decided I needed to step up mom gear!  I ordered several cute tees on Etsy the other day and these two are the first to arrive.  

(Pssssstttt.....My shop reopened today!!)

First of all, I LOVE supporting other maker mamas and second of all, Etsy is just a great site to find cool stuff.

I ordered these two shirts from Two Little Hoots Designs and give them a major 5 star rating.  The tees themselves are so soft and comfy which is requirement number one when it comes to tshirts.  I ordered this first one in the dark heather gray.  

So cute, right?  It comes in 5 different colors too.

I wasn't sure what size I needed so I ordered a small in this one and a medium in the other.  I don't like them too tight because I typically prefer comfort over fashion.  ;)  But I felt like the small was perfect.

And here's the other one

 I chose the heather blue color in support of Matthew's team.

I ordered this one in a medium and like how it gives me a little extra room without being baggy and shapeless.  If you asked me which size I prefer, I honestly couldn't tell you.  It would most likely depend on the day...and the amount of chips and salsa I'd had the night before. ;)  They both fit great.

This shirt is adorable and I can't wait to rock it this weekend.  Unfortunately, Matthew's game is at 8am so it won't be under the lights like the shirt says.  I don't know about you but I personally think 8am games on Saturday mornings are cruel and unusual punishment.

Find this cute shirt HERE.

These shipped about 10 days after I placed the order which was perfectly fine.  The shop's current turnaround is 10-14 days.  As always, be sure to check each shop's turnaround time before you order!  It's listed on each listing as well as at checkout and sometimes it's even in the Shop Announcement on their main page.  

Baseball moms, you can never have enough swag.  ;)

And before I end Favorite #2, I have to add this.  Because it is SO MY LIFE.

You guys.  This may be my favorite purchase in a long time!!  I feel so old getting excited by yard decor but oh my goodness I LOVE these!

These are Flickering Solar Light Torches and they are the COOLEST.  They come in a two pack for $29.  They don't require any batteries which is always a plus.  They soak up the sunlight all day and then when it gets dark, they automatically turn on and start flickering like real fire torches!

They look SO REAL.  They are made of plastic which is great because you don't have to worry about rust.  They come with the option to add another pole to make them tall or to keep them short like I have them.  They also have an on/off switch in case you don't want them to come on automatically.

I love looking out into our backyard every night now though and seeing them all flickering away.  It's just so pretty!!  The boys have already said they'll be perfect for night swimming.  (One of their favorite summer activities.)

I ordered 4 to start but am ordering at least 4 more to add around our yard.  Craig usually thinks my random purchases are eye-roll worthy but he is totally on board with these.  He's the one who suggested we get more.

If you are wanting to add a little cozy ambiance to your yard this summer, you need these!!

I mentioned above that my shop is back open so I thought I'd dump a ton of pictures here to help promote it.  It's always a little scary coming back from closing the shop down for a little break because Etsy's algorithim puts your shop back at the bottom of the search results until you start getting more traffic and sales.  So if you want to take a look at the entire shop, go HERE!

All of this and so much more available HERE!

When I saw this come up on my "On This Day" on Facebook this week, I had to include it.  This is Nixon and Mason and their babies when they were in their 2-year-old preschool class.  Miss Karen told me they were telling her that their babies were "POOPING EVERYWHERE!!".  Hahahaha.  

Erika, I am so glad we'll always have this picture to hold over them when they get older.   ;)

I have a major thing for flare jeans.  I'm so glad Joanna Gaines has made them cool too. I've talked about my favorite pair of flare jeans before but this week I found them on HUGE SALE so I just wanted to share.  Only $27.99!!  I think I spent over $100 on mine.

You can choose the 32 or 34" length.  I'm 5'5" and have them in the 32" length so I can wear them with sneakers, my Skechers Go Walks and flip flops with my favorite tee.

Find them HERE.

And since we're talking Skechers Go Walks (again), I just ordered a new tan/coral pair this week.  
They have so many color options though!  Here are some of my favorites.


Black/white (I have these.)
I LOVE these bright ones!  But they are more expensive for some reason and obviously won't go with everything.  But I still want them...
These are the new ones I ended up ordering though.  If you don't have a pair of these in any color, you really should try them.  I am a HUGE fan.
You can find them all here.

Tonight Mason has another baseball game and I can pretty much guarantee I'll be wearing my favorite jeans, new baseball tee and my Skechers.

And probably my favorite earrings too. ;)

I hope you all have a great weekend!!  Next week is going to be a crazy one for us! Craig and I are leaving for Phoenix late in the week and his parents are coming in to stay with the boys.  I'm so excited to get away for once but I'm also a little stressed thinking about leaving my in-laws with the boys' baseball schedules, birthday parties, friends in and out of the house and Matthew's picky eating.

I've got a lot of organizing to do to get ready for all of that!

But I'm going to enjoy my weekend and I hope you do too!

Happy Friday, friends!



  1. Oh my goodness!!!! That picture of those tiny babies!! Of course they were talking about “poop”....even way back then. 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Why haven't I picked up my cup?!?! I need to leave my house. Hahahahahaha! Love all the cute baseball tees!

  3. Hi, Amanda! So happy to have found your blog through Friday favorites:). I'm getting all of my patio stuff out & plan to fire up the grill this week, so those solar torches are totally calling my name;). Thanks for sharing-also I'm going to have to visit your shop! Such cute stuff!

  4. Your stuff looks so cute! I will have to check out your shop. Have a great weekend!

  5. Love all the cute baseball tees! And I definitely need those solar torches for our new house! If it makes you feel better, we have a 9:00am soccer game tomorrow. It's 90 today and going to be a hard freeze in the 30s tomorrow morning. CRAZY Texas weather! Ha! I'll be bundled up along with you! Have a great weekend! :) Simply Tish

  6. I love the baseball tees!! And I am a huge Sketchers go walk fan. I have been wearing them all week! Off to shop your glitter/confetti section... Happy Friday!

  7. So many good things in this post!! Hope my husband doesn't check the credit card. Ha!
    Yes, 8am games are from the devil.

  8. Those lanterns! SOLD.

  9. I'm so happy that your shop is reopened again because I was wanting to buy a wine glass as a birthday gift for my friend! Also, I realllllly want that "You're the Meredith to my Christina" coffee mug...

  10. Love the baseball tee's! I've been looking for a cute Softball one =)
    Happy Friday!

  11. Super cute tees! Totally pinned those yard lights - what a great buy!

  12. The boys will be fine. Your in laws will do a bang up job and if something gets missed or whatever- it will be fine. Remember this: your boys will grow up and leave you and then it'll be you and your hubby. Take care of that relationship first. I am an empty nester and a second marriage and I am SO GLAD that someone gave me that advice when my girls were younger. They are now thriving adult women, married, great careers and living on their own. And my hubby and I take off when we want, we travel and have a second home at the beach. I am so glad we left my kids with my parents and the only thing I stressed about was my youngest taking advantage of my mom! HAHA! Go to Phoenix and have a blast!!

  13. And you need Home Run socks with your Go Walks :)


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