Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday Favorites #56.

Happy Friday!!

I've got a very short list of Favorites today, y'all.  Why, you ask?

That is why.

I should have been a good little blogger and planned ahead this week but I didn't.  Matthew had a game last night that ran long and we didn't get home until almost 10.  And I tend to blog at night.  So by the time we got everyone settled and in bed, I could barely put a thought together so this is what you get today.

So here's my quick list of favorites this week:

Tarte Concealer

I haven't loved a concealer this much in FOREVER.  I love that the brush part (which I should have shown you) is nice and big instead of skinny, it covers so well and it smooths on easily.  I bought it in "Light" if that helps anyone.

I wear it over my Becca Under-Eye Brightener  (which is a MUST HAVE product if you don't already have some!) and it's like magic to my dark circles.  ;)

(By the way, I'm still on my first little jar of the Becca Brightener and I've used it almost every day for a year.  I've still got plenty left too.  I bet it'll last another year.)

Wayfair had a huge spring sale (on top of their already great prices) this week and I took the opportunity to grab this cute storage bench for the foot of our bed.  It's still listed for a great price!  And the reviews are awesome too.

It should arrive next week!  And I've also got a new dresser ordered but it will take a little longer to get here.  We (I) made some changes to our room awhile back and it's taken me some time to pick and choose the right pieces I've wanted in there.  That, plus Matthew's room, are my current on-going projects at the moments.

We got a little off-track when we started in on some of our outside updates.  We recently had a new roof put on, our house repainted (outside), new gates on both sides of the house and the rest of the fence repaired and restained.  And in a few weeks, we are resurfacing the back porch and pool area.

Once all of those things are behind us, we'll get Matthew's room painted (finally).  Right now, there are about 15 grey paint swatches all over his walls.  ;)

This picture I snapped of Matthew at his game last night is my last favorite for today.  He has really started to show real skill and passion for baseball this year and we couldn't be more thrilled. 

This picture is also how I see other cars' headlights when I drive at night, by the way.   Ugh.

And if you missed my big What's Up Wednesday post (also full of favorites!), find it HERE.

It's going to be a long weekend!  

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Happy Weekend, friends!



  1. That is an awesome picture of Matthew at the ball field! And you might need to get those eyes checked, Friend! If you need s recommendation, I’ve got one!

  2. That Tarte concealer is amazing!! I've used it and it's one of the BEST!

  3. Such a super cute bench!! I'll have to check Wayfair out!
    Have a great weekend! - Shannon

  4. I need a new concealer so perfect timing with your recommendation! And girl, I'm with you on blurry lights driving at night! I asked my eye dr and he said it's because I have large pupils so they let in more light. Said there's nothing I can do about it. Bummer! If you find something that works for night blindness, let me know!! Have a great weekend, Amanda! Simply Tish

  5. I love that bench! Jess at Just Jess

  6. I need a bench like that for our living room. We have a hard time finding anything low enough to fit under our windows but high enough to allow the air to circulate from the floor vents and I've been wanting something that would give us extra seating besides.

  7. Love that bench! I took advantage of their sale on Wednesday too--some of my stuff arrived the next day! Crazy.


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