Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter 2018.

Welcome back, friends!  I hope you all had a great Easter weekend!!

Here's a little of what our weekend looked like.

On Friday, the kids were out of school because of a bad weather day we didn't use so we got our weekend off to an early start.

Craig only had to go into the office in the morning so I used that time to finish up the week's orders and when he got home, I headed to Target for Easter basket shopping (and then some) while he took the boys to the golf course.

I ended up getting each boy a new swimsuit and swimshirt, goggles, a t-shirt and shorts, and a couple of random little toys and of course, candy-filled eggs.  I kind of wish I'd have shopped online from Target because their online selection is so much better!
After my little two hour trip to Target (yeah...I took my sweet time), Craig said the boys were ready to come home after nine holes so I met them at the turn and they ran to the car tired, hot and sweaty.

Matthew looked so old running towards the car so I snapped pictures of him while he knocked on the door.  #letmeinwoman

Saturday morning, Matthew had a baseball game and even though it was in the low 60s, there were GALE FORCE WINDS ripping through us every few seconds.  It felt like being in a hurricane or a small tornado.  Mckinney is such a windy city.

Mason started to get bored because the game was a bit of a dud so I let him have his iPad even though some part of me hated doing it.  And then he said he was starving so I gave him some money to go get a doughnut from the concession stand and he came back with those sour straw things.  Have I mentioned his obsession with sugar?  It is not pretty.

I looked over at him at one point to see him sitting with his iPad, earbuds, and candy at 10am and momentarily questioned my parenting.  And then I let it go.  He's fine.

After the game, the boys ran off for practically the entire day to play with a big group of friends down the street.  I got a lot of stuff done around the house and then late that afternoon, I went outside to sit down by the pool with my first "real" book of the season.

You probably know by now I am an Audible junkie.  I can't find time to sit down and read a book for most of the year.  But during the warm months, there is nothing I love better than going outside, sitting in my comfy lounge chair by the pool and flipping actual pages.  It may take me all summer to read one book but I don't care.

Elin Hilderbrand is a beach-read QUEEN.  So of course, I grabbed one of her books off my bookshelf to help welcome in the warm days ahead.  I posted this on Instagram and had several people comment or message me to tell me they loved this one and that they cried and laughed and it was one of their favorites.  So I'm excited to read The Island!

Did you know she has TWO new books coming out this year??  The Perfect Couple will be released June 19th and Welcome to Paradise comes out in October.

You never let me down, Elin.  I'm counting on you to keep 'em coming!

After sitting outside reading for awhile, all the boys invaded.  Craig wanted to grill so I (reluctantly) came in to help him with food prep.

And then he grilled, while I sat in my chair and watched the boys run around and eventually settle into a loud game of ping pong in the sunroom.


We ended the night by snapping pictures of that gorgeous moon on the night before Easter!

Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny came.  Matthew has figured out that good ole EB is not real and it's really us parents.  He thinks he is such a big shot now that he's "in the know" so to speak and with every opportunity, that comes, he will allude to this fact without actually saying what he knows.  But sweet Mason is still clueless so I had to have a talk with Matthew about how we don't want to spoil the mystery for Mason just yet so we need him to be part of it with us. He was ok with that.

And for the record, he did say "I mean, I know that Santa Claus is real because I've seen pictures of him in people's houses before.  People have caught him on camera."  So Santa=Real.  Easter Bunny=Fake.  Because no one ever catches EB in the act.

This is exactly why I decided NOT to show him these little doctored images from Christmas Eve this year.  I felt like it was too much of a lie...?  Or something?  I just didn't feel right for whatever reason providing him "proof" only to tell him we were all lying to him in a couple of years when he does figure it out.  I don't know. Such a gray area.  But look how awesome this picture turned out!  One day, I'll show him.  ;)

Anyway, we went to church and enjoyed a beautiful service.  

I didn't go all out with an Easter dress year.  I just wore blue slacks and white ruffle sleeve top.

I made the mistake of letting the boys bring in their little Wubble balls full of these squishy marble things.  At one point, I looked over at Mason and he was squishing it so hard that it looked like it would burst.  I leaned over and told him if that exploded in church he was going to be in big trouble.

Can you guess what came next?

Within 5 minutes of me saying that, it exploded.  We were sitting in the first row of the balcony and I'm just glad none of those little squishy beads fell over the railing.  Mason looked at me like he was about to cry.  Probably because he knew he was in trouble AND because he'd just broken his brand new toy.

He spent the next 5 minutes on his hands in knees gathering beads in full view of anyone who glanced up into the balcony while everyone else was standing and singing.  I took many, many deep breaths knowing he was being such a distraction right then to everyone behind us and to half the people below.


It's ok.  We'll laugh about it someday.  ;)

We went out to lunch and then came home to dye our eggs. 

For some reason, they thought this was a great time to test out their new goggles. 

Silly boys.

My boys are super easy.  They don't demand glitter or stickers or fancy eggs at all.  Although, THIS GIRL wouldn't mind adding some glitter!  ;)  They just want to dye them and call it good. So that's what we did.

And then they ran off to play again with all the neighbors and we didn't see them again until dinner.

Today after school we are actually going to hide our eggs and do our own egg hunt just so we can say we did it.  It's tradition and my kids are always ok with extending a holiday.

So that was our weekend!  I'll be back this week with my March Book Review!!  I'll be better at doing monthly reviews from here on out but if you want to check out past reviews just click that Bookworm tab in the top menu.

Have a happy Monday!

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  1. I am dyyyyyyyyyying for those two Elin books to come out. I need an Elin book in my life right now!!! Happy Easter, friend!!

  2. Amanda!!! I can only imagine your face when that thing burst in church!!!

    1. I was so mad!! I kept waiting on a text to come through asking what was going on up there. hahaha. I don't think any of y'all were in our service though.

  3. That totally sounds like something my boys would have done in church! The stories for when they are older :)

  4. Love the ballpark picture and caption. Real life parenting! :)


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