Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Welcome back, y'all!  

I have been M.I.A. here on the blog for the past couple of days because my little vacation starts Friday and I am trying to get myself organized.  My in-laws are coming in from Louisiana to stay with the boys while we're away and I'm trying to think of everything I can in order to make things as easy on them as possible.

My father-in-law just had surgery on his foot on Monday so my mother-in-law is having to do all the driving to Texas and then will be the one having to drive the boys around to games and birthday parties and wherever if I can't find them rides.  

But I WILL find them rides.  (So if anyone from Matthew's team is reading this or if anyone is going to the same birthday party Mason is, hit me up! #seriously)

The last thing I want is for her to worry about driving directions and getting to places on time.  That would just be crazy stressful for her and it stresses me out thinking about stressing her out.  So don't worry, Mimi!  I'm on it!! ;)

Other things I've been up to this week...SPRING CLEANING.  I tend to do my spring cleaning in spurts.  And 99% of the time, I get in the zone after swigging my Happy Juice or that incredible coffee I rave about periodically without trying to come off all MLM-y.  Because nobody likes that.

But it really does happen like that.  I find myself with a few hours where I have nothing I HAVE to do, so I drink my Fruit Punch Spark or Coffee/Cocoa mix and then get all laser-focused on getting it all done.  All meaning anything and everything I can make better in the time allotted.  Get. It. Done.

I have no set schedule for Spring Cleaning.  Doing anything is better than doing nothing so I just go in whatever direction I'm feeling that day.

Here is what I do try to tackle every Spring though, in no particular order.

Closets {All closets including the coat and playroom closets}:  

For starters, I always empty all the drawers and hangers in the boys' rooms and sort through their clothes.  Everything gets sorted into hand-me-down, donate, keep or toss.  This takes forever and I hate it but it's a necessary evil.  

When it comes to your closet, be RUTHLESS.  Just because it still fits after 10 years doesn't mean you need to keep it unless you still wear it on the regular.  Y'all may remember me talking about my beloved velour tracksuits from 2006.  I donated at least 10 of the 12 or so that I found in my closet even though it pained me.  (Yes, I did keep a couple because I KNOW they will be back, y'all!!!  #vintage)

And a week later, I was checking out our new Stein Mart because I'd never been to one before and saw a whole rack of Juicy tracksuits!  OMG they were so soft and felt so comfy...  It took all my effort not to drag a few to the dressing room just to see.  I would have for sure left with some.  I'm hoping this is the beginning of their comeback.

Dorinda gets it.

Dorinda may be my spirit animal.

The Pantry:

Last year, I blogged about my much-needed Pantry Makeover.  (Find it HERE.)  I always make sure to give the pantry a once-over at least once a year.  

The Car:

My car needs attention way more than once a year but I just did a post about how I organized this crap trap for good the other day!  I'm happy to say that my car has been so much tidier ever since!  Find that post HERE.

Other things I tend to clean out include old bath and body products, the fridge (ugh) and our garage but only when the weather is perfection.  The garage clean out can only happen on perfect weather days.  Otherwise, I'm out.  ;)

Last year's spring cleaning post is HERE.  Believe it or not, I also talked about my love of Dorinda and her tracksuits then too.

For all my organization posts, sure to check the "Fun Stuff" link in the blog menu and see below for some of my favorite things for my spring cleaning sprees!

Thanks to Shay and Erika for the fun linkup!  I'm hoping that reading all these other blogs will inspire me to get my clean on today too!

I hope to be back on Friday but it depends on if I can get #allthethings done by Thursday night.  We shall see!

Happy Wednesday, ladies!!



  1. I'm ready to start spring cleaning! My laundry room needs a major make over!

  2. I’m hoping I get inspired too!! Hahaha! Thanks for linking up!

  3. YESSSSS for Dorinda and Juicy track suits!!! Waiting on those to make a comeback myself. I mean ladies we had it made! A matching sweatsuit was our uniform!! #bringbackJuicy Cant wait to watch RHNY tonight. I was glad to see last week we're going for crazy right out of the gate. Loved your cleaning tips! Although you said garage and I had to stop reading. Hahah jk. Happy Wednesday!

  4. Hahahahaha! I love Dorinda! I laughed out loud when you called her your spirit animal!

    1. Hahahaha...I should probably clarify that she is my spirit animal only when she's sober. I'll never forget when she said "Martinis are like breasts. Two are great, three are too many." Hahahaha...she is TV gold.

  5. Track suits...YES MAAM! I may still have a black one I've held onto "just in case". Haha!Simply Tish

  6. This will sound crazy, but if you remove everything from the pantry floor it will make you feel like a rockstar! Yay less clutter 🎉

  7. Girl, that doesn’t sound crazy at all! I’d love to have all that off the floor but I have nowhere for it to go. 😩 I need a bigger pantry!


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