Monday, April 30, 2018


Happy Monday, friends!

I hope you all had a great weekend!  We have had sunshine and warm temps here in Mckinney over the past few days and that is perfect BASEBALL weather!

Which is a good thing since all we did this weekend was play ball.

The tournament officially started for Matthew's team on Thursday night.  (They lost.)  And then Saturday morning started with Mason's team at 8am, Matthew's team at 9:30 and Mason again at 12:30.  All on different fields and different parks.  

Thankfully, Craig's camp this weekend was here in town so he was able to be at all the games on Saturday.

This was a tough tournament for everyone because select and tournament teams were able to compete against rec teams like theirs.  So we didn't exactly win a lot but these boys fought hard and gave it all they had.

Matthew was asked to step in and catch for one game and although it is most definitely not his favorite, he will always be a "yes sir" kind of kid.

Dad was so proud his boy!

And then there's Mason who was just waiting for the concession stand to make some hot dogs.  
At 9:30am.

Love this little dude.  All he thinks about is baseball, Minecraft and food.  Seriously.

Matthew did great catching and looked like a teenager!  He'll be 10 on the 19th and I'm so sad we're already into double digits.

His coach took a few pictures when they were warming up and be still my heart...

He also pitched and looked more confident that I've ever seen him look out there on the mound.  I am so proud of that boy.

During one at bat, he was hit pretty hard by a pitch on his back.  I was recording when it happened and you can hear me gasp so loud and then mutter something about hitting my baby.  haha.

After the game, we had just enough time to sit down for lunch at a little Mexican restaurant near the field before Mason's next one.  We took the opportunity to check out his battle wounds.

That's his left shoulder blade.  He's going to have a nice little bruise!

After lunch, we drove to our next ballpark and Matthew was happy to find a cool climbing tree.

It was a HOT game but these boys pulled out the win against a really good team.

Coach rewarded them with ice cream at Dairy Queen. 

Mason ended up spending the night at a teammates house Saturday night and Craig went to meet up with some of the football coaches that were in town for the camp the next day.  So Matthew and I watched TV in my bed until we were both ready to call it a night.  

We had two games on Sunday and since Craig had to go to his camp, it was just me handling the boys.  Mason's game was at another new (to us) park out at 12 and then Matthew played at 3 at a park about 30 minutes away.

We had just enough time to run through Wendy's for some lunch and y'all, I got their new Southwest Avocado Chicken Salad and it was SO GOOD.  Chicken, lettuce, cheese, bacon, guac, tomatoes and some kind of spicy ranch. Mmmmm.  You should try it.

I should have snapped a picture when it was all pretty before I made a big mess of it but you get the idea.

Matthew's game was a HOT one and there was no concession stand or playground to entertain Mason.  #theboywhocantsitstill

He did think he was pretty funny sitting like this though.

When we were sitting there, Mason mentioned his wrist was hurting him during the game.  He'd mentioned it to me the day before but this time I started to pay a little more attention.  

On Friday, he was riding a friend's scooter down a hill way too fast from what I can tell.  He hit a crack in the pavement and fell off, landing on his arm and scratching himself all up.

Mason is a walking scab most of the time.  He's always got a ton of them in different stages of healing.  When he told me he fell on Friday he didn't mention his arm hurting. Just his scrapes.  But after his game on Saturday morning, he started crying and said he couldn't hit the ball hard because it hurt when the ball connected with the bat.

He pointed out where it was hurting and it did look a tad swollen.  But he could move it all around and he said it didn't hurt when he was just standing there so we just figured it was probably bruised.

But Sunday after the game he mentioned it again and I think we may have to get some x-rays.  I think at most it would be a hairline fracture.  Mason is completely against the idea of going to get it checked though.  He knows if it's broken that means no baseball for a while and to this 8-year-old that would be torture.

Matthew's final game ended in a tie.  So basically they finished tied for last place with that other team.  ;)

But they played hard, learned a LOT and got so much better with each game.  Plus they had fun and that is always always what's it's all about.  At this age anyway. ;)

After the game, we ran by their favorite sno-cone place for some cool treats since we were all pretty sweaty and gross.

When we got home, I flopped down face first onto my bed and stayed there for a good 30 minutes before I forced myself to get up and start on laundry, dishes, and getting groceries ordered for the next day.  I need an extra day in there to get all these things done!

Today, Mason has talent show tryouts after school.  He's in a dance group with about 8 other boys and they are the cutest thing to hit 2nd grade.  They did a dance number last year too and they were so funny!  I can't wait to watch this.

I'll be back this week with my April Book Review and possibly another post in my Rewind Series!

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Happy Monday!

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  1. Whew! That was a lot of baseball but I’m sure you loved watching every single bit! :)

  2. Um, that salad looks so good!! I was going to comment on your cute boys, but now, I can't stop thinking about the salad! Hahaha!

  3. Someday you'll miss all these baseball games! But I'm with you in the thick of it right now and it's exhausting to us Mamas! Ha! If you have a tip on keeping the pants white, PLEASE pass that along! I'm in the point during the season where I'm starting to let that go and just be happy to have them clean before the next game! ;) Have a great Monday, Amanda! Simply Tish

  4. What a fun weekend! I love how it was spent at the baseball fields with your boys!

  5. Awe! I miss the ballpark days! Now, I just spend all my time on a golf course! HA

  6. Boymom life is the best! And yikes, hope his arm isn't more than a good bruise :(


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