Friday, September 21, 2018


Happy Friday, friends!  We're looking forward to a nice rainy weekend around here and I'm not mad about it.  Bring on the cozy!

Today I'm back with Friday Favorites and this first one had me laughing out loud.

I swear, any time I'm in a crummy mood or stressed out, all I need are funny memes and Friends.  Anyone else?

Stupid reality.  ;)

Gah...I love Friends.  And Parks and Rec.  My two favorite comedies EVER.  Nothing else even comes close, in my opinion.  Seriously, girls.  If you've never binge-watched these two shows then you MUST.  You absolutely must.  I am convinced they will make you a happier person.

This next one is a bit random but sometimes I think the more random, the better when it comes to these Favorites.  Right?  Random finds can be the best.

For the past several years, I've been using the same little clip to hold my hair up when I need to section it off to blow dry, curl or straighten it.  And I always think "Man, I really need to get some new clips."  But I never do.  And then my trusty ole clip broke.  :(  So at my latest hair appointment, my stylist was using those smooth silver clips to pin my hair out of the way and it reminded me to go to Amazon (of course) and grab some of my own.

But after some browsing, I ended up going with these.

They came in this 12 pack and I loved the colors.  But the best part was that they had that "alligator claw" thing that grips your hair securely.  My hair is thick and after it's dried and straightened, it's fairly silky.  Which means it can slip out of clips easily.  But these looked like they'd hold my hair well and, bonus, if I lose or break one, I've got replacements.  (And I WILl lose and break some.)

Y'all.  I LOVE these.  There are always those certain (random) products that I stumble upon every once in awhile and end up kicking myself for not having found earlier.  And these are one of them.  (The microfiber washcloths I also rave about all the time are also on that list.)

I clipped up all of my hair just to show you how strong they are.  My hair feels secure when I need it to be out of the way when I'm straightening or blow drying different sections.  And I washed my hair in the morning yesterday and left it clipped up wet like this all day.  I ended up with some really pretty waves which had more to do with the texture of my hair and it's new shorter length than it did the clip.  But the clip held it securely all day.

(And just to clarify.  These aren't a fashion statement you want to make. I was at home working alone all day.  Don't leave home with these in your hair, friends.)

You can find this 12-pack HERE for less than 9 bucks.  Is it weird that these clips are a favorite?

Another random Amazon fave from this week...

I bought this phone charger when it was on Lightning Deal for $9.99 this week.  (If you're in my Daily Deals group you may have seen it!)  I knew this was exactly what I needed for my bathroom.  Especially at night when my phone is dying but I want to watch Netflix or listen to an audiobook while I get ready for bed.  This is PERFECT.  I leave it plugged in at all times and can plug in my phone to charge while I'm watching whatever it is.  (Let's be's almost always Friends.)

It also gives me four more plugs so that I can keep my Clarisonic charging as well as whatever else I may need it for.  And as a bonus, it can also be used as a nightlight that can come on automatically when it's dark or can be used with the on/off switch.

The charger doesn't come with any phone cords though so you'll either need to use your regular charger cord or do what I did and grab this little two pack of short ones.  I keep one plugged into this charger at all times and the other plugged into my laptop.

It's the little things that make life easier and I'm all for anything practical.

Find the charger HERE and the cords HERE.

I bought these Kate Spade studs recently and had to show you!  I am a huge fan of Kate Spade studs.  I have a ton of them but these were on sale for 40% off the other day so I grabbed a couple of them.  (You should totally join my FB group if you haven't yet so you won't miss all these deals!)

I actually have these multicolored glitter studs but in the original size (like above).  But the mini ones were on sale and since these go with so many things and I wear them all the time, I thought I might gift them at Christmas.  I love the size of the minis.

For the record, THESE are also my favorite studs.  I wear them more than any other stud.  And they are amazing in all colors.

And finally, because is awesome and I love it and so should you, here are my favorite current picks.  Remember that all deals only last 48 hours and some of these have already been up for at least 24 so if you see something you like, grab it now!

This lace trim cardigan comes in 7 colors and is easy, trendy and feminine.

Personalized superhero capes for just $9.99.  My boys still have the ones they had as toddlers!

And I love this cute ruffle sleeve top!  Comes in 3 colors and just $19.99.

And since I don't want to keep you here forever here are some other great deal pages you might want to check out!

Shop all of the deals on Jane HERE.
All the Daily Deals (including Lightning Deals) on Amazon HERE.
And find all of Amazon's current coupons HERE.  
Nordstrom Sales HERE.
Target Deals HERE.

Also, I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for all the awesome tips and opinions you guys gave me yesterday on the Disney rides!  I have officially asked opinions from everyone to my planners, my friends, my family, you guys and YouTube.  I feel prepared to make this life-changing decision.  hahahaha 

Honestly, I'm most likely over-thinking things but I tend to do that when I want everything to go as smoothly as possible.  It definitely helped me finally make some decisions on what I think may be best for the boys.  And it's fun to hear everyone's little tips and tricks they've picked up along the way!

If you missed the post, I updated it to include where we are staying (Cars family suite in The Art of Animation), when we are going (we arrive Thanksgiving day), and if we've done our dining reservations (yes thanks to our Disney planners!  I was literally clueless.  So helpful to get all that advice and just hand it off to them.)

But that's it for today!  If you liked today's crazy list of favorites, be sure to head to the Facebook group for so much more!  Every day is like a list of Friday Favorites.

As always, linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Lots of fun finds today! I’m hoping for that same cozy weekend. If all sports will be cancelled then let it rain!

  2. Why have I never watched Parks & Rec? Is it on Netflix now??? Annnnnnd that phone charger thing! I need one!!!

    1. Yes girl!! Have you finished Grey's yet? This should be next!

    2. I JUST finished Parks and Rec! SO good. And it's on Netflix. :)

  3. If you like Parks and Rec you should watch The Good Place! It is my favorite show right now and was created by the same person who made Parks and Rec!

    1. Yes! I'm a huge fan of The Good Place! I feel like it's one of those shows they are going to cancel on me at any minute...and if they do, I will cry! It's so funny! Definitely my kind of humor. haha

  4. I love! I spend waaay too much money on there. I got the lace cardigan a few weeks ago and loved it so much that I got my mom one for Christmas when they posted it again this week. So cute to dress up a tshirt!

    1. Me too!!! Good to know about that lace cardigan!

  5. OMG, I want that charger! I just looked and it's double what you paid so now I want to wait, haha! I just requested to be a part of your FB group so I can catch some of these deals. :) Happy weekend!!


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