Thursday, September 13, 2018

Friday Favorites...on Thursday.

Hi, friends!!  I'm back from our Green Bay trip and still working on getting all of our pictures in one place so I can get our recap up! Craig is dragging his feet sending me his so let's all blame him...because he's definitely not reading this.  ;)

Here's a tiny peek of what's to come, though.  We had a great time but let me tell you, it was NOT perfect!

If you've been following along on Instagram or in my Facebook Group, then you've seen these pics (sorry!) AND you know what I'm talking about when I say it wasn't perfect.

So since tomorrow will be the recap instead of my normal Friday Favorites, I'm going to give y'all my favorites today and then link up with my sweet friends Erika, Narci, and Andrea tomorrow.

Here goes!

Since my Facebook Group is all about sharing great deals on everything from clothes to home decor to toys to beauty products, I'm going to choose my favorite deals today.  

Like these Sorel boots.  Yes.Please.

First of all, HOW CUTE?!  And second of all, they are on sale right now for 50% off!  Plus, free shipping!  I have no idea when the sale will end but I do know some sizes are already selling out so GO if you want them!

Ok.  Raise your hand if you need this to organize all your nail polish?!!  I found this on Amazon when it was on Lightning Deal last night but even though the deal is over, it's still totally worth sharing!  This is a great way to store your polishes (up to 48) and hide them away when you don't need them.

This one is also great and is about half the price at only $12.99!  It holds up to 40 bottles!  I'm actually grabbing this one and will be putting it on a shelf that holds all my jewelry organizers.  Gah I love feeling ORGANIZED!!  Even these little things help.

Find it HERE.  I'll be sure and snap a pic of mine when it comes in.

And speaking of organizers, I ADORE my acrylic makeup organizer I bought a few months ago.  I post it in my Daily Deals FB group anytime I find it on sale even the slightest amount because it is that good.  I found this deal last night with an extra 5% off coupon and I have no idea when the deal will end but even without a deal, it's TOTALLY WORTH IT!  

Mine is slightly larger and you can find it HERE.  But the one above is amazing as well!  Just depends on how much you need to store.

Since Amazon is my the greatest thing ever for my crazy impatience, I was looking for some fall decor and found these gorgeous mercury glass pumpkins that light up!  How pretty!!

I just LOVE them!  How pretty would they be on a kitchen counter as a pretty little nightlight every night? They are battery operated with an on/off/timer switch which I also appreciate.  These are a great addition to your fall decor that will last for years!!

Find them HERE.

I also found these cute Halloween "Boo" signs that can be hung on a door or a wall.  I don't decorate much for Halloween but if I do, I stick to inexpensive little pieces like this that enhance my fall decor.

Cute, right?!

Speaking of fall decor, if you're looking for an easy and cheap way to transition your living room into more fall/winter colors, grab some of these pillow covers!  You can get 2 for $9.99 and black/white go with ANYTHING!  Pair them with orange accents in the fall and red/green for Christmas!  And then in the spring/summer, they look amazing with basically any color.

On Tuesday, I announced the winner of my Facebook Giveaway! Did you enter?!  We will have another giveaway once we hit 2,000 members so be sure to add your other deal-loving friends!

The giveaway was for one of these Baerefoot Dreams throw blankets and I shared a few pics of mine.  It's been rainy here all week so it's been perfect to wrap around me while I'm working (in the air conditioning).  Haha!

I cannot stress enough how perfect these blankets are, y'all!  I wish you could reach through this screen and feel them.  Find them HERE for 50% off! I don't know if they'll last until Christmas but they are the perfect Christmas gift for moms, mothers-in-law, sisters, or anyone that you really, really love!  ;)  So grab them now while you can before they sell out!

It's like a little piece of heaven.

And I've got one more great Barefoot Dreams deal for you!  A sweet member of the FB group let me know that the hooded cardigans that are so crazy popular are on sale for 50% off right now!!!  That NEVER happens!  So if you've been putting off getting something from BD because it's too expensive, now is your chance!  They even have an option for 5 installments of just $13.99!  Lots of colors available!

These are every bit as soft and comfy as the blankets and will be your best friend all season long.  Seriously.  Find them HERE.

For all my other favorites, head to the FB group, friends!  So many of the deals that I post are very short-lived!  So it's hard to post them here because they'll be gone so quickly. 

So many of my deals come from Jane.  I am a Jane Junkie.  Seriously.  But I've had a few questions lately about their site and if they are "legit" or not so I wanted to put everyone's minds at ease!

I have been ordering from since 2016.  I've placed over 50 orders with them (I went back and counted) and not once have I had an issue.  Jane vets their sellers very well and has a policy that says they will always make it right if you aren't satisfied. So if you've been hesitant to order from there because you think the deal is just too good to be true, don't worry!  Obviously, check the reviews from that listing because every seller is different on Jane.  And be sure to read the listing details.  But don't be scared!  I've been a happy customer for years now.

And speaking of Jane, here are a few of my current favorites but remember that all deals only last for 48 hours and they are gone!  So if you add it to your cart, don't forget to check out!

These stuffed animal bean bags are genius.  My boys have approximately 832 stuffed animals and they are always EVERYWHERE.  They will each be getting one of these.  Three colors available and only $15.99!  

And ohhhhhh these earrings!!  Y'all know I love all my leather earrings but do you see those red/black buffalo plaid earrings?!  Oh yes!  And only $7.99!  How cute are these for fall/winter?!  So easy to pair with a solid black top and jeans.  And if the buffalo plaid isn't your style, there are 40 others to choose from.  So take your pick.  :)

Other faves...

This sweatshirt!  Cute, comfy, cozy,'s a theme in my wardrobe.  These come in 4 colors and I grabbed the yellow in a medium.

I'll post these in the FB group if I ever see them on Jane again!  Lots of things come back to Jane over and over again.

And these aren't from Jane but are my favorite booties this season.  They are currently 60% off in all three colors!  Sizes are selling out though so run!!

I'll be adding new deals from today in the group so for all those favorites head HERE and come shop with us!!  You never know what fun deal might pop up!

Our Green Bay trip recap can be found HERE (starting tomorrow morning) and it was definitely my #1 Favorite of the week!

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  1. Thanks for all the deal ideas - I love your fb group.

  2. Love the mercury pumpkins! Shopping on Amazon Prime is so easy and dangerous for me! ;)

  3. I love those blankets. I splurged and got one for my bed!! Amazon Prime and are so great!

  4. I ADORE the makeup organizers!

  5. I love Jane. You can find the neatest gift ideas from there as well. I am also a huge Amazon shopper as well. Happy Friday!


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