Monday, September 17, 2018

Random Roundup.

Hey hey!

Sometimes we just need to hear it, right?

Well, it's Monday again and I personally have a love/hate relationship with this day of the week.  I love it because of all the peace and quiet I get after a weekend full of crazy boys running in and out and all through my house...and the wake of destruction they leave.  Not to mention all the noise from Craig and his hacking cough that I gave him...oops.  #mybad

So the stillness that comes with having everyone else at school and work for 8 hours is welcome.  But of course, with the start of a new week comes all the chaos of homework, games, practices, dinners, and of course, WORK.  Boo.

And yes, I've said it before and I'll say it again.  I love the job that I have created for myself.  But that doesn't mean I wouldn't also love to just wake up every morning and do whatever I wanted to do with those 8 hours of solitude.  Let's be real here, people.  ;)

I haven't done a photo dump in awhile so I decided that today would be an excellent day to go through my phone and show you what we've been up to lately.

Get ready for all the randomness.

Of course, we've got baseball pics because that is our life.

Mason wanted to take a picture of his bubble.  (See it?)

A couple of weeks ago, Craig's truck--his BABY--died.  It was a Lincoln Mark LT and when it died, it had over 200,000 miles on it.  It was his only big splurge when he signed with Buffalo after 4 years with Green Bay other than our Buffalo house.  He loved that truck and would have driven it around for another 100,000 miles if he could.  So he was not happy.  

But he needed a new truck and y'all, his taste in trucks is so much different than it was in 2005.  Now, all he wants is something basic that can get him to work and to the golf course, hold his golf clubs and sports equipment and is big enough for a family of 4.  And that's it.

We found a "new to you" truck that he really liked and drove into Dallas to pick it up after Mason's game.  It dents, scratches, miles...  Craig is a pretty simple guy so it's exactly what he was looking for.  

After we got it, we stopped to eat at Pappadeaux's.

Later that afternoon, this happened.  Oh the forts.  Anyone else deal with forts all.the.time?? This was the scene upstairs in the space between the boys' rooms and our media room. They had pulled out every blanket, sheet, box, chair, laundry basket, stepstool and more in order to create this masterpiece.

But they were so proud of it!  They had a lamp set up inside of it and each one had "bed".

And then the next day, they made it even cooler.  They used their tunnel, that we got at our Gymboree classes when they were maybe 1 and 3, as the only entry into the fort. So you had to go through the tunnel, through the fort to get to the media room.  Not ideal for mom but super fun for them. ;)

I let them sleep in it all weekend and then it was time to come down.

That weekend I also got to meet up with my besties for a fun dinner out!  We try our best to get together at least once every 4-6 weeks or so.  That night, we decided to try out Mesero at Legacy West in Plano.  Everything down there is all new and trendy and just gives all the good vibes.

We enjoyed our typical 3-hour dinner and then took pics in front of the pretty fountain.

That's Pam on the left and Dani in the middle.  Aren't they the cutest?!  We met when my our kids were all in the same 2s class in preschool and even though none of our kids go tot he same school anymore, we are bonded forever.  

Pam's a hotshot realtor with her own company and we love hearing about all the multimillion-dollar homes she sells.  She is a total BOSS BABE.  And Dani is the most amazing elementary school teacher.  I've never seen a teacher more dedicated to her students.  EVER.  Hands-down.  Both are so genuine, so loyal, so fun and they know all my secrets.  ;)

And the next day, we were back to this.  I love this. Although, I have to remind everyone to keep their bikes out of the driveway and in the grass because it drives Craig crazy to come home after work and not be able to get in the garage.  I'm in the process of making a "bike parking" sign for the front yard.

Then there's more baseball...  Look how cute my Mattie looks!  He's turning into a little tweenager right before my eyes and I am not happy about it.


Another random pic I found on my phone??  My full-size Drunk Elephant products!  I bought the "Littles" the other day and reviewed them a couple of weeks ago.  (If you missed it, you can find that review here.  It's a good one!!)  

Sephora had a 10% off sale the other day so I stocked up on some of my favorite products that I fell in love with in the Littles pack.  For the record, I still have product left in those littles!  They've lasted me for awhile!!  That is definitely the place to start if you want to try a lot of the products for several weeks before you grab a full-size.

I opted for the T.L.C. Night Serum, the face wash that I ran out of first and then decided I had to have more of and the B-Hydra serum that I mix with my morning and night serums.  I'm also going to get more of the all the other products in that Littles pack as soon as I run out.

Switching directions...

These cute cups were on my phone! I have as many cup photos as I do kid photos, I swear.  haha  #etsygirlproblems

You can find them here as well as all my other drinkware and wood signs! 

This next one went to one of my other favorite McKinney mamas.  ;)

These are sold out with my supplier in almost every color right now which means I can't order more until the supplier gets more in!  I have several in most colors available in my shop right now but once they sell out in the shop, it may be mid-October before I get more.

Last weekend, my parents came into town to watch the boys while we were in Green Bay.  Coincidentally, it was also Grandparents Lunch at school while they were there so they sent pictures!  My parents live 2.5 hours away so this was a big deal for the boys.  They don't typically get grandparents on this day.

Look at that smile!  5th graders are still cool with having their grandparents bring them Chick-fil-a and eat with them in the cafeteria.  

He's wearing his "Happy Feet" running club necklace in case you're wondering.  ;)

Matthew's grandparent's lunch was Friday but Mason's wasn't until Monday.

More pics from the weekend where it rained the whole time we were gone.

Riding your bike in the rain is the best when you're an 8-year-old boy.

There was some ping-pong action too.

And more bike-riding.  (How big does he look here?!  Nooooooo!!!)

And then on Monday, my mom went to school for Mason's grandparents lunch.  My dad was still sick from that stupid stomach bug that is slowly conquering all of Mckinney ISD. 

When we got back from our trip, it was business as usual.  Boys, boys, boys.

Mason was trying to build a fort between the two chairs. #ofcoursehewas

More baseball.  My little pitcher.

And Mason had a game scheduled right after Matthew's but a storm rolled in and within a few minutes, all games had been cancelled.  But we got a few awesome pics before we ran (literally) out of there!

And finally, we've got this weekend.  Mason is addicted to Prodigy on the computer.  He loves to use my laptop.  In my bed.

Later in the day, we met up his buddies at the Obstacle Warrior place around the corner from our house.  This place wears them out!

And yesterday, the boys and I went to church while Craig stayed home with his gross cough.  I mean, that's not fun for anyone.  And no one wants to be around it. It's ok to stay home.

While Mason was at practice, later that afternoon, I snapped a pic of my sweet Abby napping next to Craig.

And then Matthew wanted to sneak up behind her to get a picture too but she woke up.  And probably wondered why we thought it was necessary to bother her highnesses' slumber.  ;)

I spent the afternoon slowly decorating for fall because this may be the last free Sunday I have for awhile...and of course, we watched the Packers TIE the Vikings in overtime.  I mean.  A tie is basically a waste of 3 hours.  But, it's better than a loss so I guess we'll take it.

And that was my last picture yesterday!  You're all caught up on our randomness!

See you over in the FB group (for all those Daily Deals!) and on Instagram for who knows what!

Happy Monday, y'all!!



  1. Ugh the tied game - I feel your pain after last Sunday. Signed, a Steelers fan

  2. You guys have had some FUN in the last few weeks!

  3. That was a fun mix of things!! I feel like there is always a fort at my house too :) .

  4. We were packing for a trip this summer and all I asked of my kids was to not make a mess (watch the ipad! eat sugar! anything but trashing the house!) and they made this instead and told me it was a "hotel with coffee" not a fort. :) Totally relate to your post!

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  5. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Go Vikings :)

  6. Your boys are really growing up! My kids used to love to make those tents/forts. Sometimes they still do, even as teens! Have a wonderful weekend!


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