Friday, September 14, 2018


Raise your hand if you're tired of reading the words "Green Bay" on this blog?  Haha!  So sorry if you are.  I'm almost tired of typing them.

But when really fun things happen to us, you can bet that we get excited and will probably talk about it for awhile!  Again...I'm sorry if you're over it.

But y'all. My days are all very much the same.  Mama needs a break.

For example:  Wake up, kids to school, work, work, work, work on Etsy orders from 8ish until around 5 (sometimes later if need be), deal with homework, dinner, dishes, laundry, baseball/football practices and games, showers, bed (for them) and then I crawl into bed with my laptop and order groceries, order supplies and inventory for the shop or work on blog posts until midnight...while I watch Bravo and listen to my husband snore. ;)  I don't have a lot of leisure time.

See why I'm excited to break out of that for a few days and take a little stroll down Memory Lane?  #thegoodoledays

So if you can just stay with me through this last post, I promise we'll be moving on next week.

ALSO, if you are here for Friday Favorites, be sure to check yesterday's post for those!  I went ahead and posted those a day early because this post still wasn't ready. 

When we got an invitation from the Packers to come in for the Packers vs. Bears game and help celebrate 100 Seasons with an alumni weekend, there was no hesitation.  We were there!!

We called my parents, who are newly retired, and asked them if they'd stay with the boys while we were gone and of course, they said yes!  They love their boys.

We've been looking forward to this for awhile and were set to leave Friday morning but on Wednesday afternoon, disaster struck.  Mason came down with a stomach bug that, come to find out, has infected pretty much the WHOLE school in the past two weeks.  I'm not even exaggerating when I say that. I'm actually shocked we haven't been on the news.

The night Mason got sick, so did two of his other friends that he'd been playing with that afternoon.  This thing was so contagious and I'd just spent 24 hours cleaning up after a puking kid.  So I felt like my time was near.  I just really really didn't want to get sick on the plane (can you imagine?!) or be sick for the game. I just felt like it was inevitable!

I did everything I could to prevent it though.  I asked my friends on FB to give me some remedies that might protect me and they gave me all sorts of suggestions.  I ended up downing grape juice all day on Thursday because that was one of the most suggested things (??) and rubbing thieves oil onto the bottoms of my feet before bed.

I also had a major head cold which was completely unrelated to the stomach bug so I was also taking cold meds and Airborne.  I was such a mess.

But Friday came and we were all still standing so Craig and I got the boys off to school and then headed to the airport.  And I was on full alert in the germ department.  I wasn't touching anything I didn't have to.

We had a little wait before our flight took off so we grabbed breakfast.  My hand sanitizer made me feel a little better although I read that even hand sanitizer can't kill the norovirus ("stomach bug").  Did you know that?!

My taco was yummy though.

Our flight boarded and y'all, it was time to read!  I've been working on finishing this new book, An Anonymous Girl, written by the authors of The Wife Between Us for over a month now but I don't get to sit and read a lot.  So this was a treat.  And this book is getting good!!!  I wonder how long it will take me to actually finish it though.  haha.  It's an Advanced Copy and won't be out until January which means there's no audiobook yet.  #crap  If there was, I would have finished it in two days.

When we got to the hotel, we changed quickly and got ready for the first event of the weekend.

Every year, the Packers host The Green & Gold Gala which raises money for Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin.  

We arrived just as the sun was setting behind Lambeau Field.

The Gala was held in the Atrium at Lambeau.  Everything looked so pretty!

Before they served dinner, they announced all the alumni in attendance.  The flashed a quick picture of each player up on the big screen.  Craig hates this picture.  He said he has a Dumb & Dumber haircut.  haha

 This was the 30th anniversary of the Gala and they ended up raising over $113,000 in under an hour.  It was impressive.

Also, I love the lady in the picture below giving a giant side-eye to the guy next to her.

I am not a big fan of dressing up.  But every once in a while, it's not so bad.

I found this great dress at Nordstrom that I adore and will probably wear to every wedding and funeral for the next 10 years.  The heels are old and are a random Rack Room Shoes find.  I only go in there when the boys need new shoes and I remember spying these and had to have them.  So comfortable (for heels).

My necklace is sold out and clutch is from my hometown friend, Tamara, who has an Etsy shop and can make you one!  Just message her through Etsy and let her know I sent you!  She does lots of custom things.

We needed the wide angle lens for this next pic.  ;)  It was great to see these guys again!

After dinner and the auction, the band picked up and people started to dance.  And let's face it, that's always fun to watch. ;)

We left soon after because we were exhausted but took the long way out so we could see the stadium at night without a million people around.

The next morning was supposed to be our morning to sleep in and enjoy the day.  Craig was planning on joining the other alumni at the Packers walk-through around 11:30 but that was all that was scheduled until the Steve Miller Band concert and tailgate party that night.

But at 7:30am, Craig came down with the dreaded stomach bug.  (Sweet Lord, he is the LOUDEST puker, by the way.  #blesshisheart)

So yeah.  That was awesome.  I immediately built a giant pillow wall between us and curled myself up on my side of the bed with my face pointing away from his side and PRAYED.  Yes, I felt awful for him but there wasn't really anything I could do to help.  I just kept thinking "Now how do I avoid this myself?!"  I had to use that one bathroom and it was crawling with germs now.  I was freaking out a little to say the least.

I knew the bug was quick.  You were usually fine within 12 hours.  So if anyone were to get it, now was the perfect time.  I knew Craig would miss practice which wasn't a big deal but would probably be ok for the concert and would definitely be fine for the the game the next day.  But what about me?!

I called housekeeping and asked if they could send up a set of clean towels (that I kept in a corner of the room away from Craig), some disinfectant spray and a face mask!  I was not playing around, friends!

I disinfected everything as best I could with the spray but it was a peroxide mixture and I felt like I needed some Lysol.  So I got dressed and got out of there as quickly as possible so Craig could rest and I could escape. I still had a pretty bad cold as well which was starting to turn into a nasty cough.  We were quite the pair.  I decided to hit up Walmart with a list:

I about a romantic weekend getaway!

Craig is still friends with the team doc so we were able to get a prescription of Zofran called in.  So I picked that up too while I was out.  And Craig always requests purple Pedialyte when he's sick so I made sure to get that as well as new toothbrushes and toothpaste for us both because my toothbrush had been sitting out on the counter when he'd gotten sick and ewww.

I also bought more grape juice and some plastic cups because maybe there really is something to the grape juice theory after all!  I figured it couldn't hurt.

When I got back, he was feeling much better but I still didn't want to sit around in that room all day.  I decided to head to Bay Park Mall and see how it had changed.  It was still underwhelming but I did find a cute store called Apricot Lane that an Instagram follower told me about the other day. 

After I returned the second time, Craig was doing much better.  He was eating a little and hadn't thrown up since that morning so things were looking up.  As for me, I was washing my hands every 30 seconds like a doctor preparing for open heart surgery.  No lie.

We decided to go out to the concert for awhile because we needed out of that room and the cool fall air felt amazing.  Craig made sure to only give fist bumps and warn people he'd been sick also.

Tailgate Village wasn't here when we were so it was our first time to see it.  Green Bay does it RIGHT, friends!

We met up with Craig's best friend from his Green Bay days.  Jim used to work security for Brett and the Packers and even though we warned him to not get too close to Craig, he just couldn't help himself.  These two are a mess.  And of course, Jim handed Craig a beer immediately which was the last thing Craig wanted at that point!

It's never dull with these two.

We headed back fairly early though because although Craig was better, he was still getting his energy back.  As for me?  I felt like the Grim Reaper was standing 3" away from at all times just waiting to strike me down.  I just KNEW my turn with that stinkin' virus was coming.

But Sunday morning, we woke up and I was still ok! I was coughing like crazy because of my cold but no bug! No puking! No tummy ache!

 Fingers and toes were crossed at all times and hands were washed like a madwoman anytime I touched anything.  Lysol was being sprayed onto every surface imaginable and prayers were going up that I would be spared! I was looking forward to this game so much. I couldn't imagine being sick and having to stay at the hotel!  Or worse.  Getting sick at the game.

The buses that were taking us all over to the tailgate party and game were leaving at 3:15 and I snapped a pic right as we were walking out.  At Apricot Lane, I found this cute Packers tee, a mustard colored cardigan and super small cross-body bag that was stadium approved.  It also worked perfectly as a cardigan holder.  ;) 

 And before I took this picture, I did think about clearing out all the junk behind me so it would look a little neater but I couldn't risk the germs I might touch.  Our room was a giant mess.  So you're getting the real life version.

This was my first time to wear my new jeans from the NSale and they are hands-down my favorite jeans EVER.  They roll up so cute, they aren't crazy tight, are high-waisted enough without being annoying and I just love the wash and whiskering on them!

They are sold out at Nordstrom but I think I found them here for only $53!  (Disclaimer:  They are both Kut from the Kloth Mia Skinny Toothpick jeans.  I am not 100% sure if they are the exact same wash though.)

It was also my first time wearing my new booties and they are also my new favorites. So if you see me around town this fall, I will most likely look like the above pic from the waist down.

My booties are HERE and are 60% off right now in caramel, black and gray!

And I may have forgotten to mention one of the greatest parts of this weekend.  It felt like FALL.  It was in the high 60s during the day and mid-50s at night and it was wonderful!!  One thing I miss about living up north is that you get all 4 seasons.

On to the game...

The bus dropped us off down the street from the stadium at the official alumni tailgate party.  We ate lunch, caught up with old friends, made new friends and enjoyed the atmosphere.  There is nothing like game day in Green Bay!

We were some of the first in the building so I snapped pics before it got crowded.  I loved this space!

At one point, they called all the alumni together for a group pic and my friend, Sam and I thought we could get one too...  And then we saw this and realized, maybe not.  ;)

Jim had been texting Craig to come meet up with them down the street so we decided to walk over to where they were.

Seriously, the weather was perfection.

I love all these houses they've remodeled across the street from the stadium.  When we were with the Packers, 11 years ago, they were just small, basic houses.  Now, everyone has realized you can turn them into vacation type homes and rent them out!  They've all got super cool backyards and balconies and it's just really neat.  And probably a great investment.

We ended up at this house.  Complete with dueling pianos set up on a stage in the backyard!  (I have videos of some of this on my Instagram and in my "travel" highlights.)

Dueling piano bars are a personal favorite of mine so seeing them set up right in front of the stadium like this was so much fun!

Jim's friend owns this house and showed us the basement.  He purchased a ton of Brett Favre memorabilia when Brett closed his steakhouse in Green Bay a few years ago.

This was one of the things he got.

Craig and Jim thought it'd be funny to take pictures where it looks like Brett's photobombing them and then text it to Brett.  It does look kind of real.

The whole basement was just perfect for poker-loving football fans.  They had a nice poker table with yellow vinyl swivel chairs right in front of the big screen.

We walked back to the stadium to wait on everyone else because the alumni coordinators were going to escort us up to our suites as a group.  While we were waiting, I decided to be #thatgirl and take a pic of my jeans and booties because I was loving the lighting.  Hahaha.  

We watched all the Packer fans carry in the giant American flag that would be unrolled during the National Anthem before the game.

And then we waited under the stadium so we could all be taken upstairs.

Once we were up in the suite, the girls got a picture before settling in to watch the game.

One of the best things about being in a suite at a Packers game is the dessert cart.  I had completely forgotten about this because Craig was never a big name guy and I just sat in the stands with most of the other wives unless it was raining or freezing (and then we'd bum a seat in someone else's suite!).  

I had to snap a couple of pictures of it because you would have thought Santa had just shown up when it arrived.  Everyone was salivating over it.  

At halftime, all the alumni were introduced on the field.  Craig sent me pictures he took while he was down there.

And he even got to give Aaron a quick bro hug (below on the right) as the team was coming back out.

It was such a great game and we had the best time being back in that atmosphere with all that energy and seeing our friends.  I can't wait to go back.  The boys are dying to go to a game so their time is coming.

And speaking of the boys, I got a text from my mom the next morning to tell me that my dad was the latest victim of the stomach bug.  He'd been sick all night.  I felt awful.  The last thing I wanted was for my parents to get sick too after being nice enough to take on the boys for 4 days.

Craig was staying in GB until Wednesday so that he could play in two alumni golf tournaments so I snatched the rest of his Zofran, said a prayer, and headed to the airport Monday afternoon.

Craig was pretty pumped to get to chat with Hall of Famer Jerry Kramer and get a pic.

The trip home was uneventful and when I finally arrived my dad was the first one I saw.  He was feeling much better, thankfully.  But y'all.  I seriously just wanted to go lick a doorknob so I could finally get this bug and be done with it.  I feel like I'm constantly looking over my shoulder, so to speak, waiting for this thing to hit me.  I can't figure out what I've done to avoid it but I have to say I'm wondering if there's really something to this whole grape juice thing.

So that's it!  Again, we had a great time and it was just fun to feel even semi-important for a few days even if I was just tagging along and riding the coattails of my hubby.  ;)

Remember, my official Friday Favorites can be found HERE!  (If you read it yesterday, there may be some replacements since some deals have now expired so jump on over to see the new stuff!)

Happy Friday, friends!



  1. Looks like such a fun weekend! The stomach bug is the WORST and you are totally right, hand sanitizer doesn’t kill it! Neither do Lysol/Clorox wipes (or spray, for that matter, unless the surface stays wet for 10 minutes!) I found some products on Amazon (wipes and spray) that DO kill norovirus and keep our house stocked up at all times! -

    1. Maybe the spray saved me because I had all surfaces DRIPPING and then just walked away! Light switches, counters, doorknobs, the toilet, faucets...anything that could be sprayed, I coated it! Multiple times an hour. hahaha

  2. Katie Stefko7:33 AM

    I never tire of seeing the words Green Bay. :) please continue Packer posts when you are able. :) What a fun weekend and what a great game, right?! #gopackgo :)

  3. How fun! I love that you post stuff like this, but are so down to earth about it. For me, a crazy sports fan, this is like a documentary on how the other half lives and I love it! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anonymous8:04 AM

    I love the Green Bay posts! You don’t come across as Braggy at all. It’s fascinating to hear your perspective! Those are cool events- you should share! And grape juice & oils is what kept you away from stomach virus. Digize is also good, fyi along with activated charcoal!

    1. Thanks for the tip!! Adding those to my list for next time! ;)

  5. I LOVED this post!!! So glad you had a good time. I actually said a prayer for you not to get the bug because I knew you didn't want to miss the game and yes, puking at the game... or on a plane...No way sister!
    Thanks for sharing your Green Bay adventures.

  6. Last winter my kids got this dreaded stomach bug. I was totally the same way thinking I was going to get it. When did it actually hit me?? In the middle of a funeral. Imagine sitting in the front of a PACKED church and getting that wave of sickness. I am so glad you have avoided it! I'll keep this grape juice trick in mind for future!

  7. Wow what a busy and great weekend (minus the evil norovirus)!

  8. Anonymous11:35 AM

    I, for one, have been waiting on the edge of my seat for your Green Bay recap! What a fun weekend, minus the germs! But you forgot the most EXCITING part- the second half comeback by Aaron and the Pack to beat the Bears by one point!!! Go,Pack,Go!

    1. You are so right!! I didn't say much about that but it was such an amazing game! I had some stuff in there about the actual game at one point but edited it down some because it was getting too long and I didn't want to bore everyone to tears. haha Craig got to talk to Aaron for just a second after halftime and I can't comment on what exactly they said but I will say that Aaron was apparently working through some pain when he came back out! So yes, that was a giant comeback! ;)

  9. "go lick a doorknob" hahahahahaha, best line of the day!!

  10. I live in Milwaukee, so I, of course, love your Packer posts! My husband chuckles when I tell him tidbits from the different blogs I read, but he perked up when I told him that one of the bloggers I follow is married to a former Packer. As you know, Wisconsin loves everything about their beloved Packers, and he remembers your Husband from his Packer days. Was your Husband on the team when they did the Packer stock offering? We are proud Packer stock owners...which really does not get us much other than it is fun to say we are stock owners. I am so glad you had such beautiful weather...and the game was amazing! Never underestimate Aaron Rodgers and the Packers! And, btw, I have given some of your sparkly water bottles as gifts, and they are always a hit!

  11. I LOVE your game day outfit! So cute! And while I'm sorry that everyone got so sick, I'm glad it was over quickly and y'all still got to have fun! But "go lick a doorknob" is the funniest thing I've read all morning. Hahaha 😂


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