Friday, November 2, 2018

New Blog Launch | Friday Favorites

Yay for FRIDAY!!  Do we all need it or what?!  Halloween falling in the middle of the week is just the worst.  I always feel like we can't get back on track after that.  Last night, we stayed out late again because Mason had a doubleheader at 6 and 7:45 and Matthew also had a game at 7:45 across town.  We had to divide and conquer and by the time we all got home, everyone was tired, cranky, hungry and in need of showers.

So today I'm only sharing one Favorite with you.

My new Daily Deals blog is finally up and running!  I shared a sneak peek of it yesterday with the members in the Facebook group just to get some feedback and make sure everything was in order and so far, so good!

So here's how it will work.

Every day (or almost every day), there will be a Daily post.  As I find deals, sales, coupon codes, etc and post them to the FB group, I will also be posting them to the new blog.  This means that the blog will be updated multiple times a day but all of the deals will be in one daily post.

I think this will be great for those of you who said you weren't on Facebook but wanted to see the deals but it will also be a quick way to check to see what was posted that day.  Sometimes on Facebook things can get buried quickly and it's hard to see if you missed anything.

Good to know:

LIGHTNING DEALS are only available for a few hours or until they sell out so if you see something you want on LD, then you need to grab it and check out within 15 minutes or it will be removed from your cart and/or you'll no longer see the deal price.

The "DEAL OF THE DAY" deals on Amazon are only good for 24 hours and have a clock on each listing that is constantly counting down.  Many of these items will sell out at the deal price before the time is up as well so again, act fast if you want it!

JANE deals are up for 72 hours and things go FAST!  They only have a limited supply so grab your size and color quickly and check out fast.  Putting them in your cart doesn't hold them and since every seller ships separately, there is no advantage to doing ALL of your shopping before you check out.  Does that make sense?  I've lost out on some good stuff after adding it to my cart and then forgetting it was there until it was too late.

And that's really about it!  I've got some errands to run this morning but once I get back, I'll start posting but in the meantime, be sure to check out my Welcome post HERE and scroll through all of yesterday's finds as well.

And don't forget to join us in the Facebook Group for even more of the good stuff!  Please feel free to share the new blog and/or the Facebook Group with your friends!  

I really hope this helps with the upcoming holiday season shopping that has to be done!  And thank you so much to all of the sweet members over in the group!  I am loving this new side gig and hearing that you ladies are loving the group has definitely kept me going when sometimes I start to worry that it's all just too much to deal with.  So THANK YOU!

Now go say hi over HERE!  ;)  

HAPPY WEEKEND, FRIENDS!  I'll be back with my October Book Review next week!



  1. Have a beautiful day.

  2. This is super cool, Amanda!!

  3. So exciting and I can't wait to follow along!


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