Monday, November 12, 2018

The Monday Morning Mashup.

And we're back to Monday! It always comes back around so quick.  

I am soooooo not a morning person but every single year becoming one is one of my (ridiculous) New Year's resolutions that I know I'll be all gung-ho about for a month or so and then it'll slowly fade away, never to be thought of again.  It's just not ME.  No matter how hard I try, I will never like mornings or be able to pop up and start my day super early unless I absolutely have to.  But even so, I'm no quitter.  So until next year... ;)

Now THIS is me:

We all deal with Monday mornings in different ways.

This is true, especially on Mondays!  We had a pretty jam-packed weekend and I haven't had much downtime at all.  All of the stuff from this weekend came right after a very busy week which didn't help either.  

Last week, Craig's parents came to town for a few days, we went to the movies with Mimi on Wednesday night, the boys finished up their regular season baseball games with a doubleheader on Thursday night and I worked all day and night to get the rest of that week's orders sent out by Saturday morning.

This is what my entryway looks like way more often than I care to admit.  Boxes and boxes of cups, tumblers and more bottles for the shop.  Unpacking all of this takes a while and while it's necessary to do in order to stay somewhat organized, it takes TIME and it always puts me behind.

I knew I had to get all my orders completely ready to go before I went to bed on Friday night because Saturday was going to be so busy.

Here's a peek at some of the ones that I was working on.

I need to do better at remembering to take pictures of orders but I'm glad I snapped a few of these.  So cute, right?!  

As a reminder, the shop is currently CLOSED while I finish off all the current orders and then head to Disney for Thanksgiving!  It'll reopen (I think) on November 21st(ish) and orders will start shipping by the 29th.  I'm definitely sacrificing my most lucrative season for this Disney trip but I'm sure it'll be totally worth it!  We can't wait!

 But back to our weekend.

Saturday started EARLY.  My alarm went off at 6am (which is basically torture for this night owl) and after hitting snooze a few times, I was out of bed and getting bundled up for a chilly morning at the Manda Strong Foundation 5K and Fun Run!  So at least it was for a really good and FUN cause!

We were all bundled up in 30-degree weather!  It was COLD but such a gorgeous morning.  And in case anyone's confused, I was there as a volunteer.  Not a runner.  ;) #thosesomedaygoals #ha

I was with Andrea (and GG!) at a water station and it's always nothing but smiles and sweetness with those two!  We had music, pom poms, a gorgeous location, and water to pump those runners up.  And a little later, Jeni came over to hang with us.  So we also had a supermodel.  ;) 

(Are they not the cutest?!)

After the race, I booked it over to Matthew's baseball game.  Both boys were in the end-of-the-season tournament this weekend and had games on Saturday.  Since I got there late, Mason and I ended up with seats in the shade which was not conducive to that cold weather!  We froze.

How old does he look in this next picture?!  Nooooo!!!  OMG he's so cute though!  #sobiased


Matthew's team lost which meant their season was over.  Sad they lost but happy to have a little more of our life back for a little bit!

After we all got home, Craig and I talked about my messed up phone (shattered screen, super slow, was time) and decided now was as good a time as any to fix this problem so that I would stop complaining about it all the time.  ;)  

Before I left to phone hunt, Mason came running up to show me that he'd made friends with another lizard.  (His first friend was at Mimi's before our beach trip this summer.  We should just call him the lizard whisperer.)

Mason had a game at 3:30 but he had also been invited to a birthday party around the corner from the house. He got to go to the party for about 45 minutes before Craig had to pick him up and whisk him off to the ballpark.  Apparently, it was one of those petting zoo type parties with reptiles because he told me "All I got to do was hold a snake!".  What?!  What else did he WANT to do?!

I got to the game right as it started and although Mason did a great job pitching, it wasn't enough to get that W.  The Legends lost their game and that officially ended baseball season for us until the spring.  :(

While they were having a little team talk, I was eager to try out that new camera on this phone though!  Portrait mode is LEGIT!

We love this team so much!!  We are so sad to see it end but we had a great season!

I spent Saturday night working on a sign for the next day's Coffeehouse at church (raffle prize) and even went to bed EARLY!  (Like 11pm.  That's pretty early for me.)

We woke up Sunday morning, got ready for church and headed out!  I forgot this Sunday was "Sundae Sunday" which meant all the kids' Sunday School classes were treated with ice cream sundaes!  The boys were SUPER pumped about this little treat but after topping their ice cream with candy, cookies and whipped cream that sugar surge was definitely kicking in!  Both boys were running around like crazies after we got them from Sunday School and before we headed to "big church".  (Do y'all call it big church or is that a small town Texas thing?  I've always called it that.)

There's a video of this in my IG stories.  These kids were on that sugar high and I just left them to it.

After church, we let Mason pick where we wanted to eat and one of his favorite places is Chilis (he loves that queso) so that's where we went.  After we ate, Matthew had my phone and was taking selfies with Craig (and they are so unflattering I won't even post them...hahaha) but they took what could have been such a sweet pic of Mason and me...but of course, an 8-year-old boy doesn't know how to take a normal picture so we ended up with this.


But that Portrait Mode on the new phone again...YES!  I am not a super tech-y person so I was thinking of just upgrading to the 8+ (from a 6+).  And then I saw that the Xr was only $50 more and the camera was a lot better. So that's what I went with. So happy I did!  I love new phones.  Now I just have to keep it safe until my new Loopy case arrives!  (I am a DIE.HARD. Loopy fan.  I can't imagine ever going back to anything else.)  Use the code GETLOOPY for 15% off!  (Not an #ad.  Not #sponsored.  Not even an #affiliate.  It's just the code I always use.)

We got home from Chilis around 1:30, changed clothes and around 2:15 I headed back to my workroom to finish up my sign for the raffle that night.  I worked until 3:45 on orders for this week and then had to close it down to get ready for football.

Mason had the first game of his end-of-season football tournament at 4:20.  They played so well but it just wasn't enough.

Craig and Andrew coached the offense and defense, respectively and they made a great team.  The boys improved so much this year and had a lot of fun.

And these two cuties (Asher and Mason) are BFFs and I can totally see them 10 years from now in their high school football uniforms, standing side by side and looking just as innocent---but most likely not being as innocent...  (Heaven help me). 

(Photobomb by Coach Andrew!)

After the game, I ran home to finish off the sign I made, help Matthew finish his homework and run up to the church for the Women's Coffeehouse!  I just love these nights with these girls!  And our music minister's wife, Hollye, gave her testimony, along with her sweet mama, and it was just so so so good.  They both did such a great job.

I got home around 9 and the boys were actually showered, fed and ready for bed!  #smallmiracles

This week, Mason starts basketball practice, which he is not all that excited about but he keeps flip-flopping between wanting to play and not wanting to play.  Sorry for him, but he's officially on the team now and there's no quitting mid-season.  So he's in it.  ;)

Another event I'm looking forward to is an Elf Party!  One of my besties is throwing her second annual Elf Prep Party this week and I'm so excited because #Christmas!!! 

And finally, if I can get all my Etsy orders done this week, you will absolutely find me covered in glitter and garland while I deck out my house for Christmas.  Since we leave on Thanksgiving for Disney and don't get back until the next week, I want it DONE and ready for me when we come back home!  Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year and I want to enjoy it as long as I possibly can.

Don't forget to head over to the FB group and/or my Daily Deals blog today!  New deals are posted live throughout the day so check back often or peek at last week's deals for ideas or in case some sales are still active!

Happy Monday, friends!

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  1. I'm so happy that I got to see you every day this weekend! From Saturday morning to Sunday night, we had lots to do together ;) .

  2. My husband just got the new iphone xr - wow, that camera is incredible. We both took video of our son's choir concert. Mine (on the 6s) looks like it's from 1975, while his is in HD. Have a great week!

  3. Looks like a full weekend!!! I am so with you-I have to deck the halls because I am so afraid of not getting THE FULL excitement of twinkle lights for long enough :)


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