Friday, November 16, 2018


You guys!! One week from today we will be in Disney World!!! I can hardly stand it!!

This has been my life lately.

Walt Disney World or bust!

On a normal day, I've got 50,000 different things running through my mind at any given moment.  Kids, husband, school, dinners, groceries, laundry, church, Etsy messages, Etsy orders, Etsy supplies and inventory, this blog, the new Daily Deals FB group, the Daily Deals blog, sports stuff, homework, showers, friends, bedtimes, bills...and lately I've added one more to that list. Disney planning, researching, and just general familiarizing myself with things I need to know.

And people wonder why I'm always 5 minutes late to everything.  haha

So today, I'll be trying to finish off the last of my outstanding Etsy orders while simultaneously finding and posting all those great deals on the FB page and Deals blog since early Black Friday deals are already out AND because there will be radio silence from me starting Thanksgiving Day. (At least when it comes to deals.  I'm sure I'll be blowing up my Instagram!)   But when you run a Daily Deals blog, that's not exactly ideal.  But it's our first trip ever to Disney World so it is what it is.  

Sometimes work stuff just has to take a backseat.  (That's so hard for me to do!)

Once I get all the Etsy orders done, I plan on spending my Saturday decorating for Christmas and I am ITCHING to get started on that.  Right now, I've got my bedroom tree up but the rest of my house is still in fall mode.  Time to move it on out!

And speaking of moving, let's get going for today's Friday Favorites!
As always, I'm linking up with Andrea, Narci and Erika so here we go...

I pulled a few of my favorite board game options from this week's deals (and a couple of non-board games) and also some that my own boys have specifically asked for.  Boy gifts are not always the easiest so hopefully, you can get a few ideas from these.

So far, my kids are getting Jenga (Mason specifically asked for it), Square Up (a request from Matthew), that cool Light Up Tracing Pad and the Marble Run.

4. CONNECT 4 SHOTS (Like a mix between beer pong and Connect 4.  Hahahaha)
5. SQUARE UP (super similar game called Rubik's Race HERE)
6. JENGA (less than 9 bucks!)
7. SCIENCE KIT (70+ activities!)
9. MID-SIZE PING PONG TABLE (Perfect for a playroom!)

Y'all know my obsession with Jane and they have been killing it in the gloves and beanies department lately.  You can still find most of these on deal today but remember that all Jane deals only last 72 hours so go fast!  These start at just $8.99!

Find all beanie deals HERE and don't forget about those matching gloves (HERE)!  These make great gift sets for girls of all ages!

I posted this on Instagram but had to include it in today's favorites.  This week was the Book Fair at school and Matthew asked if he could use his own money to buy some books.  He ended up spending WAY more than I thought he was going to but I wasn't upset after I walked into his room at bedtime on Wednesday night and saw this.

He had a notebook and pencil out and was taking NOTES from it!  He won't be in middle school until next year but he clearly wanted to get a head start.  

I am so proud to be this kid's mom.  From being picked to be on the school's Kindness Crew to choosing THIS BOOK to spend his own money on, my mama heart is just bursting.

Middle school, please don't mess up all that sweetness! #notready #babiesdontkeep #hessobig

Another fun deal you can find from this week's deals are these lip smackers!  These make for great stocking stuffers and Amazon has about a million different ones that I didn't even know existed so I definitely recommend shopping them there!

How adorable are those tiny Coke product ones?!  And these are not just for girls.  My kids love chapstick and they totally need it all the time in the winter.  There are even Star Wars themed ones for those guys.

Check them all out HERE.

Last night, my friend Dani, hosted her second annual Elf Prep Party and anytime I'm with my besties, I'm a happy girl.  But I also left the party with a ton of props and ideas for that bleeping elf that will make its appearance so soon.

I'll post more on the party along with some of my favorite Elf on the Shelf ideas next week.

But that's it for THIS blog today!  But head over to the Deals blog now for more favorites, deals, and gift ideas!  I told the girls in my FB group this but the web version of the deals blog is the best way to search out what you're looking for.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "view web version" and then you'll see all the Labels and the Seach Box on the right.  Click a label, like "guy gifts" for example, to bring up all posts that contain gifts for those men.  Or search certain words like "sherpa" or "jewelry", etc.

Black Friday Deals will be starting soon so don't miss it! I'll be posting as much as I possibly can in between all the other things that need to be done before we leave.

We'd love to have you!!

Happy Friday, friends!



  1. Ohhhhh! My kids need that math book!!

  2. For a few more games, my kids love Farkle, Tenzie and also Left-Right-Center. They are all dice games and very easy to play, but prove to be lots of fun!

  3. I'm so excited to head to Disney, too! But I'm not sure a holiday trip was the best timing idea...I feel like my brain never stops right now. SO MUCH GOING ON! But maybe in that Florida sunshine...I won't care!

  4. Amazon has that same book in Science, History and English. My daughter is 5th grade and has Math and Science but I'm getting the other 2 for Christmas for her. She loves History so she will hopefully love that book.

  5. Thank you for all the time you put in to this blog and daily deals! I have been able to pull ideas and I know it's a lot of work on your end so THANK YOU!

  6. I'm so excited for you! We just went to Disney last month and it was my first time. It was everything I dreamed it would be! Make sure you stay at least one night for the fireworks over the castle in Magic Kingdom - I cried! It's just so magical!

  7. I teach kindergarten and as a reward in my classroom I give my kiddos "smellies". I rub the lip smackers over the top of their hands and my students FLIP out for them. Hahaha! I love them too. I love the Amazon pricing. I love that your boy spent his money on that math book. I hope you have the best trip!


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