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Hey girl hey!  I hope you all had a very happy Halloween last night!  It rained cats and dogs all day long yesterday and then finally let up around 6:30...just in time to get our trick-or-treat on!  We were really afraid that storms were going to rain us out this year but we managed to pull off another fun Halloween night!

My kids are getting big so fast so I cherish these childhood memories with them.

On that train of thought, I figured today would be a good time to break out the Rewind Series again and share memories from Halloweens past.  I'm sure I've shared some of these pictures before but I can't help but take my trip down Memory Lane again.

I should warn you that we are not over-the-top Halloween fans so don't expect Pinterest worthy costumes.  I never dress up and my kids always want Party City type costumes. We are definitely #basicandjustfinewiththat. ;)


For Matthew's first Halloween, we wanted him to be comfortable and cute.  So I found him some baby scrubs, slapped a "Matthew J. McStinky, M.D." nametag on him and called it a day.

I still remember being so worried about not getting him to bed on time and how it would throw off his whole sleep schedule that night.  haha  #firsttimemommyproblems

I had JUST figured out how to get this kid to sleep through the night at this point and Mama was TIRED.  So it was really my only concern.  We got our pics, hung out with the Culdesac Crew and then went back inside, turned off all the lights and prayed no trick-or-treaters woke up my baby.  ;)

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In 2009, I was a few months pregnant with Mason and not QUITE as obsessive about bedtimes.  Matthew had a sock monkey in his room that sat on a shelf with some of his favorite books so I went with that theme and turned our sweet 1-year-old into the cutest little sock monkey ever!  #notbiasedatall

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Oh, baby Mason!  Mason was about 6 months old on his first Halloween and we dressed him up as a sweet little tiger cub.  At the time, he had on a helmet for his super flat head so we thought we'd get something that would cover that up.  And for the record, that helmet didn't do jack squat except drain my bank account.  This boy's head is still flat as a pancake.

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At the time, our culdesac was JUMPIN'.  We had 14 kids under the age of 10 in our culdesac including 3 babies that were all born within months of each other.

All we wanted was a picture of the littles!  hahahaha

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I still remember standing there watching this unfold and for just a minute, we all sat there looking at these crying babies and just laughing.  (And then we scooped them up and slobbered all over them with kisses so no worries.)  These cute babies are all 3rd graders now!  Unreal.

And my sweet Matthew.  He was obsessed with Buzz Lightyear.  We would watch that movie 10 times a week.  I say it all the time but I would give ANYTHING to get those days back.


In 2011, we recycled the sock monkey costume for the 18-month-old with no real opinion and turned Matthew into the cutest pilot ever.

This was the best group shot we could manage with a toddler always on the move.

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No pictures, please. ;)

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Sweetest little boys.  I think Matthew was telling Mason the rules to trick-or-treating.  "Mase, you gotta say trick-or-treat and after they give you candy, you have to say thank you or mama will make you stand there until you do."  ;)

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In 2012, we were in full-blown Halloween mode now that we were through the baby phase.

Mason wanted to be Spiderman and Matthew went as Lightning McQueen.

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We even managed a family photo that year!  Miracles happen.

The boys were so happy to find out they had Halloween cards from Mimi and Pawpaw in the mailbox!

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The cards had these little finger puppets in them and Mason loved them!


There were lots of pit stops while we were trick-or-treating that year so that my sugar-lovin' kiddo could sneak some snacks.

And Matthew chose to ride his bike since he was "so fast" on it just like Lightning McQueen. ;)

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Apparently, I failed miserably at taking pics in 2013.  These are the only ones I can find.

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Both boys wanted to be Finn McMissile from Cars 2.  Easy enough!


I was working at a local elementary school as a PE coach this year and I remember being completely exhausted when this picture was taken.  All I wanted was to crawl into bed and get off my feet.

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I can't even tell you what they were that year.  I think I remember them just seeing a costume and thinking it was cool.  Anyone know what those red costumes are supposed to be?!


Matthew was a ninja.

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And Craig had to dress up for a Night Golf game the night before Halloween and he chose Rodney Dangerfield's character in one of his favorite movies, Caddyshack.

This is one of my favorite pictures.  He had to cut the wrists of his costume in order to get it on.  Hahaha. 



The older these kids get, the fewer pictures I can get them to take.  This is the only one I got from 2016.

Matthew is in the werewolf costume and Mason is a ninja of some sort.


And speaking of...I looked everywhere for pictures from last Halloween and this is ALL I TOOK.  And it's not even from Halloween night!  It's at the church's trunk-or-treat several nights before.  I really need to step up my game.


This year, I did a little better...

...but taking pictures in the dark has its challenges.

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We went trick-or-treating with some of our favorite neighborhood friends and when we were worn out, we came back to their house to sort candy and play the "I'll trade you a Baby Ruth for your Skittles" game.

It was a fun night and we were all so thankful that the rain held off.

Now can we start talking about Christmas?! (Not even kidding.)

Find more from my Rewind Series here.

See you back here tomorrow for Friday Favorites!  The new Deals blog will be launching tomorrow morning!  Don't miss it!



  1. Smith had that exact same tiger costume!! How sweet are all of these throwback pics!!!

  2. I love the sock monkey. Never seen it before today.
    Looking forward to the new blog. 🙂

  3. How’d I miss this post yesterday!? So many cute costumes! And I was so very thankful the rain stopped just in time! Craig’s costume cracks me up! That was good!

  4. Such adorable pictures! Your boys are so handsome. The sock monkey costume is super cute!!!!

  5. I feel like we could be best friends! During our early baby years, both Halloween and Fourth of July would freak me out! CAN'T. GET. OFF. SCHEDULE!!!! And I died when I read "jack squat."


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