Monday, November 19, 2018


Ahhh!  We are just 3 full days away from waking up, getting on a plane and heading to the happiest place on earth!!  And I spent every minute of this past weekend being productive so that I could be READY!!  I want to cross as many things as possible off my to-do list so that when we get back, we don't have to stress about anything.  And that started with Christmas decor.

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We (I) flipped the house from fall to Christmas and holy cow, that took up soooo much time.  Craig doesn't understand my need to turn the house in to "Santa's workshop" but I am a Christmas nut.  When my kids grow up and leave me (insert ugly cry), I want them to always think back on Christmas and remember how warm, cozy and festive Mom always made it.  Christmas memories are so special and if I have to fall off a ladder into a Christmas tree or almost break an ankle hauling things up and down the stairs then so be it.  (Hypothetically... 😉)

Image result for decorating christmas meme

I posted this in my Instagram stories on Saturday and said I still had so many giant tubs still in the attic.  My friend, Brittany, told me it gave her anxiety and that she was praying for me.  haha

After working for just a few hours, I sent her this.

Seriously, though, after two days of lugging things up and down and lifting heavy tubs and boxes, I am so stinkin' sore.  My feet hurt, my back hurts, my arms hurt, my calves hurt.  Granted, I don't work out as much as I should (getting back into shape is numero uno on my list...on a very long list) so I shouldn't be surprised I guess but man.  #ouch

Things are still not 100% done.  My Christmas tree lights went out in two different sections which is highly annoying.  I had an extra strand I used for the bottom section but made a run to Home Depot for more for the top.  I know it doesn't look like it but the original tree lights aren't "white".  They are "warm".  So I bought warm.  Ummm no.  After a couple of hours of seeing them on, I started to realize they were a touch off.  And then I took a picture when it got dark and OH EM GEE.  It was ten times worse in the pictures than it was in real life.  Grrrrr.


So embarrassing.  I ran back inside and immediately switched them off.  I promise it looked totally normal in the daylight.  Ugh.  I will figure this out.  Just add it to the list.

The inside is coming along though!

I am obsessed with my front entry table this year!

I know this is not everyone's style of Christmas decor but I love color, whimsy and anything that is FUN.  And possibly bordering on tacky.  ;)  That little Christmas tree has always been "boy" themed with trucks, cars, tractors and sports stuff.  Plus the Sock Monkey because they were both sock monkeys in Halloweens past.

I had a few questions about my mirror too so I went ahead and linked it in my deals blog and in the group last night but you can find it HERE and use the code BONUS for 20% off!  I have it in cream but it comes in several other colors as well.

Can I also brag on myself right now and point out the houseplant that I've kept alive since March?!  The one I got at the same time just bit the dust last week so we had a good run with that one as well.  I've also gone through two fiddle leaf figs but the third is still alive and (mostly) thriving!  #backpatsplease

Here's a sneak peek of what I was working on but believe me when I say it's definitely not all finished.  I'll do a more comprehensive tour when we get back from vacay and everything is done. (Maybe...I feel weird giving tours of my house!  It's really nothing special.)  

It's an odd angle and a terrible picture but you get the idea.  Pictures from this angle always remind me that we really should add crown molding to this builder basic house of ours.  Another thing to add to the list.

I also managed to get quite a few deals posted yesterday morning and again at night.  There are so many hot ones right now and it's seriously like falling down a rabbit hole when you start looking them up.  So join the FB group if you haven't yet or if you aren't a Facebook-er, you can head to the Deals blog to see everything that is posted in the group.  Don't forget that you can subscribe (easiest to do from the desktop version) so that you get a daily email with all of them in one place and you can search for deals you are interested in by using the labels section and the search box.

Yesterday's (awesome) deals are HERE, y'all.  Everything from toys to electronics to women's clothing to home decor.  

Ok, friends! I've got to finish the last 8 Etsy orders today, figure out this Christmas tree nonsense, run to the orthodontist to get him to fix an issue with my retainer (is this really on my list?!), and start checking the list to make sure we have everything we'll need for the trip!  Eeek! Can't wait!

Who knows if I'll be back on this blog this week but I'm crossing my fingers!!  (Y'all probably know by now I only blog when I can or when there's something to actually blog about.  #owningit haha)

BUT I will most definitely be on the OTHER blog all week so check there for all that shopping goodness!!  

Happy Monday, friends!!

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  1. Amanda! Everything looks GORGEOUS!!!

  2. I love your table! That little tree is absolutely adorable. What a fun time you have ahead of you! Happy Thanksgiving week and travel safe!

  3. Amy G. in Virginia10:43 AM

    I love your Christmas style! Maybe because it reminds me of how I decorate! :) Hope your family has a great Thanksgiving and trip!

  4. Your house is adorable! I think once you get the tree lights figured out that window from the outside is a gorgeous display for your tree!

  5. LOVE that front entry table set-up <3

  6. PS. not going to lie, I did laugh out loud at your tree lights :) Only because my tree did the same this year and my lights totally do not match up. I should take a picture of it at night to see if it looks the same. :)


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