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Hello Monday!

I'm back today feeling so much better than I was last Monday, that's for sure!  Week-long head colds are the worst and I finally said a firm "peace out" to mine.  I'm looking forward to being super-productive this week to make up for the last one!

I feel like I'm off to a good start too with a blog post!  We don't see a lot of Monday blog posts around here so already I feel like I'm winning. 😂

I thought I'd make today's post a good ole photo dump and share what we've been up to lately!

Starting with...

Last Saturday (before I got sick), Mason and I headed to Home Depot to get paint for his bedroom.  A really long time ago (I'm talking over a year ago...), I got all inspired to give his room a much-needed makeover.  I wanted the walls to be a light grey but after painting a dozen or more grey swatches on his walls, everything just kept turning out too dark or too blue.  It was so frustrating.

His room doesn't get great light so it's not all bright and airy and Pinterest-worthy.  Plus, he's pretty messy and a bit of a packrat.  (He knows this...he won't mind me saying that.)  So his room is just always kind of a disaster.  Not inspiring at all.  Therefore, I lost my inspiration and told him if he wanted me to finish what I started, he had to show me that he could keep his room picked up and somewhat neat.

Needless to say, that has not happened.  Every time I go in there and see his drawers hanging open, clothes all over the floor, the closet door open and half of the stuff in there spreading out into the room... Ugh.  Doesn't exactly make me want to dive in and spend time and money on making his room nice if he's just going to destroy it day after day.

But he said he's ready to do better and I was in the mood for some DIY, so I just picked one of the colors on the wall and went with it.  (Gray Owl by Sherwin Williams that Home Depot matched for me.)  Just deciding on a color had been the biggest obstacle so it felt good to just make a decision.

We went to HD then drove through Starbucks for some caffeine (for me) and lemonade for him.

Mason was so excited to help paint.  He lasted a lot longer than I thought he would too!  He helped me for at least an hour until I told him it was ok for him to stop and go play.  He took me up on it after 5 more minutes and ran off to his friend's house.

I painted for about 6 hours and when it was finished I realized the ceiling color really needed to be changed too. 😩 That was not something I was prepared to do though so for now, it'll just have to slightly clash.  I've got so many ideas for his room but it's going to be a work-in-progress for some time.  I'll show pictures once it's not embarrassing. ;)

And since we're talking about Mason and about paint, here's my crazy little goofball on Crazy Hair Day at school last week!  This kid loves crazy hair day.  We sprayed it all up before school and by the time he got home, it was almost all back to its normal color!  I think part of him is always hoping it will be permanent. 🤦‍♀️

He just cannot smile like a normal person in any picture.  This boy is not lacking in the personality department that's for sure!

Friday after school, it was rainy and cold so the boys were trapped in the house.  Usually, they have friends over or they go to a friend's house but it was raining so hard that they were stuck with us.  

We haven't done our normal Family Movie Night in a while because of all the baseball so since the rain cancelled our Friday night game, we took advantage.  We introduced the boys to Men in Black (the original) which they thought was hilarious and I thought contained a lot more unnecessary bad language that I remembered. 🤦‍♀️  After MIB, we decided to go ahead and make it a double feature so I picked out The Grinch (the newest one) because we never saw it last year.  Super cute and it got me feeling all kinds of festive.

Saturday all games were rained out still so we had nothing planned.  My cousin, Kaci, and her family had been in Dallas for a doctor's appointment and stopped by the house for a little while to see us.  Mason was at a buddy's house and missed all the fun but Matthew was home and loves getting to see Jude and Maddox!  They are just the sweetest!

After they left, I spent the rest of the day in bed watching Hallmark Christmas movies and working on my laptop.  I was fighting the last of that stupid cold and was so thankful for a full day of no commitments.

Sunday morning though, we were up bright and early for an 8am game across town.  Matthew's team played first and it was so cold and the field was in pretty bad shape because of the rain.  Not ideal conditions.  But this was the end-of-season tournament and postponing it further wasn't really an option.

We won our first game and played again at 12.  This was Craig going over a few things after the game.  It looks like he's preaching, I know, but really he was talking about tagging up on a fly ball, I think. 😂

Cute boys!

This was Mason during their noon game.  I swear I don't know what goes through this kid's head. 😂 He'll do anything for a laugh.

We lost our second game of the tournament and officially ended our fall season.

But Matthew was so excited to have his two best friends on his team this year!

Later, I caught these two brothers being all kinds of cute with each other... 

No idea what exactly they were doing but there were lots of giggles so I'll take it.  

A lot of people ask if my boys fight and honestly, they really never have until this past year or so.  But now, they do argue and fight (nothing very physical) sometimes.  Especially now that Matthew is getting a little more mature...and Mason isn't.  ;)  I'm seeing a lot of "little brother annoying big brother" type stuff which makes me laugh because, I mean, it's a right of passage.  But I also don't like seeing them argue and if it turns physical at all, I put a stop to it immediately.  I don't ever want them to think it's the norm to physically fight your brother.  They are and will be each other's best friends for life (I hope) and throwing punches is not something you forget.  They are both pretty gentle spirits so fighting around here is pretty tame. (Or lame? haha)

After Matthew was done, Mason played.  His game was delayed almost 2 hours because of a game earlier that day running into extra innings.

While they waited, they played games.

And then they pocketed another win!

This win put us in the championship game (tonight) but before we went home, Coach Keith passed out their gold rings for coming in 1st in the league this season.  He also made each boy a tshirt that reflected something about them from the team which I thought was so stinkin' cool.

Mason is a pretty darn good pitcher.  Like really good.  And I'm not saying that just because I'm his mom.  His tshirt said "King" with a backwards K and "Legends Bullpen" underneath.  He put it on the second he got home.  We have been so lucky to be a part of the Legends for so long!  We know we'll have to move on at some point but it will be hard to let them go!

And last but not least...the boys carved their pumpkins this weekend.  They wanted to do it all on their own which was fine with me.  Pumpkin carving is one of my least favorite things to do.

Of course, Mason wanted a puking pumpkin. 

And Matthew went classic.  Kind of. 😂

We sat them in our empty(ish) flower pots next to our door for now which gives me another excuse to avoid dealing with the dead stuff and planting something new for a little bit.  Gardening is also one of my least favorite things to do.

So that's a little bit of lately around here!  See you guys again later this week!


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