Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Happy Holiday Season, friends!  It's technically the holiday season now, right?  We're one day from Halloween (a holiday) and then BAM!  It's NOVEMBER!  And November is the official start of the holiday season for me and I'm guessing for most of you as well.  I mean, I won't go as far as to say Merry Christmas just yet (😂) but goodness knows I'm ITCHING to dive headfirst into one of my red plastic tubs full of glitter and twinkly lights.  I  cannot wait to deck my halls!!

Every year I see and hear debates between the people who are firmly "all things Christmas" the second the clock strikes midnight on November 1st and the ones who don't even think about Christmas until that turkey and dressing are tucked neatly into Tupperware in the fridge on Thanksgiving night.  
Yuppies definitely me
I tend to fall somewhere in the middle on the outside but on the inside--see above. 🎄 Now the older I get, the more I'm starting to care less and less about what is socially acceptable when it comes to what's considered too early or too late. You'll never please everyone and honestly, who the heck cares if someone thinks its too early for you to decorate your own house for Christmas!?  If they don't live there, it's not hurting them.  (And even if they do live there, they can just deal. #ahem #craignall)

All of that to say, YOU DO YOU this year girls and don't let anyone pressure you into waiting until they think it's appropriate or pushing you to decorate before you're ready.  And if you think it's ridiculous that someone is decorating too early or waiting too late, keep it to yourself.  Don't rain on someone else's parade, man.

Image result for be cool don't be all like uncool gif

My neighbor is putting up her Christmas stuff this weekend and I am 100% jealous.  I've got a little more shopping to do (we need a new tree) before I can really start thinking about it but oooohhhh I can't wait!

  But back today's post.  ;)  It's another installment of What's Up Wednesday with Shay and Sheaffer where we answer all sorts of questions about what we've been up to lately and what we're planning next month.  I love seeing what everyone else is up to so if you leave a comment here and you've also blogged WUW, please leave your link and I'll check it out!


Hmmm.  This month has been super messy when it comes to our schedule.  We've been out of town, we've had family in town, it was my birthday, baseball has been in full all thoughts of Keto have flown out the window this month.  I'm still in maintenance mode so this is no biggie and it was a good experiment to see if all the weight would stay off once I started eating "normally" again.  And I'm happy to report that things are all looking just fine!  I've indulged in everything from chips and salsa nights, burgers, fries, pizza, popcorn and candy and even pasta (gasp)!  I think I've learned that if I splurge one night (or weekend), I just reign it back in over the next few days and it all evens out.  

My weight has stayed the same with no big fluctuations which honestly shocks the heck out of me sometimes.  I think maybe my metabolism has been revved up somehow by flipping from low carb to "normal" several times a week.  I don't know.  I just know I haven't been on a full-on Keto diet in over a month and I have not gained back the 22+ pounds I lost in 8 weeks this summer.  

HOWEVER, I am eager to get back to doing Keto though.  Not to lose any more weight but because I just felt better when I was doing it.  My weight may not be fluctuating but my face has broken out more recently than it has in months and I get the carb-y belly bloat that I didn't have when I was in ketosis.  Yuck.  I doubt I'll go full-on Keto again over the next 2 months but I'm definitely going to try to lean back that way as often as I can.

You can find my big Keto guide on how to get started HERE.


Halloween's past!  How cute are my sweet babies?!

This year Matthew (6th grade) has not chosen a costume of any kind and just said he may go as a baseball player or something.  I think our trick-or-treating years may be numbered!  He is going to go with a group of his buddies in the neighborhood which will be the first time ever he hasn't gone with us.  Letting go is HARD.

Mason is still super into it though.  He isn't into homemade or creative costumes though. He prefers to go online and choose one that speaks to him.  haha  Here's what he chose this year...

He's some kind of winter camo soldier guy.  Complete with his football gloves. 😉 (And that's his puking pumpkin next to him.)


JANE!!  Y'all, Jane is my go-to when it comes to adding to my wardrobe.  And they have been KILLIN' IT lately with all their fall stuff.  I hate to even show a lot of these because all Jane deals only last 72 hours so you never know when they'll be back.  (Which is why you should join my Deals FB group so I can give you the heads up!)  But every day there are the absolute cutest things for discounted prices so even if this stuff isn't on the site today, it may be tomorrow AND there are a million other awesome things as well.

(I'm going to go ahead and link to them but there's no telling when the deal will be back.  But you can check because you never know!  The link will either take you to a "notify me when this deal is back" page or the actual live listing.)

Ok, this sweater is the absolute greatest thing ever.  Super soft, not bulky at all, those cute sleeves and that color!!  I paired it with my new Kancan jeans (also a Jane purchase) and my leopard booties that I can't stop wearing.

Unfortunately, as I type this, these jeans (wearing "Style 2") and the sweater are not currently on Jane.  😩 But that doesn't mean they won't be when you read this!  I seriously have no idea when they'll come back so it never hurts to try.  UPDATE:  The jeans showed up again HERE on Jane today!! 

The buffalo plaid earrings are from my Etsy shop!  They are genuine leather but I'm also going to be listing them in the cork on leather in the next day or two as well.

I did find the jeans HERE on Amazon though in limited quantities. I am OBSESSED with Kancan jeans and these are no exception.  I'm not even exaggerating when I say they are my FAVORITE brand of jeans.  I love Jane for me but it's super hard trying to link stuff for you guys!  So if you see these same pictures on here sometime soon, it'll most likely be because it's back on deal!  Apologizing in advance but not really because this stuff is that good and you'll want to know about it.  I promise!

Here's another look at the jeans.  They are lightly distressed on the pockets and toward the bottom.  The fading is super flattering too!  I'm wearing a 5/26 and typically wear a 4 or 27 in other brands.  Although I also have this brand in 27s as well.  The perfect amount of stretch and the perfect length.  5,5", 120lbs.

You can click here for all current Kancan denim deals on Jane.

I also wore this sweater this week and it is the best material!!  It's that almost fuzzy, supersoft, make you want to curl up in it material.  #heaven My color is currently sold out but they also have it in a light grey.  It's longer in the back and matched my wedge sneakers perfectly (in taupe).

Another fun sweater but this one is from Amazon!  It comes in a ton of great colors (both solids and colorblock) and is so soft as well!  I'm wearing a small so I think it's very TTS.  I'm definitely having a moment right now with sweaters.  Remember these from my Green Bay trip?

I'm wearing those same jeans again because I don't lie when I tell you I'm obsessed with something.  😂 And if you need wedge booties that you will want to put on all the time, even when you're walking a parade route (or something), these are THE best.  The comfiest wedge booties you'll find, hands down.  I have them in both tan and black and you will not regret that purchase.  I'm telling you.


If you missed my post from Monday, you can check that out HERE.  It's got a little of what we've been up to lately but as for the whole month, here's a quick rundown.

My birthday was October 5th and we had a fun weekend celebrating that included Six Flags and the Dallas vs Green Bay game here in Dallas.

Then the next weekend, Craig and I left the boys with my parents and headed up to Green Bay because Craig had a couple of alumni appearances plus it was Monday Night football!  It's always so much fun to go back to what was a completely different life.

We've also been wrapping up baseball season!  Mason's team came in first place in the league and both boys played in the end of season tournament this past weekend.  Matthew's team got beat out on Saturday but Mason's team made it to the championship.  We were supposed to play the championship game Monday night but it got rained out and has been raining ever since.  So it's now scheduled for Friday night.  And then he'll be done.

.Matthew's real season is officially over BUT he's playing in his first Middle School Matchup tournament next weekend which is basically when you just sign up and different middle schools in the area play each other.  He's really excited and it should be a nice, fun, relaxing weekend.  No stress, just FUN!


I finished off a ton of new earrings that will be added to my Etsy shop this week!  Everything from buffalo plaid to Christmas plaid to mustard and navy florals.  They are all so dang pretty!!  I can't wait to show you!  For now though, be sure to jump on over to see what is already listed and ready to purchase!

And don't forget about my Christmas signs!  There are a bunch of them but here are a few.

You can find all these and more in the shop HERE.  Thank you all so much for supporting my small business!  I truly appreciate it and love when you leave notes with your orders that say you read here or follow me on Instagram!


Like I said earlier...the holidays!  I've been going through old pictures of my holiday decor to see what I might want to change up this year and it's just so hard not to run out right this minute and max out my credit card. 😂. Here are a couple from last year. Can’t wait to decorate!

I'm also looking forward to Thanksgiving.  I know it doesn't seem like I care at all about that but I do!  I just choose to celebrate Thanksgiving on the actual day and then get back to Christmas stuff. ;) But last year, we spent Thanksgiving in Disney World with our two families which was amazing but usually I host a big family Thanksgiving here.  So I'm excited to get back to that tradition!


I've been failing miserably at my monthly book reviews for the past two months, friends.  But I do have a combined September/October review coming soon!! (You can find all my past reviews HERE.)

As for what I'm watching (and you should be to), my current favorites are 9-1-1, This Is Us, Chicago Fire starting today...all the Christmas movies.  I cannot wait to watch The Family Stone on repeat for the next 2 months.  It may be my favorite Christmas movie ever.


I've added a new component to the blog!  You can now find a "Shop The Blog" tab in the header/menu!  I've been asked about doing something like this a few times when people saw something in my FB group and then couldn't find the post once it got buried on the page.  So this may help.  I'm still working on adding things to it so consider it a work-in-progress. #storyofmylife

And that's it for October!  Have a happy Halloween!!



  1. Your trees look so pretty all decorated for Christmas. I'm ready to enjoy the twinkling lights but not ready to do the work to get them there. hahahaha!

  2. I can't wait to put up my Christmas signs from your shop!!

  3. The Family Stone and Home for the Holidays!!! The BEST "grown-up" holiday (fall holiday) movies. I don't consider these Christmas-y movies.

  4. My son is going trick or treating with his friends for the first time this year and I'm sad too. It seriously goes too fast...


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