Friday, October 11, 2019


I think it's finally happening, friends!  This Texas heat is slowly receding and we are going to be getting some actual FALL weather (or what we consider fall weather) this weekend!  Today the high is 62 (as of the last time I checked) and it will continue to rise a little each day until next Tuesday where it peaks around 87 and then starts to taper back down again.  We'll take it!

Yay for sweater weather! Iรข€™m so glad fall is finally here. #handlettering #brushlettering #adrawingaday #fall

I really wish we could be here to enjoy it...but not that much.  Craig and I are headed to Green Bay on Saturday for the Monday Night game! He's also got some alumni appearances to do while he's there and he loves those.  I've been watching the GB forecast for a while and it was supposed to be in the low 60s while we were there but as the days have gone by, the forecast has gotten colder and colder.  We're now expecting highs in the high 40s and lows in the low 30s.  That's winter weather here in Texas and past the fun "cool crisp fall weather" I've been craving.  But beggars can't be choosers and all that.  It has been the hottest September ever so maybe some cold will be a nice change.  I am definitely ready to break out my sweaters and winter clothes that probably won't see the light of day around here for at least another month.

My parents will be in to take over for us with the boys and I'm so thankful they can step in when we have fun stuff like this to do.  ❤ Thank you, Mom & Dad!!

Today though, it's all about those Friday Favorites!

Since we're talking cold weather, I figured I'd show you a few things I'll be throwing into my suitcase to take to Green Bay.

Starting with this sweatshirt, jeans and wedge sneakers combo.  This sweatshirt is the ultimate in comfort.  It has that classic soft fuzzy sweatshirt material on the inside but is more than just a boring sweatshirt on the outside.  I can't find this exact color on their website anymore but there's a very similar one for just $19.20!!   (Down from $48!).  Same sweatshirt just a different color combo. It is selling out fast though!  Since the price was so low, I decided to grab another one in the solid burgundy color as well.  It hasn't come in yet so I'll show you that when it does.

Looks cute with a little front tuck or left alone.  I'm wearing a medium but could have gone with a small.  I just don't want my sweatshirts to be too clingy.  I prefer comfort over cuteness when it comes down to it. ;)  Especially when I'm freezing.

Love the added slit at the wrist. 

And here's one more angle.

I've been wearing these J.Crew jeans a whole lot lately.  Right now (through 10/11) you can save 40% on them with the code GOBIG!  These are high-quality jeans and you can really tell when you put them on.  They have the perfect amount of stretch but aren't the super thin denim material.  (Which I do love in other jeans but these are just a little thicker.)  These are much more like classic denim without being bulky and are probably my warmest jeans.  They hold my butt up well which I appreciate and hit at the right spot on my ankle.  Highly recommend, especially when they are 40% off!

Wedge sneakers are from Jane and seem to be on there at least once a week in a ton of different colors and slightly different styles (including this one).  Just remember that Jane deals are only 72 hours or until they sell out and the good stuff always sells out!  So if you see something you love, be sure to grab it while you can!  Seriously, 90% of my closet is full of stuff from Jane.

I'm also throwing these two sweaters in although I don't know why I would need both...but I might?!  I got both of these from Jane too.  I've seen them twice and will continue to look out for them to show up over there again but you can also get them on Amazon HERE.

I love these fun sleeves!

I ordered the green in a medium the first time based on reviews but grabbed it in the black and in a small the second time.  The small fits better but the medium is fine too.  Just a little more of an oversized look. I'm thinking of wearing the green one to the game on Monday night.

Two words.  Texture Spray.

I've gotten several DMs about my hair lately (uhhh thank you!!) so I wanted to share one of my favorite new products that I've been using.  I've been hearing beauty bloggers talk about texture spray a lot so when I was on Amazon the other day I did a quick search to see what would pop up and one of the first ones was this Amika un.done volume and texture spray.  I love the Amika purple shampoo to keep my hair from getting dull and brassy so I felt good about trying another product from the brand.  And this did not disappoint!  I LOVE IT!

When I want some volume in my hair this is what I turn to.  And not necessarily volume at the top.  (For that, I flipflop between this lifting foam and this volume spray)  But volume within my hair all over so it's not laying flat against my face.

Image may contain: 3 people, including Amanda Crain Nall, people smiling, people sitting and closeup

I use it after I've dried my hair, curled it and as I'm using my fingers to spread out the curls a bit, I spray it UPWARDS into my hair.  (I read somewhere that it was better to do it that way.  Spray UP!)  It helps create soft volume (nothing heavy or crunchy like hairspray!) and gives it a little bit more of a piece-y textured look.  I haven't been using any hairspray at all and it's really held my curls too which I wasn't expecting!

I bought it in the small travel size at first to see if I liked it or not but finished the bottle yesterday and have already ordered a full size.

Grab it HERE!  It's awesome if this if you're needing soft volume and texture when you curl!

Since we're talking hair, I thought I'd show you this awesome brush I ordered from Amazon!  Maybe I'm late to the game on this one but I always comb out my hair in the shower as I'm rinsing out my conditioner so I never really have to brush tangles out of my wet hair once I get out.  My regular brush glides through fairly easily.  However, I'm really trying to focus on less breakage as much as possible especially since I just had it colored again recently.  So I figured it couldn't hurt!

This brush is one of those things that I am kicking myself for not owning one sooner!  It's is awesome and it just feels so good when I'm using it.

I use it to brush out my wet hair, to comb out my hair in the shower, to detangle my hair when it gets a little tangled when I'm using my regular blowdryer (as opposed to this one--BEST BLOWDRYER EVER, by the way) and I also use it on my dry hair like a regular brush.  It is curved so it molds to your head as you brush and it just feels wonderful.  Ahhhh the little things.

If it's possible to be in love with a brush then I am. ;)

I also grabbed a pack of these silk (satin?) scrunchies to pull my hair back when I'm sleeping.  Hopefully another breakage-prevention technique! (super cheap too)

And since I flashed a pic from last weekend above, did you see my birthday weekend post?!  We had the very best time at the Cowboys/Packers game, an ok time at Six Flags (Ha!  Stupid heat,, crowds and satanic rituals...) and attended a sweet wedding.

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, stadium

There is a very high chance this will be our Christmas card photo this year.  ๐Ÿ˜‚ It's definitely going to be used as a back-up in case I can't get my act together in order to get real pictures taken this year.  Everyone looks normal and green works with Christmas!  I mean...that's just winning.  ;)

Ok, Favorite #6 is a 3-for-1.

Wednesday night, I flew over from Matthew's baseball game in order to meet this fun group for a movie date! We all were dying to see Downton Abbey and even though there were many others invited, not everyone could make it.  (We missed y'all!)

(Jeans / Tee / Flip Flops / Crossbody / Camo Jacket (from Jane--not currently available but join the FB group for updates for when it comes back.  Similar-possibly the same?-HERE)

The movie was so good!! I didn't want to say goodbye to the Crawleys!!  I just love them so much!  I seriously get the tiniest bit depressed when I finish a series I'm fully invested in.  It's like your best friend moving to a different country, right? I mean, maybe that's not the best example but you get it.  Anyway, the movie was fantastic and I've now added "Visit Downton Abbey" to my bucket list.

And did you notice my adorable tee?!  Sarah, over at Dear Doodlez Designs on Etsy made this for me!!  Y'all probably know that all us Mckinney bloggers are pretty proud of our little town.  (Ok, it's not that little but it feels small to us.)  So how fun is this shirt to show our Mckinney pride!?!  

I tried taking a better picture in the mirror and then realized all the writing was backward. ๐Ÿคฆ‍♀️ #duh 

She can do any town you want too! The tees are those amazing Bella Canvas ones (I'm wearing a small in the "vintage black" color.  She's got allll the colors for you to choose from!)

Here are a few more of her cute tees I just had to show you.

My GRACE is Sufficient 2 Cor. 12:9 Christian Faith Bella image 3

CINDY LOU WHO Christmas Long Sleeve Bella Canvas Tshirt image 0

Thou Shall Not Try Me Mood 24:7 Mom Mama Screen Print Bella image 0

That last one cracks me up. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Not only does she do shirts, but how adorable are these Halloween bags!?

FREE monogram  FREE embroidery  Personalized Halloween Trick image 0

Use the code AMANDA for 10% off your order through 10/31!  I love supporting other makers on Etsy so this is so fun for me!  And those city coordinate tees would be the cutest gifts for your local friend group for Christmas!

Check out her shop HERE and find her on Instagram HERE!  Thank you for showing your support in any way to another Etsy mama!  We always appreciate every like, comment or purchase!

And speaking of Etsy shops...have you seen the new addition to mine?!  I added these black and orange leather and cork earrings this week and had to keep a pair for myself!  How perfect are they for Halloween?!  (Or gameday if these are your colors.)

Mattie and I took a picture together before his game because I can only take so many pictures of myself alone.  ๐Ÿ™ˆ (I still feel awkward doing it but I've learned it comes with the blogger territory.)

And speaking of the earrings in my shop, I am going to be changing out the hooks on all of them next week!  I've only been making them for a month or so and have decided a different hook will keep them from flipping to the back as easily and are just cuter. ;)   Unfortunately, this means I've got to redo ALL my pictures (41 different listings counting...) so this is just a heads up that all earrings shipped from now on will have a different hook than the one shown in pictures.  New pics coming by Thursday, I hope.  I'm so excited for the new ones!!  Trust me, you'll love the upgrade!  Message me through Etsy with any questions and find my shop HERE!

I've also got the cutest new Christmas signs coming next week!!  I am so excited to show y'all so be sure to follow me on Instagram @thatinspiredchick (Etsy account) and @amandanall (everything else including our Green Bay fun this weekend)!

And don't forget to join or check the Daily Deals FB group HERE! It's where you'll find all the flash sales, lightning deals on Amazon, price drops on your favorite beauty products and fun finds on everything from clothes to home decor. There may even be a promo code to my Etsy shop just for members today!  ;)

Have the best day, friends!

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