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20 It's My Birthday Memes To Remind Your Friends |

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I'll be 38 and it still seems like a crazy dream to think I'm that old.  I close my eyes and I still see myself at 21.  I seem to just have stopped aging (in my mind) around that time.  I mean honestly, life was pretty dang sweet at 21. ;)  Why would I want to age beyond 21?!

To celebrate, we'll be heading to the Packers/Cowboys game on Sunday with the boys and Uncle Ricky and this will be my kids' very first NFL game.  They are so pumped and I can't think of a better first game for them to see!  Craig and I will be flying to Green Bay NEXT weekend for the Monday night game up there but unfortunately, the boys can't come to that one.  But we both can't wait to show them Lambeau someday!

So today, in honor of my 38th year on this earth, I thought I'd share a few more random thoughts and facts about myself.  Because those are always fun, right?! If you've missed my other posts with randomness about myself you can see those HERE and HERE (from Erika's Owning It post a couple of years ago).

And even though this isn't a typical Friday Favorites post, I'm still linking up with my sweet friends, Andrea, Erika and Narci D.

Ahhhh! Trying to come up with new weirdo quirks about myself after those above posts is hard but I think I can do it.  And I'm going to start with one of my pet peeves.

I know people get weird when you mess up all the "their", "they're", "there"s.  It happens when you're in a rush.  And it doesn't bother me THAT much.  But what does bother me is...

There is a difference between "lose" and "loose".  You "lose" a game.  A screw is "loose".  Just saying.  Why does this one bother me so much?!

I dream vividly every single night.  I almost always remember at least some part of my dreams when I wake up in the morning which I attribute to why it's impossible for me to just jump out of bed and get my morning started. I equate it to leaving the theater with 15 minutes left in the movie.  Who would do that?!

Last week I was super stressed since I was leaving Thursday morning for the pageant and ended up having a dream that I swear, I'll never forget.  Long story short...I dreamed that my mom and I were in a car on my college campus (where I was going that weekend).  As we were sitting in the parking lot in the car, I looked up and saw a plane flying across the sky engulfed in flames.  Then it came crashing down near us which not only made a huge explosion but also created a tsunami of mud that came barreling toward us.  So we had to race out of the parking lot and ended up hiding in a dark, old building.  In the building, we found ourselves being shot at by terrorists and ran to the basement where we were then confronted by aliens that looked like people until they took their masks off.

Yeah.  So in one dream I got through a fiery plane crash, a mud tsunami, gunfire and aliens.  IN ONE DREAM.  Clearly, I was feeling some sort of stress.  😂😂

My two favorite sitcoms are Friends and Parks and Rec.  Either one of those will put me in a good mood immediately.  I wrote more on my Friends obsession HERE.  And I want to be loved by Leslie Knope.  That is one loyal lady.

Besides being the most loyal friend ever, she's also pretty funny.

If you have never binged this show, just do it.  Maybe you'll be super into it within one episode.  Maybe it'll take you a few.  But it is WORTH IT.  Kind of like Downton Abbey with me.  It took me 2 (3?) full seasons to really get into it and then I was hooked.  Like, I felt depressed when it was over.  Plans to go see the movie next though!!  Yay!!


My current favorite IG accounts:

Jennifer Garner @jennifer.garner
The Rambling Redhead @theramblingredhead
Harmonize Beauty @harmonize_beauty
Two Judgey Girls @twojudgeygirls

Jennifer Garner is hilarious, so real, so down-to-earth and completely lovable.
The Rambling Redhead (Jen) is hysterical, beautiful, has amazing taste when it comes to home interiors and her kids are the freakin' cutest.  Her hubs is adorable too.  Plus they just shot the pilot for a new show on HGTV.
Harmonize Beauty (Harmony) is like a living Disney princess.  She has an infectious laugh, is super real and always has great beauty and hair tips.
And Two Judgey Girls are my go-to for all thing Bravo.  Snarky and sassy..and I love it. ;)

Shows I'm currently obsessed with:

Chicago Fire
A Million Little Things
This Is Us

Trust me, I watch way more than these 6 but they are some of my favorites.  If you haven't watched any of these yet, they are all great to binge!

And with that, I'm done!  Tonight, Craig and I are headed to a wedding and his brother will be here this afternoon.  Then on Sunday, the five of us are off to the game!!  As of now, we have no plans for tomorrow and if you see my husband, can you please remind him that all I want for my birthday is my car detailed??  #byebyestalecheezits

At 28, I wanted a new mom-mobile.  And at 38, I just want it professionally cleaned.  😂

Head to the Deals page for all the best Friday Favorites DEALS and STEALS!  And if you missed my post from Wednesday with my throwback pics from college head HERE.  Happy Friday, friends!



  1. I've never watched the shows you're obsessing over (except I did watch the first season of This is Us). What is wrong with me?! I need to watch Parks & Rec, right?

  2. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great birthday weekend!

  3. Happy Birthday! Once I turned 40, I just completely stop counting. Like I legit have to do the math in my head to figure out how old I am-hahaha

    That dream was killer!! You were stressed. By the way, I want to go to your college town to see all the Steel Magnolia scenes. Thanks for including some in your post.

  4. Hope you have an awesome bday friend!!!!

  5. I hope you have a fabulous birthday!


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