Monday, April 10, 2017

Boys, Boo Boos, and Baseball. The Weekend Recap.

Oh my.  Let me start by saying my mom fails can be a whole post of their own.  If you know me, you've probably heard them.  In fact, I'm planning on dedicating an entire post to them this week so be sure and follow me, bookmark me or add me to your blog roll so that you don't miss the post that will make you feel good about your own mom skillz.  (That's skills with a "z").  I'm only including a couple in this post but there are soooo many more.

I'll start our recap on Friday.  Friday I worked all day because apparently my water tracker bottles have gone viral somewhere and I'm swimming in orders.  Right now I have 73 open orders y'all and I'm one happy but overwhelmed mama!  I had to quickly order more bottles and they should be here today...and there are a ton of bottles that need to ship by Tuesday!  So today should be fun.  ;)

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I know, I talk about "finding balance" (blah blah blah) all the time with working from home while trying to build my Etsy business.  So I've started taking real lunch breaks by the pool for at leat 20 minutes each day instead of eating in front of the computer one-handed.  It's Texas, girls and this weather makes me feel so stinkin' lucky that I live here.  I'm talking 75-80 degrees and sunny.  GORGEOUS!  So Friday, I sat in my brand new chaise lounge chair and enjoyed my lunch.

(The boys love the new chairs too!)

I stopped working around 2:45 on Friday and picked up the boys from school while Craig was at his weekly golf game.  I surprised them with a stop at Sonic for a little after school snack after we dropped off packages at the post office and they got a cold treat.

I'm still trying to lose about 10 pounds of what I'm calling "Etsy Weight".  Meaning, the 10 pounds that I gained over the past year and a half when all this Etsy business began!  Stress, loooonnnggg hours, and no time for cooking.  Eek!  So at Sonic, instead of getting my FAVORITE sweet tea or Lemon Berry Slush, I got an ice water with strawberry and lemon.  And it was good, yall!!  Try it!!

When we got back home, the boys headed to their friends' houses and went back to my favorite chair and read a book I'd forgotten I had from our book exchange in the Fall.  (Nantucket Nights by Elin Hilderbrand.  Just when I think I've read ALL her books, I find a new one!  Yay!!)

This book has really surprised me!  I ADORE Elin Hilderbrand and this book is much spicier and racier than her normal ones plus has a fun mystery that will leave you flipping those pages fast so you can find out "what happened to her?!".  And yes, I'm actually reading this one instead of listening to it.  Only because I got it at the Book Exchange plus I'm trying to slow my life down a little lately.  And there is nothing more relaxing than reading a book in the sun by the pool or on a beach.

The boys were in and out of the backyard with their friends while I was reading and when the sun started to set, I put my book down and wandered into the front yard where I knew they were playing.  (I can hear them from the backyard).  My sweet neighbor, Megan, was sitting on the curb watching the boys play baseball while her husband pitched for all the boys and her 5-year-old practiced riding her bike without training wheels.  We stayed outside chatting until dark.  Love nights like that in the culdesac!

Of course my "Messy Mase" who has always been accident-prone, fell down somehow and scraped up his knee.  Poor baby.  It hurt me to even look at it. It didn't seem to affect him though until bedtime and that's when the meltdown started.  #blesshisheart

Saturday morning we woke up and got ourselves to Matthew's baseball game.  And Matthew pretty much had his best game ever!  He was an all-star in the field and it boosted his confidence so much!! He was making plays at first, at second and even had to be the catcher one inning (which I know he hates) and he did so well!  

When he was catching, Craig, Mason and I sat on this bench directly behind the plate to coach him through it.  I played softball (very competitively) from the age of 6 to 18, so I know my way around a baseball field.  Thankfully, he's still at an age where he welcomes coaching from us and really listened to everything we were yelling out to him.  And he was so cute too!!

Where we sat and did our coaching.  ;)

 Shenanigans in the stands.

 Cute catcher!!

Cute batter!

Matthew got a busted lip during warmups before the game.  

A pack of baseball cards for getting 100 catches during the week.  Perfect incentive to get them practicing at home!

Craig had to leave to head to a camp in Cleveland towards the end of the game so we drove through Chick-fil-a after the game for lunch and the boys played with their buddies all day.  I did a LITTLE work but mainly relaxed and once again, enjoyed my weekend.  I sat by the pool and read some more and it was just glorious! I love watching my boys run the culdesac and house hop from one friend to the other and just PLAY like I did when I was their age. My backyard can go from a quiet retreat to a crazy, loud playground within minutes.  I love it both ways.  :)

Saturday night was our weekly pizza and movie night and this week I had #allthebigplans to make our own pizzas.  Ummmm...yeah....  So we made pizza.  And it was fun.  But when we tasted them..?  Yuck.  

Mom Fail #1:  Apparently you are supposed to bake the dough for 8 minutes before you add on the toppings.  Whoops.  Once we added ALL THE TOPPINGS and had it perfect...that's when I realized this.  So I had to scrape off all the toppings, bake the stupid crust and then re-add them and bake some more.  (For the record, that's not how they do it on TV.)  

Once we tasted the wasn't good.  I don't think this had anything to do with my oopsie though.  I think it was just the crust we didn't like.  Anyway, we ended up tossing both our pizzas directly in the trash and order a pizza from Dominos.  Ugh.

 (Ignore the hair on this kid.  It's a sweaty mess and he thinks it looks cool.)

Our movie that night was Pete's Dragon by the way, and it was NOTHING like the Pete's Dragon I grew up with.  It was still cute but I wish they would have given the movie an entirely different name.  It definitely wasn't a remake of the old one!

Mom Fail #2: After the movie, I went to lock up and realized my car was still in the driveway.  After the game that day, I meant to stop for gas but completely forgot until I was home.  So when I went to pull my car in the garage, it sputtered into the garage and DIED.  Ughhhh...good grief!!  I knew we had gas in a jug but when I tried to pour it in to my car I realized there was no way I could do it.  The spout wasn't made so that it would work with my gas tank!  (This is not the first time I've been in this predicament...whole other story involving Buffalo, a winter storm, the guys out of  town for a game and us NFL wives having a girls night...)

I called Craig in Cleveland and asked him what I should do and there wasn't much he could do to help.  So I knew that church the next morning was out of the question.  We had missed the week before because of crazy storms so I was really really wanting to be there this week.  Ughhhhhh!!! (again)

So Sunday we puttered around the house all morning.  I was so irritated about not being able to just get in the car and GO.  I really have to learn to not let the car hit E before I fill up...

I ended up working for most of the day to get a jump start on a very busy week of orders but was interrupted by Matthew running into the house and up the stairs that afternoon to tell me Mason was hurt "bad" and "bleeding everywhere".  He was at his friend's house down the street and by the time I got there he was up and walking and Mason's friend's mom and dad were taking care of Mason's scrapes.  He'd re-scraped the knee he'd hurt on Friday and added a deep gash to his palm that they said was bleeding really badly and another super scrape to his other leg.  #hotmessexpress  I helped my sweet, accident-prone baby home and laid him down on the couch.  I got his new wounds disinfected and turned on Cool Runnings for him and after a few minutes, he was ok again.  I'm still not 100% clear on how he managed all this.

So pathetic!!  I had to put a towel down on the couch to avoid the blood.  Ew.

Within an hour or so he was up and ready to play again.  At one point we had more than 8 kids in the backyard playing Capture the Flag.  I hated to break it up but around 7:00 I knew we needed to eat, bathe and get to bed.  

I fed the boys, stuck them in the shower and had them up upstairs by 8pm.  Before I left, Mason showed off his boo-boos again.  I love these boys so much!!  When they hurt, I hurt.

We are happy to have Daddy back home today (especially since he can figure out how to get gas in my car)!  And I'm sure he's happy to be back where there is no snow on the ground.  ;)  

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Have a great week, friends!

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  1. Ohhh my goodness! You had an eventful weekend! Poor Mason =( It's horrible when our babies hurt.
    It really sounds like you have a great neighborhood with some great kids! It was like that when I was growing up too. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of kids in our neighborhood now. I so wish we did!!
    I am so anxious for pool days and nice weather. Such a long winter here. But the temps this week are going to be amazing!!!
    I hope you have a great Monday, and hope you get some gas in that car of yours =)

  2. That's awesome you have so many orders! I still haven't even done my taxes yet so that's what I'm knee deep in today :( I had to laugh about the pizza...I've had to throw away a meal before...some crusts you don't have to cook and some you do, I don't get it, but prefer to order from Domino's anyway :)

  3. Girl you are killing it with the orders!! Way to Go!! Poor Mason with the boos. but way to go Matthew!!
    And SO PROUD of you for taking some time to yourself!! You deserve it!!


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