Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday Favorites #8. {4.21.17}

Today is a very special day in our house!!  My "Baby Mason" turned 7 and my big hubby turned 38!  They share a birthday which is so fun...and was so unexpected!  I'm planning a special birthday post for them Monday and will include a little of the birth story (because those are always fun to read!).  But for now, I will just say Happy Birthday to the big guy and the little man!!  Love those boys!!

Not only is it a special day but it's my favorite time of the week again!  I am a huge online shopper (I have no time for mall shopping anymore) so any Friday Favorite that involves clothes, shoes, accessories or beauty products is...a FAVORITE!  (That was cheesy, I know.  But true!)

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So today I'm bringing you some pretty Spring finds I've been drooling over while perusing my favorite online stores.  This week I have been OBSESSED with all the gorgeous colors from BaubleBar.  Pretty colors just make me happy!  (As you can probably tell from my Etsy shop!)

**If you are reading this on your phone, you may need to tap that little gray arrow on the right side of each collection to view them all.  Just tap or click on what you like and it'll take you straight there!

And for the record, this post is NOT sponsored by BaubleBar.  Although it should be.  ;)

You can find BaubleBar on their own stand alone website or in Nordstrom but right now if you order directly from, you can sign up for their email list for 15% off your first order PLUS all orders over $40 get a FREE necklace!  And they are cute! (They are in the necklace picture below and say "Free Gift".)  Just make sure to go to "Bonus Bauble" and add your choice to your cart.

I've compiled a little list of some of my FAVORITES and listed them in categories.  I wish I had all these gorgeous pieces on hand to show you "real life" pics but my order hasn't arrived yet (and clearly, I can't get them all!).  And these aren't crazily overpriced either.  They are quality pieces but actually affordable as well.

I LOVE colorful jewelry with a very simple outfit.  Solid white top, jeans and some nude wedges or flats are all you need!  (A pretty tan never hurts either!  Find my favorite sunless tanners here.)

You can click what you like and it

Let's start with their bracelets...  Does that just not scream HAPPY?!  I love a chunky stack of bracelets and love it even more when they've mixed and matched everything for me in a set.  And I love the little thing gold bar bracelets on their own, next to my watch or in another stack.
And ohhhh the earrings.  So many of these come in many different colors but I couldn't add them all.  So if you see one you like, you can click on it and see what other colors it may come in. How cute is the beaded fringe?!  I need them all!
And now the necklaces...  I'm not a big chunky necklace girl. I like my necklaces fairly simple (I usually wear my Stella & Dot gold bar necklace or one of the gorgeous little Kendra Scott neckaces)  but these are so great too!  I love the bar necklaces (engraveable) and the arrows!  But the long colorful ones are SO cute too!  And I've included the three necklaces to choose from for your FREE GIFT when you spend $40 or more at  (And don't forget to sign up for the 15% off code too!).
And because you might be just as obsessed now with all the color as I am, here are a few favorite finds that you can pair with your new accessories.  It's Etsy payday so that white cold shoulder top is coming home to me SOON!!  ;)
And because I can't leave a Friday Favorites without mentioning my OWN little store, here are a few of my creations from the week.  You can find my shop HERE and don't forget to follow me on Instagram (personal and business) for more!

I almost forgot to include the #justsayno Find of the Week!  For only $682, this hot number can be yours!  Take a close look at this.  I've been staring at it for 5 minutes trying to figure out exactly what is going on here.  Are they sleeves you pull over a tshirt?  Is it packing tape?  What is going on here!?!  #justsayno #nononononono #no

Happy Friday!!

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  1. Omg what is that?! And for $682 haha I can't believe it!!

  2. The "you're the meredith to my christina" is a really cute idea.

    Aw, Happy Birthday to your husband and son!


  3. Happy Birthday to your guys!
    Love all your shop creations. And what the heck is that? $682.... oh my.

  4. Holy cow, $682 dollars for that...getup?! Haha so funny! Love all the tassel accessories!

  5. Love love your blog and your etsy goodies!! I also have an etsy shop starting pretty small but love reading all your tricks and tips! Happy birthday to your boys!!


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