Monday, April 3, 2017

Weekend Recap. {4.3.17}

Hello Monday!  I can't say I'm sad to see you!  As much as I love the weekends, I crave the routine of the weekdays.  I get super antsy when I'm not being productive but lately, I've been forcing myself to slow down and stop working myself so hard on Saturday and Sunday.

So on my Friday Favorites last week, I mentioned that I was going to sub all day in PE at my old school.  I had a great day seeing all my super cute kiddos!!  I think I answer the question "Why don't you still work here?!" about 100 times each time I go back.  It's kind of hard to explain to a 7-year-old why you chose to glitter cups and paint wood signs in your sweats instead of go to school each day to love on them.  I usually try to breeze past it and let them know the next time I'm scheduled to come back.  Thankfully, they have super short attention spans.

After working all day at one school, I cut out as soon as the last class of the day left so I could race across town to grab the boys from their school.  (Craig usually plays golf  on Fridays).  The weather was AMAZING on warm and sunny.  But as soon as I got home, I ran upstairs to finish off a couple of orders that HAD to go out that day.  I made a quick run to drop them off at the post office a little before 5 and then went back upstairs to do what I normally until dinner.

But y'all, I am trying to find that famous BALANCE I have talked about a lot.  So instead, I grabbed Life on the Ramona Coaster, a tumbler of lemon water and pulled up my chair next to the pool. I sat there enjoying that sunshine for at least an hour.  It was glorious.

This was the view from my driveway.  How amazing is that sky?!  #nofilterneeded

I've been re-watching the Real Housewives of NYC on Hulu so I wanted to read a little more about Ramona and her breakup with her cheating hubby.

After awhile, the boys came home from their friend's house and played outside.  Our rickety old swing set is on it's last leg and I'm waiting for it to just fall apart.

Mason loves to shoot his bow and he's really good too.  

Then these two started leaning over the pool and dipping their heads in so they could have "unicorn hair".  Crazy boys!

Saturday morning we were up early for Mason's baseball game.  Those boys played so well but we ended in a 20-20 tie after extra innings.  At one point during the game, Mason was playing 3rd base and Coach Tab called me out of the stands to come to the fence behind home plate.  He said he had a little gift from my son...and handed me a tiny tooth!  Mason's tooth had been loose for awhile so I guess it just fell out between batters.  Gotta love it!

After the game, Craig left for another camp and the boys took off to play with their friends.  I did a little work upstairs and then went back outside to my little happy place to read some more.  It was a little cooler than it had been the day before and was starting to become overcast so it wasn't quite as fun.  But it was free time and I loved that.  :)

Neighborhood boys!  Water Balloon Fight!

Saturday night, the boys and I had our weekly pizza and movie night!  We watched Sing this week which they had seen but I hadn't.  Super cute little movie!  The boys were so tired and could barely stay away until the end (around 9pm).  Mason is my snuggly kid lately (they seem to take turns) and at one point during the movie he reached over to me to hold my hand.  I mean...  #bestillmyheart

Sunday was so gloomy and rainy!  It rained and poured like crazy for hours!  Thankfully it was just rain.  No crazy weather.  Although Craig's parents had a tornado come through their town of Alexandria, LA later that afternoon.  They were ok and it didn't hit their house.

I knew I had a lot of sign orders coming up this week so I went out to cut some wood.  I got a ton of boards cut up while the rain was pouring down behind me.  It was actually kind of peaceful.  Now if I can sweet talk the hubs into sanding them all for me today.  I hate sanding.  Worst part of the job.

Around 1:00, I ran up to Walmart to pick up my groceries for the week.  I felt so bad for the sweet older man who was bringing them all out!  I jumped out of the car to help him load them up and the rain seemed to let up as soon as I did, which was much appreciated!  If you haven't tried the Walmart online ordering and pickup yet, you really should! This saves me at least an hour a week if not 2.  I'm able to plan out our meals for the week and then shop online for all the ingredients.  I can also add to my order as I think of things before I check out and even afterwards!  You can use this link for $10 off your first order if you decide to try it!

For dinner, I decided to try out Shay's crescent roll tacos (from her newest cookbook, Kids int the Kitchen) with Mason.  (Matthew has food issues.  He will not try anything new.  That boy and his food issues are an entire post all on their own...)

Mason was pretty excited to get to do some cooking.  He loves watching Masterchef Junior!  So I had him help me brown the meat and then put everything together.  I had to swat him away from the cheese on more than one occasion because he was sneaking handfuls when he thought I wasn't looking.

While I finished browning the meat, I had him go take a shower. I knew he'd be quick since he wanted to finish cooking!

Our crescent roll tacos turned out great and Mason gave them a thumbs up!  (He was cold which is why his arms are halfway in his shirt--stretching it out by the way...).  They will definitely be in our rotation!

This week is going to be another busy week!  We've got 3 nights of baseball, 1 night of practice and another Saturday morning game.  I've got a few custom sign orders I'm excited to get finished up this week and a few more that I want to add to the shop as well.  Plus about 45 others that need to go out as well.

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming up for a lot of you so be sure to check out my shop for some super cute and personalized gifts!  I think the teacher name signs are my favorite!  Plus they are under $20, are SO cute and something they most likely won't throw away.  ;)  Turnaround time is 1-2 weeks so make sure to plan in advance if you want one!  (There is a Rush Fee if you need it, though!)

Etsy Shop:  HERE
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Local Pickup:  Use code MCKFS16 at checkout and leave that you'd like to pickup in the Notes section.

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Happy Monday!!



  1. That tooth story is one you'll never forget! And Mason was committted to the game...didn't even bat an eye just passed him the tooth! Haha!

    1. Since I've all obsessed with binge watching The RHONYC lately, it reminds me of Sonja and her tooth problems! "Ahh! My tooth just fell out again!".

  2. As a teacher, those signs are the CUTEST!!! A for sure win! What a fun weekend you all had! We are so busy with all the sports right now but I love watching them do what they love. I am so jealous of that sunshine and blue sky! Happy Monday!

    1. I'm glad to have a teacher's approval on my signs!! Happy Monday, Jenna!!

  3. Anonymous1:56 PM

    I need to grab that book! And, I love seeing the pictures of you in action!! You are so talented! XOXO

    1. Thanks friend! I can bring you this book next time I see you!

  4. Girl you rock! I know the balance is hard!! But your doing great! That tooth story is to funny!! CAn't wait to see my coffee sign!! hehe

    1. Thanks, Heather! Your sign is in the mail!! I may post it on Instagram at some point! Can't wait to see it done up all cute with your coffee station!

  5. I'm clicking over from the Happy Monday post. I'm glad I found your blog, and can't wait to see what you've been up to. Your signs are super cute, and that is the funniest story about the tooth. Hope you have a wonderful week! The Other Side of the Road

  6. My son is four and is such a picky eater too. Glad to know I'm not alone but it's soooo hard. He won't try anything new and only eats a handful of things. We also usually make two different dinners and I'm glad to know we're not alone in that either. I know they say not to make something different but I'm not going to make him starve, sorry. I just keep telling myself it's a phase and it'll pass someday :)


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