Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Favorites #9. {4.28.17}

Whooo hooo!  We are one Friday closer to SUMMER!!  I don't know about y'all, but the older I get, the faster these years are flying by.  And that is just so unfair.  Yes, I'm happy it's almost summer but how did it get here so fast!?!

When I was a kid, the school year seemed to drag on foooorrrreeeevvvveeerrr (said in my best Squints voice, if you know what I mean).  Now I feel like I blink and 9 months have passed.  Growing up sucks.  Avoid it at all costs!

I feel like I've gotten off topic so I'll get back to the fun stuff.  Friday Favorites!!  Here's another random collection of things I'm LOVING at the moment!  Linking up with my sweet friends, Erika, Narci and Andrea.  


Let's start with something I can't get off my mind....

I finished it yesterday (started it the day before) and it was so good!  If you've been following my blog or know me at all, you'll know I am a super huge Audible fan.  It just works with my lifestyle. I need my hands free to be able to work all day (you probably also know I have a busy little Etsy shop) so I love to listen to audiobooks while I work.  And also while I drive, do laundry, cook (ugh), clean etc.  It just passes the time SO much quicker and makes everything more enjoyable.  You can read more about it here.  

Anyway, if you loved Gone Girl, Girl on the Train, The Woman in Cabin 10, The Husband's Secret...this is right up your alley!  (I really need to do a book review for all my favorites!)

I included the actual summary of the book in Monday's post if you want to jump back to that.  But in short, it is about a couple who present themselves to the outside world as perfect in every way, but behind closed doors things are absolutely INSANE.  Seriously.  It's one of those books that makes you yell out loud at some of the characters and situations.  It is a page-turner for sure.  You won't want to put it down (or turn it off if you listen to it).  The ending leaves you satisfied too.  I obviously won't say more than that but I do hate books where you get so invested and then they leave important things open at the end.  #notcool

So go add this book to your Amazon cart now!!  Or if you'd like to try Audible, click here and get 2 audiobooks FREE to try!  (By the way, the narrator for this book is amazing.  It's like watching a movie with the screen off.  You can absolutely picture it all.)


Mason surprised the heck out of me earlier this week when he agreed to be part of an all-boy "dance crew" for his school's upcoming talent show.  Yesterday they had tryouts and I got to watch 7 incredibly cute 1st-grade boys break it down on a real stage.  They were absolutely hysterical and so stinkin' cute!  They'd only had one practice before the tryout so they were no N'Sync but I am sure they'll be a much closer on the actual day.  ;)  

A quick rehearsal before the tryout.  #likeherdingcats


My Etsy shop got a new addition this week!  These are just like Swell bottles.  Stainless steel, gorgeous colors, 17oz and will keep your drink super cold!  Have them personalized however you want!  The examples shown can be done in any colors.  I've been wanting to do a Faith Over Fear design in honor of sweet Manda so I knew I had to include it on the purple bottle.  (her favorite color) 

Any of these designs can be done on any bottle or tumbler in my shop by the way!  :)

And if you missed my post on tips and tricks for shopping on Etsy, check it out here!  (Best tip:  Click on ITEM DETAILS when viewing a listing from your phone!  It's so easy to miss but it has all the info you'll need to place an order.)

Here are a few of my other favorites in my Etsy shop...


Are any of you Spark drinkers?  I've been out of my Spark for over a week and finally remembered to order more and ooohhh this stuff makes me happy!  

Yes, technically I'm an Advocare Distributor.  We've never pursued the business side of it though and have just been using our distributorship as a way to get 25% off all our orders.  Advocare is LEGIT so I don't feel bad talking about products of theirs I actually use and love.  And I've been a Spark addict for years now!  

If you have no idea what Spark is, it is an incredibly delicious little powder you mix with water to give you energy and focus!  I call it my Happy Juice.  I think all of the vitamins and minerals in it just give me a rush of all the good feels.  It can turn my bad mood into not only a good mood but also put me in the mood to clean my whole house or pound out 20 orders in two hours.  

I tend to start to crash every day between 1:30 and 3:00 and this is a lifesaver.  

I think it's funny that with all the cute drinkware I own, I shake it up in a Sam's Choice water bottle.

It comes in a bunch of different flavors but my go-to is always the Fruit Punch.  I also love the Orange flavor and Craig prefers the Blue Raspberry.

All I can say is thank goodness for Spark.  (And if you are curious about any of other Advocare products we use on a regular basis, we love Catalyst, Thermoplus and Craig throws the Greens Powder into his smoothies.)

If you are interested, you can get some Spark here.  


The year I got pregnant with Mattew was the year I discovered maxi dresses.  Since then, they are a staple in my spring/summer wardrobe.  I love that you can throw them on and feel "dressed" but still be very comfortable.  Dress them up or down...they are the best!  So I'm always on the hunt for new ones.  I am loving this simple black one at the moment especially paired with some gorgeous colorful jewelry (see THAT obsession here).  Wear them with flats or wedges, pair them with a cute jean jacket or keep it simple!    

Maxi dresses are definitely a favorite!

And because I never leave without an #ohnotheydidnt or an #icanteven, here is your #justsayno for the week!

These bright and shiny flats can be yours for the bargain price of $910!  


Happy Friday, friends!!

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  1. Your Etsy shop looks so cute! I am going to have to pop by there in a few weeks to see if I can find some great accessories for our family room when the renovation is finished. Have a good weekend!


    1. Thank you, Patty!! I'd love to make you something! :)

  2. You are the second person that has mentioned "Behind Closed Doors" book this week.. I may need to check it out!
    Love those water bottles! such fun colors!
    I LOVE your #ohnotheydidnt...why oh why would you even make that shoe! HA
    Hope you guys have a great weekend! Can't wait to hear more about the talent show!

    1. I don't know who is buying these ugly things!! They look like they should be on the clearance rack at TJMaxx not on pre-order for $910! Insane!

  3. Have you read (or listened :) ) to It Ends With Us? I can't remember if you've mentioned it or not. Anyway, if you haven't you definitely should!! I finished it last week and I'm STILL thinking about it. It was so good! Happy Weekend!

  4. Amanda!! You're up early this morning! :) We're gonna need a video of Mason's dance. Can't wait to see it!

    1. Aren't you proud!?! I won't mention that I took a little nap at 6am... ;) And I have a video of them dancing but I don't know how to post it to the blog! And it's too long for Instagram! I'll text it to you in a minute. It's so funny.

  5. I LOVE that you add a #JustSayNo! I'd never clicked on your blog before but definitely will again!

    1. Thank you, Alex!! And yes, the #justsayno's are so fun! I am always on the lookout for the most hideous and ridiculous fashion to feature every Friday!! 😂😂😂. There are seriously ugly things out there!!

  6. I love the just say no shoes! That It is well with my soul bottle is gorgeous! I will have to keep it in mind for gifts this summer.

  7. Oh gosh, those shoes! I can't handle it. haha

    I really want to read Behind Closed Doors. I'm glad it was a winner for you!


    1. You'll love it and be completely creeped out! haha I had dreams about it the next night or two after I finished it!

  8. I read Behind Closed Doors a couple weeks ago and finished it in less than 24 hours!! We had breakfast burritos for dinner that night because I HAD to finish it instead of cook, ha!! Loving your Etsy gems :)

  9. I LOVE Spark! It's SO good! People get super creative mixing Spark and Rehydrate for yummy combinations, it's worth a Google if you haven't already!

    1. I need to order some of the Rehydrate! I've seen some pretty little combos with those two!


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