Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Favorites #6. {4.7.31}

It's Friday, friends!  Today I'm kicking off my Friday Favorites with a funny pic I found this week.  I posted it on Instagram and it seems like you all thought it was pretty funny too.  (Find me on Instagram HERE and HERE).  Being an Etsy seller, this made it even better for me. ;)



I ordered a couple of pairs of shoes recently that I talked about in past Friday Favorites (find all my FF posts here) and I am SOOOOOO happy with my purchases!! 

I'll start with the wedges.  The quick rundown:  Michael Kors, fits true to size, incredibly comfortable, dress them up or down and under $100.  Plus they can LITERALLY go with any colors.  Black, brown, navy, white, get the idea.  They are just the perfect shoe to start the warm weather season.  I know I LOVE a good maxi dress but they are all so long!!  These will be perfect to give me a few extra inches and get that dress off the ground!

Find them HERE (also in black, navy, yellow and "vanilla" with the MK logo)!

This was a sad attempt at the full outfit with my new shoes before the rain came down as we headed to a ballgame.

These wedges will not disappoint!  However, if you aren't ready to spend the money on these, my friend texted me that she found some at Target that are very clearly "inspired by" these Michael Kors wedges.  Check out these for only $30 (and free shipping...because you never know if they'll be in stock at your local store).

Available in Black also!  (Find them both here)

And now my 2nd new favorite shoes.  I talked about how incredibly comfy these Skechers Go Walks are (like walking on a cloud) so I got a new pair the other day that I am loving!!  I have a neutral pair, a fun, colorful pair and now a black pair.  I should be all set.  ;)

At the zoo with my colorful pair on.

My new ones. :)

 Find them HERE along with other colors!

Cute, right?  I think the best thing about these shoes is that they are such an easy everyday shoe.  No socks needed (although you can wear those no shoe socks if you worry about them getting stinky).  I wash mine in the washing machine too.  


I jumped on this recommendation from Shay after the makeup artist she worked with on her last trip to LA used it on her. I'll use pretty much anything an LA makeup artist recommends and my love for being a night owl can definitely show up under my eyes!  This is an under eye brightening concealer that you can wear alone or under your regular concealer.  It goes on so smooth and works like magic.  MAGIC, girls.

You can find it HERE.  I almost can't wait to wake up in the mornings now so I can play with it.  I love new beauty products!  Especially ones that actually work!

I ordered from Sephora and love that they give out free samples of other fun stuff!  I've been on the hunt for a new fragrance so I chose the Tory Burch fragrance,  one called Wildfox and a primer/foundation sample from Urban Decay.

I haven't used the makeup yet but I really love the fragrances especially the Tory Burch one.


My shop favorites from the week!  The water tracker bottle is far away and the best seller this week.  I found a cute straw and have been gulping my water all week long!  (I prefer straws but you don't need one!)

 Water Tracker Water Bottles.  34oz, Wide Mouth, BPA free.  Find them HERE.

 Stainless Steel Tumblers (Available in mint, navy, white and hot pink)

 Custom Order!  Love!!!  Message me if you'd like one!  I'll add it to the shop soon!

Where are all my Hart of Dixie girls?!  If you haven't binge watched this show on Netflix yet, you totally should.  L.O.V.E. Find them here!

Personalize them any way you'd like.  How gorgeous is that confetti glitter?!  HERE

Only 2 of these travel tumblers left in gold!  HERE

#handleit #itshandled HERE

Create Your Own!  This was a cute one!  HERE

Always a favorite!  They can be personalized to say what you need them to!  HERE

And a few more just for good measure.  :)  That Inspired Chick on Etsy.


I've been using these lately and I really like them!  My skin is always so much smoother after I use them and they are so inexpensive!  It comes with 3 sachets but I only use half of one sachet each time.  So 6 masks for less than $8?  Yay!  Find them here.


My sweet baby boys are always always always my MOST favorite.  They don't like to get their picture taken much lately so I have to sneak pics when I can.  ;)

These two have been inseparable since Mason was born.  They are 23 months apart but act more like twins.  Seriously.  My heart could burst.

That wraps up my Friday Favorites for the week!  Except for one...!  I can't resist posting the most ridiculous find of the week.  This week Nordstrom gets all the credit.  I've seen these floating around the internet lately but had to spotlight them here too.

There are NO WORDS.

Except for "Is this a joke, TopShop?"  It has to be right?  But Nordstrom has these available on their website RIGHT NOW!  For $95!  I don't even understand why... #icanteven

You can check them out here.  There are even more fantastic pics of these "futuristic" jeans there.  That's what they call them in the description.  For me they look like a mix between 80s mom jeans and my raincoat from when I was 8.


Happy Friday!!

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  1. You have the CUTEST things in your Etsy shop! I'm going to need to get my hands on one of those water trackers!

    1. Thanks so much, Bailey!! Have a great weekend!

  2. I am in love with those glitter tumblers and the stainless steel ones. Those wedges are adorable!

    1. Thanks, Jenna! Fashion and function is the best! (for the tumblers AND the wedges!)

  3. Oh wow, those pants at the end are crazy. Who would wear those?!

    Love all your glitter tumblers! They are so pretty.


    1. Right!?! I really wonder how many of those have sold! Unreal! And thanks so much!! :)

  4. What in the world do you use for your stencil for signs?! I have tried everything short of vinyl (SO EXPENSIVE) but can't get it so perfect :( mainly been trying contact paper...but it never looks great from when I take the backing off to when I apply to the board! Loving the signs you've created - wanting to make some myself for our home but about to break down and inform the hubby we are buying them instead hahahaha

    1. I use a Silhouette Cameo and use Oracal 631 vinyl as a stencil. You definitely need a transfer tape (or transfer paper...same thing) to get your design over to your board all in one piece and nice and perfect. ;) Are you using any of that?

    2. Yes! Was just trying to not use the vinyl :) contact paper is so much cheaper! Pretty sure I've read every blog there is about how to appropriately use contact paper but it never could work for me...I will try vinyl tonight. Certain I can get it with that! All of the decals etc I make with vinyl turn out great! Thanks for responding, and for the advice! I will take the plunge and use my 631 that I don't use it in a pack with 651 and just don't really have a need for it. So, it will become my stencil vinyl. Thank you thank you thank you!!

    3. Oh good!! Yes, I tried to use contact paper when I was first starting out too and couldn't EVER get it to work right. It wasn't worth the hassle. Check out for vinyl. I buy the giant rolls of it now but you can get it in smaller rolls as well. :) I have been thinking about doing a sign making tutorial on here but I'm scared I'll teach everyone how to do it and then won't have any customers left! haha


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