Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday Favorites #7. {4.14.17}

Happy Good Friday, y'all!  Hope everyone is enjoying their Easter weekend and remembering the reason why we celebrate!  He is Risen, indeed!!!

Fridays around here mean linking up with Erika, Narci and Andrea for Friday Favorites!  Today I have another random assortment of goodies that I'm loving...or wanting. ;)


My first FAVORITE slot has to go to my boys! Sometimes I think I take for granted what good kids they are.  They are smart, well-behaved, and incredibly kind.  And they are just fun to be around. I am so thankful for these two!!  Monday it rained all day and when it finally stopped, they ran outside for some playtime with Dad.  They love running routes!  

Matthew laughed hysterically for a solid 3 minutes after he saw this picture of himself!  Check out that face!


Ooooohhhh I LOVE this stuff!!  We all know that self-tanners are the safest way to get that sun-kissed glow but I rarely find a self-tanner that I can apply without looking streaky, dirty or orange.  I'm just not good at it plus I end up STINKING so bad while it works it's magic.  (Why do they smell so bad!?!)  

Anyway, this stuff is AMAZING.  You apply it to wet skin after your shower but before you get out.  It rubs in easily with the water on your skin and is so easy to smooth all over evenly!  Once it's applied, just pat yourself dry and carry on!  No smell PLUS your whole body feels like it's been covered in lotion (which it has) so it's all smooth and moisturized.  I have used it about 4 times this week and love the tan I have now!  I'm not streaky and definitely not orange.  It really is the easiest way I've ever applied self-tanner before.  FAVORITE!!

While we are talking self-tanners, I also really really love these Dr. Dennis Gross tan towels for my face.  (They also have them for the body!)  During the spring and summer, I'll use one or two a week at night and in the fall and winter, I use the Jergens Natural Glow every morning.


Matthew and Mason's birthdays are coming up soon (Mason and Craig actually share a birthday on the 21st) and I've been on the hunt for something "cool".  My kids are always outside so anything we can find that they can play with outside is great.  This year I'm really wanting to get them a couple of these funny floats for the pool!  They would get such a kick out of them!

Pizza float HERE

And the donut would have them drooling!  They are donut-obsessed!  (I don't blame them.)

Find the Donut Float HERE plus tons of other fun ones!


Favorite #4 goes to this gorgeous book right here that I discovered last year and has kicked my hiney into high gear again this spring!  It's so easy to flip through and pull tips from to implement right away!


 And in case you missed my Spring Cleaning post this week, you can check it out here!  It may not be full of life changing tips you've never thought of before but it might give you a laugh.  You'll understand the velour tracksuit pictures once you read it. ;)

And speaking of Spring Cleaning, my HGTV magazine makes me want to not only clean/clean out my house every month but it also makes me want to redecorate, paint, rearrange furniture...  It's just full of so many pretty things and tons of inspiration!  


My Favorites aren't complete without adding in a few of my own creations!  Check out the full shop here!

Find these personalized travel tumblers HERE

I've had so many requests for the pineapple lately!  Love it with the metallic gold vinyl!  These tumblers come with the matching straw and come in white, navy, hot pink or mint!  Find the white HERE and the links to the other colors are in the listing.

I can't even count how many of these water tracker bottles have gone out this week!  They are so perfect to keep you motivated and drinking that water throughout the day!  Find them HERE.

The glitterdipped tumbler is one of my favorite things to make!  I have so many glitter color choices for you to choose from and it can be personalized however you'd like. I get lots of Plexus orders for team member gifts!  Find my Create Your Own listing HERE and the Plexus listing HERE.

REMEMBER: When you shop on Etsy from your phone, be sure to tap on "ITEM DETAILS" in each listing for the full description and tap on Shipping & Policies for the turnaround time. You can also go HERE for my post on Tips and Tricks to Buying on Etsy.

And because I can't leave you without posting the most hideous find of the week, here ya go!  

I guess this is for when you just can't decide.  Should I wear jeans to dinner tonight or a skirt?  Dressy casual at it's best, ladies!  Remember...just say NO!! ;)

Have a wonderful Easter, friends!  He is Risen!!!

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  1. What a great list this week! I am going to have to try that moisturizer. Those pool floats are so cute. Have a great weekend!

  2. Happy Friday, friend!! I zoomed in on Matthew's face and LOL'd myself! What is happening? Haha!

  3. Oh my gosh, that skirt thing. Hideous!! You know there's someone out there who just loves it haha. Happy Easter to you and your family!

  4. That whole jeans/skirt combo is not working!

    Love all your new items - I'm a big fan of pineapple items. :) It makes me think of the show Psych.



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