Monday, April 17, 2017

Welcome Home, Willow & the Easter Wrap Up.

Our weekend kicked off with something incredibly special!  On Friday afternoon, we welcomed home our friends Brooke and Tyler and their newly adopted daughter, Willow, from China.  They had been in China for 3 weeks getting everything finalized and they were so happy to be back and reunited with the rest of their family.  Willow not only has 2 incredible parents now but also has two brothers and a sister!  We have all been so excited for Brooke and Tyler as they've been preparing to go get their daughter over this past year and wanted to make their homecoming special.  

No doubt Willow will have a huge gang of boys to watch out for her!  Look at those cuties!

 Waiting and waiting!!  

Bowen kept running back and forth in front of my picture I was taking of the boys because photobombing is the best!  I finally got him to stop long enough to let me get his picture too.  I love that boy!!  He is always a bundle of energy!

The arrival!!  Welcome home!!! (Just noticed Nixon's face in this one...hahaha)

I snapped this sweet pic of Willow meeting her sister for the first time.  Love at first sight, I think!

As soon as we caught our first glimpse of Willow I think everyone would agree that she just EXUDES joy.  She was smiling and waving and high fiving every single person she saw.  There were no tears or any moments of fear or being overwhelmed.  That little girl OWNED that airport!  I cannot wait to get to know her!!  

Saturday I woke up and went straight to work until after lunch.  But Saturday afternoon had me trying not to lose my mind when I found the boys using markers to color sticks in the sunroom.  There was marker all over their hands, their legs, the couch, the door, the facuet and the hand towel in the bathroom...  Every time they would pick up their newly colorful stick, it would smear all over their hands.  And then everything else they touched.  #boys

Thankfully, the  mailman showed up wtih my Loft order from earlier in the week so it put me in a better mood!  I am loving this top and right now they have everything on sale for 50% off PLUS free shipping using the code CYBER!  I ordered several new tops last week and am loving them all!!  I haven't gotten to wear them all yet but here are a few of the tops I got plus a few more that I want.

We needed church shoes for Easter so we headed to the shoe store and they managed to talk me into getting them high-tops as well as part of their upcoming birthdays.  I am not a big fan of high tops but they have been pretty obsessed with them lately.  So I found some I didn't HATE and I was their favorite person ever for a few hours afterwards.  That's what I call a win-win.

Matthew hugging the shoes he wanted.

New shoes!!

Already starting to ruin new shoes!

Some of the lovely marker from the sticks.

 Our plans for Saturday had originally included going to the church's Egg Hunt and then to a birthday party for Mason's best friend, Cade.  But after we got home from shoe shopping I just didn't feel like hustling to get all the way down to our church, having to leave early and then booking it all the way across town again for the party.  So the boys said they didn't care if they missed the egg hunt this year (they were still on their new shoe high) so we stayed outside and played basketball for awhile. 

I caught Matthew resting his eyes on the garage floor while he waited for his brother to stop running "drills" and had to snap a few pictures. Love this hot mess!

While the boys were at the birthday party, I settled down into my favorite spot with another of the Real Housewives' books. I've read this before but thought I'd read it again since I've moved on to binge watching RHOBH.  I've seen every episode but it's just fun to watch them all from the beginning and go straight through.

Brandi Glanville's books are NOT for the faint of heart.  She tells it straight-up and cusses like a sailor.  But I love how honest she is and I have to admit that reading about the behind-the-scenes of her breakup with her husband (because he cheated on her with Leann Rimes...and then married her) was so interesting.  I love reading about how other people live their lives (probably why I love reading other people's blogs!) and her book didn't disappoint.  The whole book is completely entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny.  Just remember that it is rated R!  If you are a RHOBH fan you'll love this book!

Easter Sunday we went to church (such an amazing service!  I love our church!) then lunch at Olive Garden.  Matthew pouted the whole way through lunch because he hates pretty much all good food.  #wechosetoignore 

Later that afternoon, Mason and I played a game of Slamwich, which the Easter bunny had brought him.  It is really fun and a lot like slap jack.  You can find it here.  This boy loves card games!

And since I didn't get hardly any work done this weekend, I went to work after the boys went to bed.  As I type this, it is 11:55pm on Sunday night actually and I'm still holed up in my craft room.  So many orders need to go out this week and we have Craig's parents coming in on Tuesday, practice on Wednesday, a game on Thursday, and then a zoo field trip, Craig & Mason's birthdays and Craig's parents leave all on Friday.  I'm just trying to get ahead as much as I can.  

So that was our weekend!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!!    

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  1. Oh my goodness! The Slaughter boys were photobombing all the pictures!

    1. Bowen was hilarious when I was taking a picture of Matthew and Mason with that sign! He kept pretending to fly in front of it back and forth until I was told him to FREEZE so I could get him in the picture for real. haha I tell you all the time that he cracks me up, but he really does!! And I didn't even catch Nixon's photobomb until I started this post! You have the cutest kids!!

  2. Willow is absolutely precious! It's so wonderful how all of you are more friends than family. And I was right there with ya on the hunt for boy's church shoes...white sandals are nowhere when you need them!

    1. She is such a doll isn't she!! I just kept staring at her and saying "She is so stinkin' cute, I can't stand it!!".

  3. * I meant more "family thand friends." :)

  4. How awesome your friends adopted from China, and seriously how cute is she!!!
    I'm glad you guys had a great weekend! My oldest has been asking for a pair of the converse hightops. I'm not a huge fan, and I know they are popular so I may have to just give in and buy them for her. Glad i'm not the only one! ha! =)
    Have a great Monday!! =)

  5. Willow is precious!! And Bowen photobombing had me laughing!
    So glad y'all had a great Easter!
    Thanks for linking up with us!!

  6. 1) Ummm, I really hope they didn't ruin their brand new shoes at the birthday party! :/ 2) I know I already told you this, but I LOVED your Easter dress! 3) Kinley is so picky too, BUT thankfully she likes Olive Garden. 4) I love numbered lists. I sometimes text like this. lol

  7. Looks like a wonderful Easter weekend. I love the family pictures and also the one of Matthew laying down. Have a wonderful (busy!) week!

  8. What a great weekend!! You all look so nice on Easter! And Willow is adorable. She looks so happy! What a neat moment you got to experience!

  9. What a fun and full weekend you all had! That Willow is a doll! I also had to laugh about the markers and the sticks because what is it about boys being able to destroy everything and then look so cute while doing it?!?! Love the new kicks. Happy Monday!


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