Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday Favorites #44.

Oh hey there, Friday!!  You took your sweet time getting here this week!  

I've been on single mom duty since Sunday while Craig was on a guys ski trip (so many shenanigans) and he got back last broken bones!  #Iwasonlyalittleworried #Imlying #Iwasreallyworried

I also feel like I'm now due a girls trip.  That's only fair, right?

Anyway, today I've got a few Friday Favorites for you and am linking up with Narci, Andrea and Erika like always!

This week I scooped up two new sweaters and am eagerly awaiting their arrival.  I ordered this one after Shay posted about it earlier this week (I ordered the pink).  Does it not just scream COZY!  I'm hoping it will be perfect for Valentine's weekend!

And this next one just look so comfy too...PLUS it is 40% off right now.  And I find it hard to resist a sale.  ;)

I know this one is a bit random but I saw something about this Beauty Bar Facial Massager thing on social media the other day and was intrigued.  It is strange looking, I know.  It supposedly helps tighten your facial muscles, depuff your face, improve circulation and help relax wrinkles.

I looked it up on Amazon and it wasn't expensive so I figured why not?  At the very least, it would be something fun to review here.  I've always had a very fat round face so anything that might help me look less puffy would be great.

I've only had it for a few days so I can only say too much about long term effects at this point.  HOWEVER, I have loved it so far!  After I wash my face, I put on my moisturizer or night cream and drag it all over my face.  It vibrates which really get the blood flowing and gives you a really bright, dewy, rosy glow when you are done.  I also felt like it depuffed my eyes pretty good as well.  

Will it erase wrinkles?  Probably not.  BUT since it increases blood flow, I think it causes them relax a little and not appear as deep.

  This video I found on YouTube explains how to use it and she talks about why she likes it.

I've barely worn makeup this week because of it!  My face just has so much pretty color after I'm done that I've just been adding concealer, a little mascara and a touch of blush.  (I talked about my favorite concealer and mascara on Wednesday.)

Anyway, if you are a beauty gadget lover, this might be a fun and inexpensive one to try out!  I'll definitely be using mine consistently!

I've got new wine glasses in the shop and new glitter dipped ones coming later this month!

(This goes along with my Monday post where I discussed my thoughts on Celebrity Big Brother and my Dream Reality Show.  I'm having a major moment with Real Housewives GIFs lately.)

Here are a few of my new glasses!  Pictures don't even do them justice.

Find them HERE.

And I did a little custom order for someone this week and had to share! She is a teacher and wanted this quote for her desk.  I'm thinking of adding it to the shop.  

And I've always got coffee tumbler orders to fill!  These can be created to say any name with any color glitter.

This was NOT a favorite this week though!  I accidentally dropped my little container of red glitter and it spilled allllll over my rug and carpet.  NOOOOOOOOO!!!!

So if you have an order with anything involving glitter #9, I'm on my way today to get new glitter.  ;)

I went to check the mail the other day and my next door neighbor, Kelley, was out checking hers too, along with their sweet new pup, Winston!!  Isn't he PRECIOUS!!  I could eat him up!!

So I decided he needed to be #4 today even though he tried to chew my finger off with his little puppy teeth. ;)  

And of course, this made me go look up cute puppy memes and this one was my favorite!  

So funny!!

Have y'all heard of ReSnap? I saw a FB ad about it the other day and I took the bait. (This is in no way sponsored by them by the way.) 

 I was AMAZED at how quickly it had pulled all of my 2017 pictures from my Facebook page and filled them in in this book!  

I was able to go in and edit and sort as needed but really, it was pretty perfect already!  So I ordered!  My book came in and we LOVE it!  It is such high quality and now I'm determined to go back and make them for every year I've had Facebook.  (They can also pull pics from Instagram!)

I ordered the 100 page book in the landscape size.  They also come in portrait or square.  These would be awesome gifts for grandparents or filled with pictures of you and your significant other/your friends/etc.

I love that we have our whole year pretty much chronicled in this book!  I'm definitely going to start posting more pictures on Facebook, just so I can do this easily next year as well.

Use the code SPECIAL50 for 50% off your book!  I am so eager to do the baby years!!!

That it for Friday Favorites today, friends!  To see all my past Favorites, you can scroll through them here!  

Also, next Thursday is Confessions Series link up so if you have anything to confess, please share it with us!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Also linking up with the Five on Friday girls.



  1. Winston is PRECIOUS!!! I am looking into ReSnap NOW! That looks awesome!!

  2. Girl!! I need to hear more about this little tool. I ordered a product off a FB ad, tried it last night for the first time and loved it!

  3. Yep, you definitely deserve a girls trip now! Oh my goodness I love that custom sign you made, that quote is everything!!

  4. Your shop looks awesome! I feel your pain on glitter--but our messes come from my kids. ;D The puppy meme is too cute!

  5. I just sent my friend a link to the Let's Be Unicorns wine glass, and she's requested one for Galentine's Day!

  6. Oh my gooooosh those huskies!!! Also those sweaters look so cozy.

  7. Happy Friday! I'm popping by from the H54F link up. I love all of your creations here! The sign is fantastic and the coffee tumblers are so cute! Now I want to go rewatch Hart of Dixie! ;) lol. Hope your February is off to a fantastic start!
    - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  8. I homeschool my babes and I'm pretty sure I NEED that sign! And I already ordered that facial tool.

  9. This wine glasses are cute! That's a great quote from C.S. Lewis and the finished sign looks fantastic!

  10. Winston is just the cutest! When I saw that pic on IG, I thought YOU had a new puppy. ;-) Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. That puppy is adorable!! And I love the tops! That second one is calling my name!!!

  12. I have all the Resnap books for my facebook and I LOVE THEM! And thank you for the 50% off code! I hadn't ordered 2017 yet but will be doing so today!

  13. The facial massage is so interesting! I love those sweaters too! Love the pops of pink! :)


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