Tuesday, February 20, 2018

TV Talk on Tuesday.

Happy Tuesday, friends!  

Today I'm linking up with Erika and Ashley to bring you a little Tuesday Talk.  Tuesday TV Talk to be more precise.

This is not what I had planned to chat about today but yesterday I decided to try out a new show on Hulu and landed on this one.


I ended up binge-watching the first 4 episodes of 9-1-1 and y'all, this show is SO GOOD!!

You should absolutely be watching this show.

Here are a few reasons why.

1.  Connie Britton.  I LOVE her.  Long live Tammy Taylor. (Friday Night Lights)

2.  Peter Krause a.k.a Adam Braverman.  He is just as lovable and quietly heroic as he was in Parenthood.

3.  Angela Bassett.  She's always a badass.

4.  There's no shortage of drama and jaw-dropping moments.

5.  The characters are all so compelling.  You will root for them and cry with them.

If you love Chicago Fire (another one you MUST watch), you'll love this!!  The show follows first responders from Fire & Rescue, the police and 911 dispatchers.  There are roller coaster accidents, plane crashes, car crashes, overdoses, giant snakes, and in the first episode they rescue a newborn baby that was dropped down a drain pipe in an apartment building.  I mean...talk about drama.

If this show gets canceled anytime soon, I will cry.  Not even kidding.

And since I'm talking about Hulu, I thought I'd plug it a little here.  I decided to give Hulu a try when I had pretty much binge-watched everything I wanted to on Netflix and wanted more variety.  Plus, I don't have a DVR up in my craft room where I spend all day every day working on Etsy orders so this is the only way I can watch CURRENT shows.  If I miss Grey's Anatomy from the night before, I know I can watch it the next day on Hulu while I work.  Or a million other shows.

So if you are a fellow binger, you should 100% absolutely give Hulu a try.   Plans start at $7.99 a month but I bumped mine up to the commercial-free plan for $12 a month because who wants to watch commercials if you don't have to?  #notme

If you want, you can try it free for 30 days HERE.  And if you need binge watching recommendations here are a few of my favorite from Hulu:

Any Real Housewives franchise (obvi)
The Mindy Project
The Goldbergs
Family Matters
The Good Wife
Ugly Betty
Step By Step
Samantha Who?

This was just off the top of my head.  There are SO MANY OPTIONS!  Of course, there are also tons of movies as well but since we are talking binge-watching I stuck to TV shows.

And something else I've been watching that has been unexpectedly hilarious is...

The Bachelor Winter Games.

I forgot to record it on my DVR so I've been watching on Hulu while I work and it is ridiculous but so funny!  It's kind of like Bachelor in Paradise meets one of those crazy Japanese game shows meets Wipeout.  So far it's just cracking me up.  It hasn't been as cringe-worthy (yet) as past Bachelor in Paradise seasons.  I think it's worth it to just watch all of them bust their butt repeatedly during all the competitions on the snow and ice.  And watching Ashley I. have meltdowns over why she's always stuck in the friend zone is always a good time as well.  Can someone just tell this girl that if she would stop acting like a 12-year-old girl she might get a date?

Anyway, I didn't really mean for this to be a commercial for Hulu but it's a great option if you're bored with Netflix and want to try out something else.  

But don't forget to watch 9-1-1!  Wednesdays on FOX.  The more people who watch, the less likely it will get canceled right?  Do it for me!  ;)

Happy Tuesday!



  1. I’ve never even heard of this show but Connie Britton and Adam Braverman were in two of my favorite shows ever!!

    1. You have no idea what your missing 😉. There is s bit of a story line that carries from episode to episode but you’ll want to binge the show once u start! Check it out!!!! You won’t be disappointed!!!!!

  2. We don't have Hulu! But that show looks good!
    I have the Winter games recorded but haven't watched them yet!

  3. I need a new show to binge watch. Should I watch Chicago Fire???

    1. YES! A couple of years ago Craig took the boys to Louisiana for a week to visit his parents and I (shamefully) watched 17 episodes in, like, 3 days. It was before the Etsy shop so I literally had no responsibilities whatsoever once they were gone. It was glorious. ;)

    2. Blue Bloods on Netflix is a good one! It has a wholesome aspect to it too which is nice!

  4. You need to binge watch the first season of Timeless!!! It is my favorite show EVER!! It was on NBC and they canceled it but the fans rallied around it and they came back 3 days later and renewed for a second season to start March 11. The more people we get to watch it the better chances it will be renewed for a third season. It is so good!!!

  5. yes! we've been watching 9-1-1 since it premiered and we're hooked! watching it makes me miss binge watching Parenthood and Friday Night Lights :)

  6. We've been watching 9-1-1 on Fox since it first aired and both my husband and I REALLY like it! I hope it stays around for many seasons!

  7. Hubs and I will definitely check out 911! We've been looking for another show!

  8. The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu is one of the most fascinating shows I have ever watched. I cant recommend it enough. Also I have been DVR-ing 911 and plan to binge it this weekend! Glad to hear it's good!

  9. I adore 9-1-1, but I never want to ride a roller coaster again in my entire life :)

    1. I will if I can get rescued by buck! I’d also get on a plane if it meant being saved or dying with bobby! 😊

  10. Omg.....I’m soooo glad u found 911! Its my newest obsession! Since u haven’t seen episode 5 I want say much other then poor bobby. Peter Krause and Oliver stark are half the reason I watch......Omg!!!!!! What do ya’ll think of Abby and Buck??????

    1. I'm all caught up now and oh my heart is breaking for Bobby!!! And I love Abby and Buck but can't believe the giant age gap hasn't been brought up! There's like a 25 year age difference between them! I can't wait to see how that plays out.

  11. But.....there certainly seemed to be something there between her and Bobby. I lost it so many times in episode 4. Especially when he broke down asking for help! Ahhh....I’m so excited to see where everything goes. And I just need to throw it out there that the car wash scene was one of the best so far! ������

  12. Obsessed with 911! I tell everyone I know to watch!

  13. I just started watching 911 per your recommendation. You are right! SO GOOD!!


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