Monday, February 12, 2018

Monday Morning Mashup. {Basketball & A Murder Mystery Party}

Happy Monday, friends!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  Our weekend went by so fast.  There really should be a day between Saturday and Sunday.

I went back through my pictures from this weekend to see what all I had actually done since Friday and here's what I found:

Friday I took no pictures.  The boys played with their friends from the second they got home until we had to finally drag them home.  I made tacos for Mason.  Craig met up with some friends at the clubhouse.  And we all laid around like lazy bums until it was time for bed.

Saturday I didn't do much better.  It was ice cold for one and that makes me want to do nothing except curl up under a giant blanket next to a fire.  But instead, I caught up on laundry.  I worked on some teacher gifts for Teacher Appreciation this week.  And then Mason had a basketball game.

After the game, we ran home to get ready for something we've been looking forward to for quite awhile!  The Slaughters had a Murder Mystery Dinner party and Craig and I were assigned the parts of Darcy Drake, a sommelier and his partner, Natalya Hall, a sommelier-in-training.  The theme was Murder in the Alps so the story was set in a ski chalet.  

We all knew our parts and had prepared and studied up beforehand.  Our characters were arriving at the chalet to prepare wine for the guests....and possibly more.  ;)

We were encouraged to dress the part so I wore black pants and a black blazer because when I googled "women sommelier" almost all of them were wearing a black blazer.  I should have gotten a picture of us at the beginning of the party.  #fail

The best part about it was that everyone stayed in character from the moment they got there!  I didn't really know what to expect but everyone totally went for it.

Most of the others were dressed in ski clothes because their characters had been skiing all day.  Once we had all introduced ourselves and mingled to get an idea of who was who, we listened to a recording that told us the details we needed to know about the murder.  After that, we had to play detective and see if we could figure out who did it and why.  

We had THE BEST TIME with this!  There were 14 of us total and there is never a dull moment with this fun group!  Unfortunately, we were all having so much fun investigating that hardly anyone took pictures.  I'm hoping some of the others have a few they'll post.

We did manage a group shot!

(No I didn't chop my hair off.  But it looks so short in this picture.)

Love this group of people!

The only thing on our agenda on Sunday was our very last basketball game of the season.  And even though we didn't win a game ALL SEASON, these boys still had so much fun and got better and better with every game.

Next up:  spring baseball!

To end our weekend, Mason and I watched the Olympics for a little bit until bedtime.  And he loves these Instagram filters.

Except the ones with the hearts.  He's not a fan of the hearts.

Hahahaha...look at that face!  #notimpressed

So that was our weekend!  

And just a reminder that my Etsy shop is full of cute teacher gift ideas!! Just make sure you order early enough!  Turnaround time is 2 weeks plus transit time without the Rush Fee so plan accordingly.  Our Teacher Appreciation week is this week and it totally surprised me.  I wasn't prepared for that so I'll be finishing up my own kids' teacher gifts this week.  

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And in case you missed my Book Review on Friday, you can find that here!

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  1. Murder in the Alps party sounds like SO much fun!!
    Ella and I love IG filters too! HA

  2. Saturday night was so much fun!! When Craig came around the corner in a suit, I knew it was game ON!

  3. Happy Monday, Nathalia. I mean, Amanda. ;)

  4. That murder mystery party sounds so much fun!!

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Please share pics of the gifts for your sons' teachers. Need new ideas.

  6. I love murder mystery dinners! How fun!

  7. The murder mystery dinner sounds like so much fun. I had never heard of one that you can do at home. Have a wonderful week!


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