Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Perfect Gray, This Is Us & Super Bowl Champs.

Well, the Monday weekend wrap up post has once again alluded me. I was way more into the game Sunday night than I thought I'd be and it was when I had planned to write this post.  And then of course, This Is Us began.  And honestly, I was just too busy sobbing and screaming "No Jack!!!  Why Jack!?  Why did you go back in, Jack?!!  Nooooooo!!!" to even consider formulating a post.



 Me too, Randall.  Me too.

Moving on.

First of all, I posted these leggings in my FB group on Friday because another blogger was just raving about them!  I wanted to know if anyone else had them and a couple of you said you had them and loved them! (As did 3500+ reviewers)  

They are very much like the Zella high waist "live in" leggings.  But these are on Amazon in a ton of color options for less than half the price.  YES.

I ordered a pair of the ankle length leggings ($23) and a two pack of the capris ($35 for two pairs!).

The capris came in this weekend and they are exactly what I expected.  I was very pleased!  The longer ones should be in soon.

Lately, I've been wearing my Zella leggings pretty much nonstop but I tend to rotate the same three pairs. This was a good chance to add in a few more to the rotation and I'm so glad I did!  I'll definitely be going back for more at this price.  #sorryZella

Anyway, here's a look at rest of our weekend...

I try not to keep one of EVERYTHING from my shop because that's just crazy but I absolutely had to keep one of these little Yay Wine! glasses for myself.  Happy Friday night to me!  Find them in the shop HERE (Only a few left!)

This is how the boys unwound.  #cozy

Saturday morning, we slept in and took it slow.  Matthew's favorite thing for me to do is scratch his back so I gave him a good scratch and told him I was going to take a picture of how red he was afterward.  Of course, he thought it was super cool.  Look at that bony little spine!  

Mason sat down for a minute in front of me and grabbed both of my feet and hugged them to him.  So I trapped him here for as long as I could because this kid doesn't take a lot of snuggle breaks during the day anymore. ;)  #ItakewhatIcanget

He left for baseball practice shortly after and Matthew left to go play with a friend.  I took that chance to get myself to Sherwin Williams to look for paint for Matthew's room makeover.

I bet y'all are so tired of hearing about my quest for the perfect gray for his room.  #sosorry

I wanted a true light gray.  Not greige.  Not blue.  Not green or purple.  GRAY.  Y'all.  This is practically impossible.  I don't know if it's the lighting in Matthew's room or what but everything is looking blue or way too dark or too taupe.

I appreciate all the DMs, comments and messages I've received on grays to try!!  I started at Sherwin Williams because it's near my house.  I chose Lazy Gray to sample and honestly, was pretty annoyed.  (If you saw my Instagram post about it the other day then you've already heard this.)

The samples are a full quart. I showed it next to my water bottle so you could see how big it is in case you aren't familiar with them.  (By the way, I had questions about what was in my bottle.  Fruit Punch Advocare Spark!  My Happy Juice.  If you haven't tried Spark before, you should.  Full disclosure: We're technically distributors but just use it for the discount.  If you need some Spark though, you can find it here.)

 One sample was almost $8.  I brushed paint onto half a wall and still had 99.8% of the paint left.  And it was too dark and too blue.  Maybe I'm just used to the Behr and Glidden samples for $3.27. But a full quart is just ridiculous for a sample.  Plus, I read on the label that you can't even use it on your walls without a topcoat.  #grrrrrrr

I would have loved to sample a ton of colors but I'm not spending my paint budget on samples.  I sort of felt like SW was pulling a fast one on me and they know what they're doing...  #notcool 

Anyway, Lazy Gray looked amazing in the can but on Matthew's walls, it just didn't work.  Not that it wouldn't work in other rooms in my house.  It's all about that lighting, y'all.

Later on, I went and tried a Behr sample called Silver Bullet that was basically the same color but without quite as much blue.  Still too dark though once it dried.  (Crazy because it looks super light!)

I took a break after awhile and did some breakfast meal prep.

These are not some genius recipe but I'll share it anyway because they are YUMMY and relatively healthy.

I made 5 of these very quickly.  Each little taco consists of one scrambled egg mixed with some diced red, green and yellow peppers, 1 piece of crumbled turkey bacon and a sprinkle of cheese.

I finish it off with some Taco Bell Mild Sauce because that just MAKES it.

Here are the tortillas I use.

They fill me up without making me feel guilty first thing in the morning.  ;)

I'm still loving these little meal prep containers too.

(I ate one immediately which is why there are only 4 shown.)

When I finished that, I went back up to Matthew's room to ponder those grays again.  Matthew was upset that we couldn't paint his room turquoise and orange.

I told him we might be able to work in an orange stripe.

Since I still wasn't happy with colors, I decided to stop by a hardware store across from our church on Sunday.  They sell Benjamin Moore and so many of y'all had given me suggestions from their!  Revere Pewter was by far the most recommended color.  Unfortunately, it was too beige for Matthew's room but....

I finally found a winner!!

And I tried the Revere Pewter sample in the boys' bathroom and ended up painting ALMOST the whole thing with just the sample can.  I have a little patch left to paint so I need to go grab another sample can this week to finish it.  

This bathroom was in DESPERATE need of a new paint job!  It looks so new and clean now!  

This color looked so different from the bedroom to the bathroom!

Here's what one of his walls currently looks like.  The winner is that lighter gray square above the light switch.

I finished up the bathroom right before kickoff and we were a house divided.  Matthew was pulling for the Patriots...

But Mason, Craig and I were cheering for Doug Pederson and his Eagles!  

Craig played with Doug his first couple of years in the NFL.  Doug was the 2nd Quarterback behind Brett and Craig was the third.  All three were good ole southern boys and got along like a house on fire.  (House on fire...This Is Us...Jack...No Jack!!!)

Anyway, Craig has this picture hanging in his office.  The good ole days!  (This was at a Tim McGraw event.  That's him on the right.  Shameless name-dropping...sorry, y'all.  It's fun to remember we used to be cool.) 

Craig went to a friend's house to watch the game because I wasn't in the mood for a party this year so the boys and I climbed into bed to watch.

We had some fun with the Instagram filters too.  I had to be sneaky in order to get this one without them knowing.

Mason and I were so excited for the Eagles!!  And Matthew thought it was sad that the Patriots lost.

Can't win 'em all, Tommy Boy.  Maybe your handful of other Super Bowl rings, your hundreds of millions of dollars and your supermodel wife can comfort you.  ;)  #sharethewealth

And LOOK!!  I found these pictures of Matthew passed out after a Super Bowl party when he was 5.  I had just put Mason to bed and was coming to tuck Matthew in when I saw him like this.  Sweet baby.

If I were given one wish in this world it would be to go back to the day I got that very first SUPER faint pink line and do this whole mom thing all over again.  I'd do it the exact same way (or almost exactly anyway.)  Look at those cheeks and sweet little lips!

So that's how we ended our weekend!  I won't get into This Is Us again because I'm still suffering.

However, I feel like this show is going to have to really bring it now.  So far they've already covered these topics:

Adoption, race, sexuality, fostering, heart attacks (2), pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth, a fire, drugs, alcohol, death, remarriage, weight, an engagement...what else is left?!  Maybe a car accident of some kind?  A wedding hopefully.  And another pregnancy and baby.  Twins maybe?

Bring it on, Pearsons!

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

UPDATE:  I've got a FLASH SALE running in the Etsy shop right now!  Take 15% off all orders of $20 or more!  Sale runs through February 7th so take advantage quickly!!  Discount does not apply to custom/private listings.

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  1. I don’t blame you one bit take any snuggles you can get!

  2. Okay, these are my favorite posts because it's just a random assortment of fun stuff!! I loved all of it!

  3. I'm still suffering from This is Us, too! I feel asleep before it came on after the Super Bowl. But watched it yesterday as I was working. FYI-it's really hard to weed vinyl through tears ;)

  4. I recently discovered that you can have a paint color lightened up! So instead of picking a different shade on the swatch you can have the color you like lightened up like 25%, 50% etc. Maybe this is an old trick...but I was amazed! And it helped me get the perfect gray for our bathroom :)

    1. I've known about this for year but I've never actually done it! I'm tempted to do it to the color I chose for the bedroom! Maybe just 25%. Thanks for mentioning that!

  5. What did you think of the sizing on the Amazon leggings? True to size?

    1. Yes! I always order whatever the 4-6 option is on size charts (small in these) and they fit great. :)

  6. I was so mad after watching This Is Us! WHYYYYY did the fire department let him leave on his own instead of taking him to the hospital in the ambulance? Why did they NOT have oxygen on him when they knew he inhaled smoke? Why was he just sitting there with nothing hooked up? Senseless, I tell you! :(

    (I get a little worked up...hehe :))

  7. Anonymous3:34 PM

    I am new to your blog and I must pick up on some random things but it made me chuckle that you also have a boy who makes you scratch his back (my 11 year old does the same!). The super-bowl pass out photo was so cuuute! Europafox x

  8. I ordered the leggings on Sunday and got them today! Love them!!!!

  9. I was SO HAPPY the Eagles lost and I am not an Eagles fan #dallas4life but yea....over the whole Tomy Brady era. Sorry not sorry.

  10. Did I say Eagles lost???? yikes If I did I meant WON! Old age eyes! LOL

  11. So glad the Eagles won! What a game!! I am going to try those leggings too, I only hear good things as well! This is Us is just so good, Jack is the best onscreen Dad!


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