Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday Favorites #46.

Helllloooooo FRIDAY!!  I can't wait until you are O.V.E.R.

This week has been long.  I feel like it's been one thing after another that is being thrown at me and I am doing a steady swing-and-a-miss with each one.

I've written several paragraphs complaining about why I feel you should NEVER put Teacher Appreciation Week on the same week as the Valentine's Day madness but I keep deleting them because I sound....less than sweet.  ;) 

Let's just say it's way too much to remember and Teacher Appreciation Week is no longer just bringing your teacher a gift at the end of the week.  #becausethatwouldbetooeasy

Anyway, since my week has been long, my Favorites list is going to be short.  I honestly just couldn't come up with a ton of favorites this week.

These sweet boys will always be my favorite though.  

On Wednesday, I joined the boys at their class parties...

I had been saving this pink sweater, especially for Valentine's Day.  And wouldn't you know it, it was 70 degrees by the end of the day.  I wore it anyway.  ;)  It's so cute and so comfortable and I love the bell sleeves.

Mason dominated at the chopsticks and candy hearts game.

And Matthew was not happy with his hair after he saw this picture.  haha

After school, they came home to a little Valentine's treat.

Candy and Pokemon cards for Mason.

And candy and baseball cards for Matthew.  They are so easy to please.  :)

For dinner, Craig cooked me a yummy steak dinner AND did the dishes.  It was exactly how we like our Valentine's Day.  Delicious but low key.  :)

Other than Valentine's and Teacher Appreciation, it's been more of the same.  Work!

Here are a few of my favorites from this week.  Keep my shop in mind for all your Teacher Appreciation needs!  ;)  SO many cute options!

(Everything available HERE in my Etsy shop!)

And I snapped a couple of pictures of the boys' teacher name signs before I got the rest of their gift all packed up.  These little signs are PERFECT for a teacher gift, y'all!  Find them HERE.

*Turnaround time is about 2 weeks so please keep that in mind! Rush Fee is available!

We are really looking forward to our weekend!  I have 20 orders to get sent out today so once those are done (hopefully by 5pm), I can relax and maybe even do some more work on Matthew's very slow-going room makeover.  I feel like it is a marathon, not a sprint with all my DIY projects.  ;)

And if you missed my last book review, find it here.

And before I go, I have to mention the Parkland school shootings.  There are just no words.  It is HORRIFYING. God bless and comfort the families of the victims and the survivors.  So many prayers.  So. many. prayers.

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  1. We are celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week in March when nothing else is going on and I'm super excited about that!
    I love the instant mom, just add coffee. My coffee spoon says instant human just add coffee. HA

  2. I thought about a new cup design for you just yesterday!! I'm apparently so into your cups that I day dream about them :) .

  3. Praying for those students, families, teachers, and the community. It just makes me absolutely sick.

  4. Why does everything have to keep getting bigger and bigger in regards to celebrations!? I can't keep up! LOL! And I'm still sick about the shooting, when will this stuff end and how does it end?

  5. That is a lot going on to have Valentine's Day and Teacher Appreciation all at once! Hope you havea relaxing weekend!

  6. Every time I see a new item in your shop, it makes me want one of everything. :) Love it all!! I just ordered the new Kristan Higgins book too.


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