Monday, February 26, 2018

Monday Morning Mashup.

Hey Monday.  You're back so soon.

I had all the big plans for this weekend, y'all.  I mentioned in my Friday Favorites that I was going to Texarkana (my hometown) to visit my parents and go to my childhood friend's baby shower.  I was SO excited to see her!  I rarely get to these days because we live about 7 hours away from each other.  (Me in McKinney, TX and her in Baton Rouge, LA.)  Not only did we grow up together but we also went to college together (the only two from our hometown that went to Northwestern State), became sorority sisters and were also roommates.

Craig was going to be at a football camp in Houston so I was taking the boys with me.  They love going to visit Nana, Papa, Uncle Jon Jon and Bentley (his dog).

Unfortunately, Mother Nature put a stop to that.

I had known all week that there would be rain on our 2.5 hour drive to Texarkana.  But Friday night, my dad texted me saying he was a little concerned about me driving the next morning because of the weather.  I told him I had to come.  I couldn't miss it.

But I started to take a closer look at the weather.  It rained here ALL WEEK LONG.  I think I was just used to it by now so I hadn't really paid all that much attention.  All I knew was we were expecting more rain.

I watched the 10:00 news Friday night though and I knew my plans were doomed.

My entire drive was going to be covered in dark green, orange, yellow and red.  For the record, Texarkana is located right behind his right shoulder.

I just couldn't risk driving through all that with my babies in the back.  


Saturday morning, I woke up and immediately checked the radar just to see if anything had changed and it hadn't.  I was almost in tears.  I let my friend know I couldn't make it and canceled the trip.

At this point, I hadn't even seen the boys yet.  I hadn't even left my room because I'd been so obsessed with figuring out for sure if this trip was going to happen.  Craig came in and told me Matthew was saying he didn't feel good.  I went to check on him and his little cheeks were flushed, he was warm but didn't have a fever and was super stuffy and snotty.  You could just see it in his eyes that he didn't feel well.

As much as I hated seeing him sick, it did make me feel better about canceling the trip.  I wouldn't have been able to go anyway.

So Saturday, this guy laid around a whole lot and I had to find something to do since I hadn't planned on being there.  When I have free time I'm doing one of two things.  Lounging around and watching HGTV or Bravo OR taking on a giant project.  There's not a lot of middle ground there.  And 9 times out of 10 I'm finding a new giant project instead of lounging.

I have been all inspired to tackle my closet lately.  We have a pretty big closet and it has a lot of potential.  But in order to use it to the fullest potential we'll need to do some demolition and add some built-ins.

That's not really on our to-do list until MAYBE the summer so I thought I'd at least get in there and do what I could do make it look better.

Just a few months ago, I went through my clothes and cleaned out a ton of stuff.  I got rid of so much!  If you remember from last time, I was debating on whether or not I should toss all my beloved velour tracksuits.  ;)  I haven't worn them in YEARS but I hated to part with them.  I ended up tossing a ton but held on to quite a few as well.  Just in case.

This time, I was RUTHLESS and ended up with 3 giant black trash bags full of clothes and shoes to donate and one full of stuff to just trash.  And yes, even more tracksuits ended up in the trash bags.  Sad day.

I did some rearranging and organizing and it felt so much better but I didn't get to the whole thing.

Sorry, I have no great pictures because I only did half the closet.  I haven't touched Craig's side yet.  Once I get the rest done, I'll add in some pictures.  For the record, I'm fairly certain you'd look at it right now and be all "That's it?  It just looks like a fairly neat closet.".  Haha.  I've been pinning dream closets and tons of ideas lately though so those are my #goals.  

Lately, I feel like my whole life is full of half-finished DIY projects.  I can think of three works-in-progress at the moment.  I may need therapy.  The last start to finish DIY project was the Pantry Makeover.

After a while, I went to check on Matthew.  Craig had left for Houston by this point and when I walked into the living room, Matthew was still in the same spot looking pathetic.  I sat down next to him and Abby jumped up with us and snuggled up. I even got a smile.

And then it went away.

Poor kid.  The rain finally stopped and Mason ran outside to play but Matthew didn't feel like doing anything but stepping outside for a few minutes because he said he needed some fresh air.

It's no fun being sick.

After I got the boys in bed later that night, I crawled into my big ole bed and found Father of the Bride II on TV.  Father of the Bride 1 and 2 are in my top 10 list of favorite movies ever.  I just love George Banks. 

And Nina and Annie.

And this is my dream house.  So gorgeous.

Yesterday morning we all slept late.  I knew Matthew was in no shape to go to church and he proved that when he woke up.  Snot city.

I told him to give me his best sick face.  (He didn't really feel THIS bad.)

He had already gone through the entire box of tissues so I just gave him a plastic grocery bag and a roll of toilet paper and told him to make sure he puts his used tissue in there.  He was still flushed but no fever and kept telling me nothing tasted right.  That happens to me when I'm sick too.  I'm pretty sure he just has a bad cold.  I'm just hoping it doesn't turn into a sinus infection.

So Sunday he did a whole lot of nothing.  Again.  I gave him extra screen time because I felt so bad for him.  Mason went to his friend Preston's guitar recital and then the batting cages so he was occupied for most of the day.

I got this picture from Preston's mom with Preston's little sister.

And then later that night, I headed over to a girls' social for our Sunday School class.  We love gift exchanges, good food and each other so it's always a fun time.  We also love your beautiful home, Shay Shull.  ;)  Thanks for hosting!

I walked away with this super cute Clinique double-sided lip scrub and balm and gifted my favorite little hair product.

So that was my weekend.  Today, Matthew is staying home from school.  At bedtime last night, he was still kind of a mess.  :(

Craig will be home from Houston.  I'll be picking up groceries.  I think someone has baseball practice.  I've got a ton of orders to get out.  And I need to figure out what I'm making for dinner.

I also wanted to come back and mention the annivesary of sweet Manda's entrance into Heaven.  I was just getting to know Manda when she took a turn for the worse, so I don't feel worthy of a full post on this sad day.  I will leave that to her most precious friends.  But if you want to read my post from last year about her you can find that here.  Praying for God's peace and comfort to blanket her family and friends today.

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  1. Awwww...bummer about missing your trip! But maybe a weekend on the couch is just what Matthew needed. :)

  2. So sorry Matthew isn't feeling well! I hope he feels better soon!! Glad you got in some girl time last night!

  3. I hate when plans don't work out, but sounds like you had the sweetest weekend with your boys. :)

  4. I love that lip scrub!

  5. Anonymous7:28 AM

    So sorry you didn't get to go away this week-end! Sorry in my last comment I didn't realise you already lived in Texas! Best wishes to your son to get better - I know from experience boys hate being sick (even when you've a cute dog to cuddle!). I don't know if yours is like mine but when rally sick he goes quiet and that freaks me out the most as he is such a chirpy, chatty thing usually! Hope your week gets better (although your girls social sounded fab!) - all the best - Joanne x

  6. My family was in Dallas this weekend for NCA at the convention center. My daughter’s team had zero deductions & took 8th in their division (awesome for their first NCA experience at 5yrs old) but all I got to bring home to Houston was a cold. That rain was awful!

  7. So sorry you missed your trip. You had mentioned that you might do a post about your friendship...because I am nosey (haha)I hope you still consider doing it. I like hearing about different people's life stories.
    Also, fellow velour warmup fan. I still have one that I can't seem to give is just too comfortable.


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