Thursday, January 28, 2021


Welcome to Throwback Thursday, y'all!

Last Sunday, I posted some throwback pics of Craig during his playing days in the NFL on social media in honor of the Packers and Bills playoff games that day. I know a lot of you guys are new readers and haven't heard much about that part of my life so I thought it'd be fun to answer some of the questions you asked in my IG stories and give you a little glimpse into what life looked like for us back then!

To catch you up if you are new, my husband played in the NFL for 7 seasons as a backup quarterback. He was drafted to the Packers in the 5th round in 2002 and spent his first 4 years there backing up Brett Favre. (Yes, he was also there when Aaron Rodgers got drafted too. That was quite a shock for the entire GB organization actually and it was a huge blow for Craig, as you can imagine.) 

After that, he became a free agent, signed his first "big" contract to compete for the starting job in Buffalo, and Day 1 and 2 of training camp were outstanding...until the last 15 minutes on Day 2. 

I was there watching that day. He pulled up from taking a snap and tore his hamstring which took him out for 3 weeks. And basically, that was that. When I tell you that was the saddest moment in his football career, I'm not kidding. We knew that going to Buffalo and them not having a set starter was a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone like him. It was make or break time. And he was looking solid. I have no doubt in my mind that he would have won that starting job if it weren't for that hamstring. That's the saddest part of the whole thing. He knew it and I knew it.

When he came out of the locker room after practice, there were tears in his eyes. He knew that this hamstring was most likely the beginning of the end of his career. This was his big shot and now there was no way to even compete for that job. He'd be on the sidelines watching until this thing healed and the other QBs would be there showing out every day.  It was heart-wrenching that something so small could throw off the trajectory of someone's life like that. Had he not have torn it, who knows what would have happened. But he did and he fought like hell to come back and prove himself once it was better but by then the season was starting and they had a new starter. He was always awesome when he did get to play though.

Then the next season one of the QBs retired so they drafted a new guy which was very reminiscent of the situation he left in Green Bay after they drafted Aaron Rodgers. When they draft a guy high up, they are paying him a lot of money. And they want a return on their investment. So that kid is given every opportunity to succeed. So between the starting QB and the high paid draft pick, they get all the snaps while the other guy (Craig) just gets a few here and there. It's very hard to compete for a job when you aren't given a chance to even touch the ball. There are a lot of politics involved and a lot of it is incredibly unfair but it is what is. He played for a full year with the Bills, then spent the next 2 seasons bouncing from the Bills, to the Texans to the Packers and then his last game ever was with the Texans. 

That's his buddy, Jim from Green Bay. Jim worked the Packers security while Craig was there and they formed a tight friendship. Jim always made sure Craig had a place to go for Thanksgiving or Christmas when I was still in college and he was up there alone. We love Jim. :)

I've actually written up an entire post about a lot of this stuff though so I'm going to send you guys HERE to read all about my "Confessions of an NFL Wife" I wrote back in 2017. It'll answer a lot of questions you probably have but before you go, here are a few that aren't over there that y'all asked.


Definitely one of the top questions we get. 😂 But yes. Craig and Brett hit it off right away when Craig was just a rookie QB. Both of them were good ole southern boys who love to hunt, fish and play golf. Brett is a huge prankster and Craig was happy to be his sidekick on a lot of those. I could tell some stories but I don't think I want some reporter picking up on them and bringing up any unwanted attention. Also, if you know us in real life, you've probably already heard Craig tell them all. 😂

You can imagine what kind of comments this next picture gets from all Craig's buddies. 🙄 #boyhumor

They still keep in touch and text occasionally. They are good people, those Favres.


We have not been back to Buffalo since he played. It was only our home for about a year and a half and although we loved it there, it wasn't "our team" and we weren't very happy with the way they did things. We have been back to Green Bay several times though and Craig is still very active with the Alumni Association there. He's been asked to do appearances at several Alumni events on game weekends over the years and those are so much fun! I get to tag along and watch him do his thing and it still amazes me that people recognize him after all these years.

You can read more about past trips to GB HERE, HERE and HERE (the last one is not a GB trip but a Dallas vs GB weekend here in Dallas).


Go Pack Go!! 💚💛

That organization is just something special. We will always be Packers fans first.

 Green Bay was just such an amazing team to be apart of. They had amazing facilities and their stadium was beautiful. It gets better and better every year, I swear. You just can't compare that atmosphere or that energy on game day to anything else. It's just special.

Buffalo games always felt like going to a college game. The stadium was basic, the tailgating was nothing like it was in Green Bay...the energy just wasn't the same there. We loved our house, our friends there and the city but it never gave us that "Wow, this is incredible" kind of feeling.


We loved our house. I drove around with the realtor while Craig was having a meeting with the coaches before we'd officially moved there and picked this house out in an instant. It was the Father of the Bride house I'd always dreamed of.

Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of pictures of the inside but I did have a great time looking through the house and all the updates that have been done since we lived there on Zillow! (Although I don't agree with a lot of their decor choices. haha) It was cozy even though it looks big. We finished the basement and made it into the perfect entertaining space. (They still have our pool table and theater chairs!) We were definitely the party house! Lots of poker nights, Christmas and NYE parties, girls nights, movie was so much fun. I will always miss that house and having a dang basement! 

We got a ton of snow because we lived half a mile from Lake Erie. Lake Effect Snow was something we were very used to after our time there. (See that white line under the skyline? That's Lake Erie.)

Seeing snow outside like this was not unusual.

So yes, we loved our house, the town (we lived outside of Buffalo in Hamburg) and our friends!!


I laughed when I read this one because I've never actually thought of them in terms of that before! So I can't tell you. I had good friends on both sides of the ball.

And the rest of the questions can be answered over HERE in my Confessions of an NFL Wife post.

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And that's it for today, friends!! Hope this was a fun post for you!! I always love walking down Memory Lane! (And talking all things #collagen too. 🤪)



  1. I love these pics from Craig's days in the NFL! They're so much fun!

  2. Anonymous11:14 AM

    So cool to read about your NFL past- your boys must be so thrilled their Dad was a REAL DEAL NFL player- my boys would go crazy if they had a friend with that connection! Your hair looks great in pics in yesterday post- love the color and the style

    1. It's just starting to feel real to them lately! And thank you!! Just got those highlights done. ;)

  3. Like I said earlier on your Instagram post.....TRUE NFL ROYALTY...what a wonderful experience for you and Craig and now your boys as they soak it all up.

    1. It really was such a fun time!! Can't wait to take them to Green Bay!

  4. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Ok that house in Buffalo is to die for!! You have not aged at all- no fair. Agree with comment above- I am taking pic of your hair for my stylist, the highlight/color is perfection
    Mary Beth

  5. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Greenbay is my 12 year old sons favorite team.

  6. Oh my goodness - I'm from Hamburg! I'm sorry your experience wasn't amazing - I'm such a huge Bills fan. Thanks for sharing!

    1. No way! Do y'all have any mexican restaurants up there yet?! 😂😂😂 That is one thing we could never find!! I think we finally found ONE but it wasn't all that great. We need our chips and salsa!


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