Monday, September 25, 2017

Craig's 20th Reunion Weekend.

Hey there, friends!  Hope you all had a great weekend and are prepped and ready for the first full week of Fall!!  Unfortunately, many of us in the south are still suffering in the sweltering heat.  And it is not fun.

So annoying.

So this past weekend we took a little trip to Alexandria, Louisiana which is Craig's hometown.  It was his 20th high school reunion weekend!  I can't believe we are so old.  Craig's 3 years ahead of me in school (I was the class of 2000) but my 20th will be here before I know it and I'm having a hard time accepting the fact that it's been that long.  It seriously seems like yesterday which, I know, is such a cliche thing to say but it is so true.

Friday morning we pulled the boys out of school before lunch and hit the road.  I brought along my new favorite fall tumbler in the black confetti glitter and my new coffee mug.  (Available in my Etsy shop!)

  The trip from Mckinney to Alexandria is about 5 hours which means Mama gets to NAP. #yeeeeessssss

Matthew and I both get super carsick so we popped some Dramamine and were out pretty quick.  That stuff works like a charm but makes me so groggy.  I feel like I'm in a fog for the rest of the day and just want to sleep for a week!  I'll take that any day though over puking in a car.  ;)

When we arrived, we changed clothes and headed out to the Alexandria Senior High Homecoming game.  I know Craig likes to come back to games when he can.  This field holds so many memories for him.  They retired his number (#16) many years ago, so no one will ever wear that number again at ASH.  Pretty cool.  :) #proudwife

Of course, the boys brought their own football to throw around.

I was pretty impressed with ASH's run through situation before the game! 

Craig got a few sideline passes so he took the boys to play on the sidelines while I watched from the stands...just waiting for some giant football player to run over my baby.  (Most likely Mason...he's my accident-prone kid.)

They were completely oblivious to those the actual game though.  They were running and tackling each other and throwing the ball around the whole time they were down there.  I'm not sure they watched any of the game going on right in front of them.

I had to text Craig at least once to make sure to keep an eye on them when the team was down on their end of the field.

Sweaty, silly boys.  :)

On Saturday, Craig took the boys fishing and I decided to hit up the little mall to see what I could find.  The Alexandria mall is small.  But they do have a Dillards which is one of my favorites so I started there.

I ended up with this top and may wear it for our family pictures with Narci on Saturday.  I'm definitely going with a navy theme so our pictures will match our decor.  I'm thinking mustard for an accent color?d

I also ended up with this jacket (in the "tobacco" color) and oh my gosh it is soooo soft!!  It's less than $60 but feels like a $400 jacket.  I love it!  Now if it would just cool off...

While I was gone, Mimi had taken the boys to see the new Lego movie.  Thank you, Mimi, for getting me out of that one!!  Not a Lego movie fan.

And you know how I said Mason was my accident-prone kid?  Well, when they were playing baseball in the front yard, he threw the ball up into the trees and it came crashing down right on his eye. 

 (Face palm)

So tough.  ;)

Saturday night was the reunion, so we got ourselves dressed and headed out to The Diamond Grill in downtown Alexandria for a Louisiana Saturday Night!

It was so hot, even my camera lens was fogging up.

Blouse / Black Jeans (love!  Under $60!) / Necklace sold out, similar here / Similar heels / Similar earrings

The reunion was fun!  I even pulled Craig on to the dance floor when The Dance by Garth Brooks came on.  ;)  Craig had a good time seeing all his old classmates.  At his 10 year reunion, I was pregnant with Matthew so this time around I had a lot more fun.  

I forced Craig and his friend, Jason, to take this one.  They've been best friends since they were little.

Sunday morning, we took our sweet time getting packed up before heading back to Mckinney.

The boys love this little "playroom".  And yes, I know it looks like the boys are always on their electronics but trust me, they did some major playing this weekend.  It was just so stinkin' hot outside.  And when they are on their electronics, I'm actually able to snap a pic without anyone hiding/making a silly face/telling me no.  ;)

So that was our weekend!  We are ready for another busy, busy week!

Happy Monday!!

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  1. oh my gosh, what a fun weekend. Our 20th class reunion is next year and I can't even...
    I LOVE that navy and white top! It will look great on you!

  2. What a fun weekend!! That color combo for your family pics will be so cute!

  3. I want that first tumbler!!! Can you order me one??? I'm obsessed with it ;) .

  4. Girl I feel like we are living in Texas right now with this random extreme heat we are having! I can't imagine it always being like this hahaha! So much fun at the reunion and poor Mason! Glad he was OK!

  5. It looks like you had a fun weekend, despite the heat! It's sweltering in Pittsburgh, too!

  6. What a fun time despite all the crazy heat and humidity. I have been on the hunt for a blouse that color (blue). I love those tumblers.


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