Thursday, September 7, 2017

Latte Maker Love.

Happy Thursday, friends!!  I had plans to post yesterday but Tuesday got away from me and it just didn't happen. This whole week has been fairly disappointing in the whole mom/wife/adulting department aside from my (awesome) first-time meal prepping.  (Check out that post here!)

Being out of school on Monday just threw my work week off, so I've been busier each day than I had planned on.  And that has just thrown me off my game. Boo.  But we had a great time at our neighbor's pool party!

We ate street tacos, cheesy dips, and other yummy appetizers and watched all these boys (and one girl!) swim and get a little crazy!

At one point, they decided to build a little fort out of towels.

So cute!  I love that our neighborhood has such a tribe of boys!

On Tuesday, I woke up tired with a (still) sore back but once the kids got off to school I turned to my new favorite thing.

My new latte maker.

If you love espresso, cappuccino or lattes you MUST check this out!!  

Hello, gorgeous!

I did a little research on Amazon to see what I could find and how much it would cost me.  And after much deliberation, I ended up choosing this guy!

I know I touched on my newest obsession on Monday but let me tell you...this thing is awesome!!  And it was sooooooo much cheaper than I ever thought it'd be.  I guess in my mind I was thinking I'd need to spend several hundred dollars in order for me to have a real coffee house coffee in my own home in under 5 minutes.  But I was so wrong!!

This one is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon and with Amazon Prime it ships free!  (I know I sound like a commercial!!!)  I ordered it last Saturday night at 11pm and it showed up on my doorstep on Sunday by 7pm.  On a Sunday, y'all!! I have alllll the heart eyes for Amazon Prime.

I got mine for around $130 with free next day shipping. I know prices fluctuate some on Amazon so you'll have to check it to see what it's going for right now.  But it has great reviews and I am so happy!!

A little backstory:

I have never been a coffee girl.  I rarely found myself at Starbucks but when I was there (usually because I was with someone who wanted to go), I would order a hot chocolate.  I just didn't like coffee and didn't know what to order.  After some suggestions from friends, I ventured out past my hot chocolate order and got the next best thing.  A skinny mocha latte.

I mean, that's pretty darn close to hot chocolate while still technically being considered a coffee.  Right?

Anyway, I quickly became hooked on lattes of all flavors and Starbucks became a 2-3 times a month thing.  No major addiction, but I did love them.

Now here's where it gets a little embarrassing.  (This was all pre-latte maker.)

I started trying to recreate the taste at home.  I bought Starbucks Mocha coffee from the store and made a pot.  And it was awful.  It definitely needed the milk.  I heated up some milk to add to it.  But then it didn't feel rich enough.  So I decided to throw in some hot chocolate powder and finally got a flavor that I loved!  So all that became my new coffee drink of choice from home.  But it was such a hassle every time that I only made it once a week or so.  And yeah, I also added in some of that amazing chocolate caramel creamer too.  #somanycalories #sogood

I was starting to find myself at Starbucks all the time though but that's just not always convenient either.  So I knew that I wanted to hunt for a latte maker of my very own.  :)

Seriously.  Look at that foam!!  It is super easy to use and to clean which is good or I would not be raving about it right now. I'm still learning how to mix flavors to create different lattes (even pumpkin spice--obviously!) but it comes with a little booklet that gives you some easy to follow recipes.

While I can't say I've used the espresso button yet---nor do I ever have plans to do so---I have used the latte and cappuccino functions at least once a day since it arrived.

It just makes me happy!!  I highly recommend adding this to your Christmas/birthday/anniversary wish list or grab it now so you'll be able to make yourself your very own pumpkin spice latte every morning, all fall long!  It also is great for actual hot chocolate as well since it heats the milk!  I have no doubt this thing will pay for itself quickly in all the money I'll be saving by not running to Starbucks every time the craving strikes.  ;)  

Although, I won't give it up completely.  Now that's just crazy talk.

And while we're talking coffee, be sure to check the shop for all these great coffee mugs!

glitterdipped here

and here
And personalized Starbucks cups here.

Let me know if you have a suggestion on another drink I should try that you think I'd like!!  I definitely get stuck in ruts.  ;)

Have a happy happy Thursday, girls!!  See you back here for Friday Favorites!!



  1. I have never heard of that machine before!! I am kind of obsessed with it now though. That's fantastic!

  2. Haha that's awesome you concocted your own drink but I can totally see that being a hassle everytime you want it LOL!! I'm a huge coffee drinker but a latte here and there is sooo good!

    1. I wish I could drink just regular coffee! Maybe I'll get there someday. ;)

  3. This looks awesome! Lattes are my favorite :)

  4. I've seen these before but wasn't sure how good they would make it. Sounds like we have similar taste buds for "coffee" so I'm pretty sure you just talked me into adding another appliance to my kitchen :) I've gotten too comfortable going through Starbucks, but $5 every time is not good. Maybe I'll ask for this for Christmas!

  5. Now I want that machine. Going to check it out NOW. It might just be arriving at my house on Monday. :)

  6. Can you make just regular coffee with this machine also or is it just lattes and cappuccinos?

    1. My husband asked the same thing so I looked through the booklet and it said to just select the "large" espresso button, twice. You can use any coffee grounds. My hubs prefers to just use his basic old school coffee maker though for regular coffee. Hope that helps!


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