Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday Favorites #27. {9.15.17}

Yeah.  It's been a long week.  For several reasons.  But we'll get to that.

Like every Friday, I am linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci for Friday Favorites!

Let's start with the happy stuff!  The true favorites!  And then we'll get to why this week has lasted FOR.EV.ER. (#namethatmovie)

Wednesday, I found a super cute little chevron box on my doorstep!  I'm a big online shopper plus I'm constantly having tumblers/water bottles/supplies delivered for my Etsy shop, so finding boxes at my doorstep is a pretty common thing.

But this one was CUTE so I knew it must be special.

And it was!!!!

My girl, Shay, is at it again.  She has another AMAZING little cookbook, Simmers, coming out in October!  It is full of slow cooker recipes that are quick and easy to throw together.  Basically, they will make you feel like super mom at the end of the day.  Every time I use my crockpot, I feel like I am winning at life.  Throw it all in in the morning and when it's time to call everyone in for dinner, just scoop it out and pat yourself on the back for a making such a fabulous meal.  :)  And for being so organized.

You can pre-order the book on Amazon right now and it'll be on your doorstep as soon as it's released!

I've been drooling over a ton of the recipes for the past two days...  Unfortunately, I am on an all mush diet at the moment so, it's basically torture.  All I want to do is make some brisket nachos and I can't!!  Keep reading...

An Un-favorite.

I'll go ahead and use this opportunity to explain why this week is taking FOR.EV.ER.

On Tuesday morning, I got braces put on my bottom teeth.  I thought it would be no big deal.  I've had braces before as a kid.  But they shifted a lot as an adult on bottom so it was time to do something about it.  I don't have a smile that shows my bottom teeth so really, vanity wise, I was ok with it.  (Is that shallow?  It's just the truth.  No one WANTS to have a smile full of metal.  And Invisalign and clear braces were both ruled out for various reasons.)

But HOLY FREAKIN' COW, MAN.  I've had so many issues that I didn't plan on!  For starters, the actual doctor never even came over to "sign off" on me once my braces were placed by the assistant.  He never checked me once during my visit, even though he walked right by me several times.  Is that weird?

I had to mention to the assistant that when I would bite down, my top teeth were biting down on the bottom brackets.  I mean, that can't be good, right?  Wouldn't that be something you'd check?

So she put these bite blocks on my back molars so that when I would bite down, the only teeth that would touch were those bite blocks on the molars so I wouldn't eat my brackets.

I cannot begin to tell you how much that sucks.

I couldn't handle only having two back molars doing all the work for me when I tried to chew.  It was awful.  It was awkward.  And there's no way I could go 10 months like this.  So I called to see if that was normal and they told me to come back in the next day and they would see what they could do.

So I went back in on Wednesday.  And long story short, she shaved down the bite blocks so much that once again, I'm chomping on my brackets.  And the doc didn't check on me that time either.  Grrr....

It hasn't been a huge deal yet though because I can't chew anything anyway.  My mouth is so sore.  My jaw hurts.  The inside of my bottom lip is ripped to shreds.  My face is even a little puffier than normal.  (And I have some cheeks, y'all.)

Here's what I've eaten since they were put on Tuesday morning at 9:30.

Water.  A latte.  (Thank you, amazing new latte maker!)  Two spoonfuls of Cookie Two Step ice cream.  (Chocolate chip cookie dough plus cookies and cream?!  OMG it's AMAZING!!)

And then that Tuesday night we had two ball games back to back.  Mason played at 6 and Matthew played at 7:45.  So sometimes, we drive the couple of minutes to Sonic and get something to eat while we watch Matthew play.  I was STARVING obviously.  But couldn't eat anything.  My mouth hurt and I had those weird bite things in.  Miserable, y'all.

Fake smile.  Hurting.  And ignoring the backseat mess.

My dinner was a strawberry milkshake.

And by the way, Matthew pitched for the first time Tuesday night!  He struck out two (including his very first batter!) and did sooooo good!!  He also pitched again last night.  Craig and I were grinning from ear to ear.  Matthew was so proud of himself too and realizes he actually likes it!

Wednesday is the day I called to have them "fixed". That day I had a latte, water, a smoothie and entire pint of ice cream for dinner.  Yeah, that's it.  

Thursday things got even worse.  One of my brackets popped off and my soreness was at an all-time high.  I still couldn't eat.  There were moments of wanting to cry and moments of wanting to scream.  #whydidIdothis?!

So yeah, all I could do was stare at Shay's cookbook and drool all over the brisket nachos and chicken spaghetti.


Instead, I made this.

It was actually really good.  I added butter and cheese since it was the only thing I'd eat all day.  I'm still counting down the days until I can chomp down on those brisket nachos though.

I absolutely hate having these stupid braces and can only hope it will get better soon.  I have to go in today again to see what they can do.  Super annoyed.

So there's "Favorite" #2.  An absolute non-favorite.  Un-favorite.  Not sure what to call it.  I just know mama is not happy right now!  #andImstarving

These jeans are supposed to be arriving today!! I can't WAIT!!!  They come in a 32 or 34 length so I got the 32 and am hoping they'll work for me!  I love flares. Flare jeans and a comfy tee are my favorite combo.

To check out all of my other must-haves for fall, click here!  So many cute options for flares, skinny jeans, cute tops and some favorite fall shoes!!  Wednesday's post should just be an extension of my Friday Favorites because there are just many there.  Come on, Fall!!

I mentioned my wreath last week but it finally arrived!!  I splurged on this thing but I know I'll be able to use it from now until the end of November and for years to come.  The little owl in the center was just the icing on the cake.  It's so cute!!!  

I love supporting other Etsy mamas, so be sure to check her store out here!

Mason and I have started watching an episode of Diff'rent Strokes (did you know that's how they spell it?!) every night before bed.  I used to watch it as a kid with my dad so when I saw that you could watch the entire series on Starz On Demand, I was excited!  It is so much funnier than I even remember it being!  The acting reminds me of how the acting is in a play but Arnold is hysterical and I just want to pinch his cheeks so hard!!

So cute.


Snuggling with my boys is my most favorite thing to do EVER.  And they are getting so big, so fast.  They STINK.  They are hormonal.  (Especially the 9-year-old.) But they love being tricked into "sniggling" with their mama.  Matthew is my sensitive one and when you go into hug him, he doesn't let go.  He loves to be hugged but he doesn't want you to know that he does!

Mason, on the other hand, is always on the move.  He doesn't like to sit still long enough to snuggle up with me.  So I have to trick him.  ;)  He loves having his back scratched so I usually offer that or I saw he can get in our bed and watch TV.  Once he climbs in, he's all cuddles.  He also never pulls away when start kissing those sweet cheeks.  He loves me fawning all over him.  They both do.  They are just starting to realize it's not cool.  Silly boys.  It's always cool to love on your mama.

My bonus #icanteven of the week goes to these beauties!  ;)

Nordstrom calls these Gucci shoes a "Gladiator Loafer".

I just call them ugly.

I can't imagine even Giselle's legs looking good in these shoes.  So please, save your $1,890.




  1. Oh Amanda!! I'm so sorry to hear that about your braces! Maybe we can blend up those brisket nachos for you? ;)

  2. Yay!!! I'm so glad you are enjoying Simmers!!!! Thank you for sharing it!!! xo

    1. I'm loving it! And I know I'll love it even more when I can actually eat solid food again. 😂😂

  3. Girl I hope you get some relief some. I can't wait for my copy of Simmers to arrive!!
    Love your wreath!

  4. I hope you start feeling better soon! Not fun at all. And those shoes...NO! Hahaha!

    1. Thank you!! And yes, those shoes... no ma'am!! 🙈

  5. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Wow, that FALL wreath is gorgeous !!!

    1. Isn't it pretty?!! The shop owner had some seriously cute ones to choose from!! I will probably be going back for a Christmas one!

  6. Hope your mouth starts feeling better soon!! What a good excuse to eat Cookie Two Step though :) It's incredible! And that wreath looks precious on your door!

    1. It kind of is, right?! haha. That stuff is HEAVEN!!

  7. It's going to be SO worth it!!!! I seriously went through depression when I first got my braces. Everything was hard to eat. I had those "speed bumps" too. Ugh!!! I'm so happy I did it though. You will be too. Get through the first couple months and they will be pretty much straight and you won't have the bite issues anymore. That's so weird that he didn't come check on you. Mine came every single time and checked my bite everywhere before I would leave. Hang in there and take some ibuprofen!!!

    1. At least at the end of this I'll have straight teeth and be super skinny! ;) And yeah, I'm definitely going to mention that maybe the actual DOCTOR might want to come take a look this time! Thank you for the encouragement, friend!

  8. Bless your heart on the braces situation! Sounds like the Dentist needs to step his game up :( Misery is no fun! Hope you get some relief today!

    1. Yes he does!! He should know he has a potential review on this blog as well as one on yelp and google! ;)

  9. I'm so sorry about your braces. I have another local recommendation for an ortho if you decide to switch. We've got two in braces right now and both have bite blocks but they haven't complained and we were told ahead of time they would be put on and why. They do degrade occasionally and we've had a couple replaced but I guess that's normal. Hang in there! Hoping they pain subsides soon!!

    1. That's so nice of you! Thank you!! I will definitely keep it it in mind if things don't get better. I looked reviews on the doctor/practice I'm going to now and they are all glowing! So maybe this isn't the norm and they'll get it together. ;)

  10. The braces will get better!! Literally the entire first month all I could think was what have I done?? I've made a horrible mistake! But a few weeks in and a few pounds lighter and I was totally used to them. Hang in there!

    1. Yes, that's what I keep thinking!! Why did I do this!!! haha. Everyone keeps telling me it will get better so I'm just going to suck it up and enjoy the weight loss benefits. ;) Thanks!!

  11. Anonymous3:34 PM

    I'm sure someone already told you this, but try taking ibuprofen! It helps with the soreness so much! You can do it.

  12. I hope the braces are better by now! But sidenote, I use to eat those mashed potatoes all the time and they were my jam!! Way to go Matthew for striking out 2 batters!

  13. I am a dental assistant for an orthodontist. I have been doing this for 15 years and I have never heard of an assistant putting on the braces!! We change wires and do a lot but the doctor should be placing the braces. I'm seriously floored and a little angry for you. Not to mention, I'm 99% sure it's against the law for her to use the drill. It always has been unless that suddenly changed. Even if it's just a wire change that we do, the doctor should always check you before you leave. I'm sorry you are having a hard time. For the inside of your lip swish with warm salt water a few times a day. You can totally put a whole strip of dental wax across the braces. If you are out and about and don't have wax with you, a chewed piece of sugar free gum works for wires that are sticking. Hope it gets better for you!


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