Monday, September 18, 2017

Miscellaneous Monday.

Happy Monday, friends!  As I sat down to type up my Monday post, I looked through my pictures and from the weekend and there were approximately 3.  And they weren't even good ones.  I've got to get better at remembering to take pictures.

Here's what the weekend looked like in a nutshell.

Friday night Mason had a 7:30 game and Matthew had a birthday party to go to from 5:30 to 8.  Craig left straight from a golf tournament to meet Mason at the game and I had to miss Mason's game in order to pick Matthew up at 8.  Boo.  

I snapped a quick pic when I showed up to get Matthew.  They were playing tug of war with a towel.  Not the best picture but there were boys hopped up pizza and sugar everywhere and they looked like they had a blast!

I worked on orders Saturday morning and then we left for Mason's noon football game.

It was so hot.  We are so ready for some cooler weather.  

When we got home, I spent the rest of the day working on orders.  I am so boring.  But I have so many orders.

Which is why today's post is a Miscellaneous Monday post instead of a Weekend Wrap Up.  There's just not a whole lot to wrap up.  ;)

  Friday morning, we will be heading to Louisiana for Craig's high school reunion so I have to get all the orders that are scheduled to ship this week finished by Thursday.  And that is right around 100 separate items that need to be made, packed and shipped in the next 4 days. #yikes

So I skipped church this morning which I HATE doing but I needed every second I could get in order to get all these done on time.  It will be an absolute MIRACLE if I get that happens.  (I'm definitely going to need some divine intervention!) 

I even ended up skipping our Sunday School Book Exchange party because I knew I needed to keep going while I was in the zone.

I've got 15 of these to make.  They are my favorite fall signs though!!  

I've got a ton of other signs to make as well but the ones above have been the biggest seller so far this season.

I also listed a few new designs on some coffee mugs!  These designs can be put on any cup and even made into a sign.  Just message me for more details!

Colors can be changed too.  I just did the examples in all black which I kind of like.  :)

I also made quite a few of these.

I also go in several tumblers that have been out of stock lately so if you've been waiting for a restock, go check it out now!

I'm also going to be adding an all black confetti option in this tumbler (below) today!! Perfect for the fall!

Find them all in the shop here!

And remember!  If you are shopping from your phone, tap on Item Details for all the ordering info and Shipping & Policies for the turnaround time!

Moving on from business...

Tonight I have a dinner date with 2 of my favorite girls and I am just hoping I'll be able to actually eat something other than mashed potatoes or soup.

The braces thing is getting a TINY bit better.  I am going in today (I hope) in order to get a bracket put back on that I already bit off and see what they can do about me chomping on these things when I chew.  Eating used to be so fun (right!?!) and now it just SUCKS.  I'm trying to be patient though while I adjust but still.  It sucks.  I still hate them.  And I still wonder why I did this to myself.  Thankfully, I have some super supportive friends who have also had braces and are happy to give me tips on how to make it less annoying. #thankyoufriends

On a happy note, my flare jeans came in Friday afternoon and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! They fit me perfectly, give my butt a little lift and are so cute with a casual tee or a fancier top.  Since they come in a 32 or 34 length, I chose the 32 length and they may be an inch too long but it's no big deal and nothing compared to some of my other flares.  I'm super happy and they will be in constant rotation.

So if you're looking for some cute, casual flares go check these out!  I was prepared to send them back if I didn't just absolutely HAVE to have them since they aren't super cheap but there's no way I could once I put them on.

For more of my favorite flares and fall wardrobe must-haves, go here.  Bring on Fall!!!

Hope you all have a great Monday!!  If you need me, I'll be covered in paint and glitter in my little craftroom at the top of my stairs.  ;)



  1. Girl you are making me tired!! I love the new designs. "Give me all the pumpkin spice" is my favorite! and they look great in black and white!

  2. I hope you get to enjoy your night out tonight! So sorry your braces are so painful!

    1. Thanks friend!! Hope y'all had fun at the book exchange last night!! I was bummed I had to miss!! :(

  3. I just love all of your work, but your fall and Christmas signs are my absolute FAVORITE!!

    1. Awww thanks so much, Shay!! They are my favorite to make!! I've got a few new Christmas designs in the works right now!

  4. I hope you can get some rest after making all of those signs!

  5. Best of luck with all of your orders! Such cute fall signs! Going to check them out now :)

  6. It's been SO hot here too (chicago) and it's usually not so we don't know what to do with ourselves haha! Your stuff is just so darn cute!!


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