Friday, September 8, 2017

Friday Favorites #26. {9.8.17.}

Hello, lovely ladies!!  Raise your hand if you are excited it's Friday!!!  This week started off pretty darn amazing for me (see Monday's post).

I cooked and meal prepped and felt like I was so on top of things.

And then by Tuesday, I quickly succumbed to work/momlife pressure. And it all went to poo.  Grrrr.....

 Let's just say that I am SO excited for next week because it will be our first NORMAL week of the school year.  Our first week was fun but it was far from a normal week for me.  The first day of school, I (very happily) spent the morning with my girlfriends enjoying a "Boohoo/Woohoo" breakfast.  Then the next day, I had an early morning appointment.  Both of those things threw my work schedule off big time.  

This week was off because we were out of school on Monday so I had to do 5 days of orders in 4 days.

So next week...I will own you!!!!  ;)  #ihope

Today I have some fun Friday Favorites for you!!  Let's get started!

As always, I'm linking up with those lovely mamas, Erika, Narci and Andrea!

If you saw my post yesterday, then you won't be surprised to see that my new latte maker is on the list today.

I won't go on and on about it here (since I did that yesterday) so if you love espresso/cappuccino/lattes, would love to make them all the time, but don't want to break the bank, stop reading here and go HERE.  Then come back.  ;)


I have been a happy girl this week!!  If you don't want to check the last post because you are already like "OMG this is amazing and I have to have it!" (like I was), go straight here.  Free next day shipping with Amazon Prime???  #yesplease

Tuesday night, I went to a little Moms' Night party a girlfriend's house and it was so good to get out and catch up with everyone! Moms' nights are always a favorite no matter where we go or what we do.  #amIright?

I was happy to use it as an excuse to wear some of my new fall-ish clothes!

I got this top in the Anniversary Sale and it's on sale right now (in multiple prints!) for 50% off which means it's less than $35!

I love that it has that "faux" tuck in front and is longer in the back so you get the front tuck look without having to do a thing.  I put a little cami underneath it but it doesn't have to have that.

And my favorite booties I got late in the season last year got to come back out for the first time this season!  The peep toe plus the suede makes it the perfect transitional bootie from summer to fall.

I have them in tan and black because I love them so much!  If you can't find your size, here are some very similar ones from this season.

And these jeans...LOVE!!  I've talked about these jeans before and I'm still wearing them every chance I get.  They have become my go-to pair already.  They are a great price at only $64 but they are still on sale for less than $32!!!!!!

I am 5'5" and they hit right below my ankle and look perfect rolled up or left straight.  Exactly what I've been needing.  Get them now before they go back up to the regular price (remember--free shipping and free returns!!) or before they run out of your size!

For my whole look (including my pretty turquoise earrings I got from Etsy several years ago), check below.  Click any of the pictures you may be interested in and it'll take you straight to it.

I also wore my favorite jeans again the next night with this cute black and white plaid button up from Stitch Fix and my favorite Skechers.  (I know I say "favorite" a lot but I'm not lying.  I use the term honestly!!)

I could wear this outfit every single day.  No joke.  I ended up wearing this to Mason's baseball game Wednesday night with my hair in a dry shampooed ponytail and was super comfortable.

Thankfully, I have approximately 16,000 plaid button downs in varying fabrics and color combinations.  So you'll probably see me in similar outfits for awhile...

Shop the look below.

I decided I needed up to update my front door wreath this year so I've been scouring Etsy for just the right one.  There are SO MANY cute ones, y'all.  So many.  It was really hard to decide.  

I have made my own wreaths before.  I've made several different kinds (burlap, wood, ribbon) so I have no doubt that I could figure out how to do this on my own.  But wreaths are the one crafty thing I just don't like messing with.  I think it's because there are 14 million ways to create it and just shopping for all the stuff for it takes forever, is expensive and is exhausting.  I'd much rather buy them already made.

I ended up going with this absolutely precious one from LilMaddyDesigns on Etsy.  It hasn't even shipped out yet and I can't stop talking about it.  And for the record, the shop owner (who I have never spoken to) has no idea I'm posting this.  So it's not sponsored in any way.  Just one Etsy mama wanting to support another!

It's also kind of fun being a customer on Etsy every once in awhile as opposed to a seller which reminds me that you should go here to see all of my tips for buying on Etsy!  If you aren't a big Etsy buyer and are nervous about it, be sure to check it out or pin it and save it for when you need it.

This big 7-year-old lost another tooth yesterday at school and came home really excited about the Tooth Fairy coming to visit.  He told me his friend wrote the Tooth Fairy a note asking for $20 for his tooth and she gave it to him.  (Whaaaaaatttt??!!)  So he was going to do the same thing!

Can all the parents please get on the same page as to what is appropriate for a tooth that falls out of your child's mouth??  What do you give??  The most we've given is $5 for the first two teeth and then we just scrounge up whatever we have lying around at midnight that night.

Craig and I both usually forget until we are in bed, lights out and just about to fall asleep.  I have been known to dig through my kids' own wallets when I have no cash.  They rarely look in their wallets so it's easy to sneak money in and out.  ;)  #dontjudge #igiveitback

And yeah, we do completely forget from time to time.  And so far we've been able to blame it on bad weather that the TF just can't fly through.  Snowstorm, tornado, hurricane, thunderstorm...  

I'd like to have a word with whoever came up with the Tooth Fairy.

And here is Mason's word to her.

I told him flat out that it was rude of him to ask that in the first place and that I promise she was not bringing him $20 for a tooth.  He cried.  Hard.  I felt bad.  And then we had a little talk about being grateful for what we have.

And I know "Babe Tooth" is covered up right now but we put the tooth in his little glove so we don't lose it under the pillow.  We have a blonde Babe but you can find them here with brown hair as well.  (These make cute gifts for a baby shower, kid's birthday, or Christmas.  My boys share him and love using him!)

I also found this on Pinterest and had to laugh!

His dad wiped his tooth off the bar so he is asking for $298 so he can get an iPod.  I love the Tooth Fairy's explanation.  ;)

All of these cute items and so much more are available in the shop!  Take a look here and be sure to click on Item Details in each listing for all the ordering info!  Current turnaround time is 1-2 weeks without the Rush Fee.  

These garden flags are adorable!  I'm going to hang mine outside next week!  

This week's #icanteven is a big #justsayno!

But it's super funny too.

I couldn't stop laughing.  I pictured all 4 of us walking around the house with our pizza pouch around our necks.  I'm pretty sure all 3 boys would think this is a must have.  ;)

 Harvey people, we are still praying for you!!!  And if you are in the path of Irma, we are praying for you too!  So scary.  Stay safe!

Have a great Friday, friends!!  See you back here next week! 

Remember you can find me on Instagram @amandanall and @thatinspiredchick (for the Etsy shop).



  1. Happy Friday, Friend! Keep us posted on what happens when Mason wakes up and sees he in fact did not receive $20.

  2. I'm still OBSESSING over your new coffee maker!!!

  3. We give our kids $1 for a tooth. As a kindergarten teacher, I have heard how much money kids get for one tooth and it is always so shocking! One tooth! To get that kind of money you better be mowing my lawn or working some how. Hahahaha! But seriously, some people go all out. I love those garden flags. I also need to look into that latte machine. I love that wreath. Have a great weekend!

  4. I pulled out my plaid shirts this week too! And I think I need those booties :)

  5. Babe do people think these things up?! Too funny! Love that garden flag, heading over to order it now.

  6. Just saw my ETSY order and got so excited :) Looks fantastic and I can't wait to receive it! Love the blog and thank you so much!

  7. I LOVE a cappuccino... will have to check out that latte maker! I've been on the lookout for a while :)

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's

  8. Oh my goodness. The I can't even.
    I love those jeans and top.
    And $20 from the tooth fairy. I'm dying over here. 😂😂😂

  9. We do $5 for the first tooth and $1-2 for each tooth after (he's only lost 2). I'm with you on ordering from fellow Etsy sellers. I got several things for the nursery and got them off Etsy. Plus it really is super cute and unique in our little world :) Love the flags for Fall! Have a great weekend!

  10. We only do $1 or $2 for each tooth, but I know several peoplet who do much more. I love your garden flags, they are just too cute!


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