Monday, September 11, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up.

Happy Monday, friends!  I hope you had a great weekend!!  We were busy busy this weekend but the weather was pretty great so we didn't mind a bit. 

We kicked off our Friday night at Matthew's baseball game.  He's SUPER nervous about pitching for the first time ever and we now know that this Tuesday will be the big day.  Eek!  

Matthew is my shy kid.  My cautious one.  He's sensitive.  He hates any attention whatsoever on him.  He doesn't like to try anything new unless he knows he'll be good at it.

But he really is good at pitching!  So we hope he will have a great game and love it!

I may be more nervous than him.

But Friday, he didn't have to pitch, so we just enjoyed the game!

Sidenote:  Skechers Go Walks are my absolute favorite casual shoes.  I wear them with jeans so much in the fall and spring.  They are so lightweight and make you feel like you're walking on air.  Seriously.  I have them in black/white, tan and these cute multicolored ones.  The multicolored ones above are from a couple of years ago but you can find really similar ones here.  My favorite black/white ones are here.

And yes, I'm wearing those new jeans AGAIN.  I just can't quit 'em!

Go #6!!

Mason got a little bored halfway through the game so he found a way to occupy his time.

He is definitely that stereotypical dirty ballpark kid.

After the game, we let Matthew choose what we got for dinner (because cooking?  On a Friday night?  Nope!) and he wanted pizza.  We swung by Little Caesars then headed home.  I had several orders that had to go out Saturday morning before left for Mason's football game so after we ate, I went upstairs to get them finished.  

I think I crawled into bed around midnight and then couldn't turn my brain off until at least 1.  #typical

Saturday morning, Mason had his first flag football game of the fall season.  These boys have improved so much over the past 3 seasons and they are just so cute!!

When we got home from the game, the boys ran off to play with friends and I cleaned the house a little and cut some wood for this week's orders.

One of Mason's best friends lives across the street and his sweet mama invited a bunch of girls over for a little "Wine and Wash" party.  She recently got started with Monat hair products so we all hung out, had some girl time and got our hair washed and blown out.  We had a great time and I got to meet so many new people!

I decided to bust out my flare jeans for the first time this season for the occasion.  I love flare jeans.  I think I may be a hippie at heart.  ;)

Plaid shirt here / similar bracelet / layered necklace sold out, similar here / booties

The jeans are Dear Johns I got from Stitch Fix last year but you can find similar ones here and here.

When I left for the party, this was what was going on.

Just another Saturday night in the culdesac!

Sunday morning we went to church and then out to eat for lunch.

How big does this 9-year-old look?!  He's growing up way too fast!  

This week is another busy one for us!  Today I have big plans to do some more meal preppin' for the week.  If you missed last week's post on this, check it out here!  It was so nice having that stuff to grab all week!  

I'll also be working late tonight because it is our only night of the week that we don't have any practices or games. 

Tomorrow is going to be a big day for me!  I am getting BRACES on my bottom teeth!!  I've had braces before as a kid but when my permanent retainer fell out in college, my poor bottom teeth have shifted like crazy.  So this has been a long time coming.  Hopefully, they'll only be on for about 10 months and then I'll have my straight teeth back.  :)

Tomorrow night, both boys have baseball games.  Wednesday they both have practice.  Thursday Matthew has a game.  Friday we have a birthday party and Mason has a baseball game.  Saturday we have a football game.


I keep trying to keep this in mind though.

I'm going to enjoy it while I can.

And continued prayers for all of you starting to rebuild in SE Texas and for any of you that were affected by Irma.  You have not been forgotten! 

And also remembering those we lost in 9/11.  I can't believe it has been so long.



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  1. That quote at the end of your post...I need to put that on a post it in my car! That will be such a sad day!! I need to enjoy every little carpool. :)

    1. I'm definitely thinking of making a little sign to hang somewhere as a reminder! (Maybe next to the calendar full of practices and games!!! Ha!)

  2. Oh! That quote at the end got me all sorts of emotional!!! And yes, Go Walks to the WIN!

    1. Nothing beats the Go Walks. I remember when my MOM introduced me to them years ago and I thought they were ugly "mom" shoes. hahahahaha. Now I live in them and think they are so cute!

  3. What a great weekend! When my kids are nervous, I am nervous right along with them.
    I plan to meal prep and get ahead with orders today! fingers crossed maybe a new item for the shop since we are out of school bc of Irma!
    I need to check into those hair products!

    1. Oh gosh!! Stupid Irma!! But yay for being out of school! I'm going to post a review about the hair stuff once I've tried it for a little bit!!

  4. That quote is so SPOT ON! Enjoy every minute you mama's with littles still at home and taking them here and there and everywhere.....not that I would want to go back to that for ANY MONEY! HaHaHa! but it does go by so fast. blink and they are 28 and 24!

    1. Thank you, Kim!! Sometimes I feel like it's all just slipping through my fingers and then other times I can't wait for this part to be over! haha

  5. What a fun weekend! Loving that plaid top!

  6. Love that last quote! I took a screenshot and sent it to my husband...we have four kids that play all sorts of travel and rec sports all year long! We are always saying this is such a short phase in life and even though it's crazy (our record is 17 games in a weekend) someday we'll miss it!

  7. Good luck on your braces! Same story here on the teeth shifting. I got mine last November and they're coming off next month! You will be so glad you did it!

  8. You should make that quote into a sign...I would totally buy one!
    Maybe put a baseball, football, soccer ball, etc at the end and people could purchase whatever sport their kids play.


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